Round 2: Aaron Furman (Geargia) vs Daniel Cunningham (Evilswarm)

We've seen Evilswarm once today already, losing out to the HAT deck piloted by James Frazier. Now the deck gets to try again in the capable hands of Daniel Cunningham as he tries to take down Aaron Furman's Geargia deck. Aaron won the dice roll and elected to take the first turn, so let's get right to it!

Game 1:

Aaron summoned Geargiarsenal and tributed it away for Geargiarmor and set 4 to his backrow before deciding to pass.

Daniel drew to 6 in hand before special summoning Evilswarm Mandragora. He then Normal Summoned Evilswarm Heliotrope and overlaid into Evilswarm Exciton Knight. Aaron was ready for him though and activated Black Horn of Heaven in response. Daniel finished his turn by setting 2 s/t cards.

Aaron flipped his Armor to search for a Geargiaccelerator. He then summoned Geargiano MK-2 to Special Summon Arsenal from the grave. Arsenal tributed itself to summon Geargiano from the deck before being overlaid for Alucard. The vampire used his effect to destroy Daniel’s set Mystical Space Typhoon, but the MST blew away Aaron’s Book of Moon in retribution. Aaron continued by Special Summoning two copies of Accelerator for Gear Gigant X. Gigant added another Accelerator so he could repeat the process and overlay for another Gigant and add another Accelerator to his hand. He sent his mechanical force forward and dealt 6400 damage, dropping Daniel extremely low.

Aaron 8000, Daniel 1600

Daniel activated Infestation Infection, sending back Heliotrope for cost but was cut short by Seven Tools of the Bandit! Daniel activated Dimensional Fissure before summoning Rescue Rabbit and bringing out 2 Evilswarm Heliotropes. Aaron revealed his set Black Horn and Daniel conceded the game, appreciating the gesture of saving time.

An extremely solid opening by Aaron sets Daniel way too far behind to mount any kind of comeback. Daniel gets to go first this time though, so maybe Fate favors him more this go around! Let’s get into the game!

Game 2:

Daniel starts off the game with Evilswarm Castor and Mandragora. Together they combine to create Evilswarm Ophion for the first time in the match! Ophion used its effect to search out an Infestation Infection for Daniel. He finished his turn by setting 3 cards to his backrow.

Aaron has a bit of déjà vu when he sets a monster and 4 backrow to end his turn. Daniel activates Infestation Infection to send back Castor and add a Kerykeion to his hand and blind MST finds its way to Aaron’s Fiendish Chain before the turn finally ends.

Daniel activated Ophion’s effect to search for Infestation Pandemic before attacking into the set Geargiarmor. Armor was able to use its effect to search for a Geargiarsenal before being sent to the graveyard. Evilswarm Kerykeion hit the board, but ran away to the deck via Infestation Infection when Bottomless Trap Hole tried to claim him. After adding another Kerykeion back to his hand, Daniel set 1 more to his backrow before ending his turn.

Aaron summoned Geargiarsenal and tributed the monster in order to Special Summon another Geargiarmor to the field. Armor set itself before Aaron set another S/T and ended his turn.

Daniel attacked Geargiarmor, this time letting Aaron add Geargiano MK 2. Kerykeion hit the field again, or at least tried to. Aaron paid 2000 life points to activate Solemn Warning and negated the summon of Kerykeion. Daniel set 1 before ending.

Daniel 8000, Aaron 6000

Aaron drew for his turn before setting a monster and activating Soul Charge for 3 monsters. After bringing back 2 Geargiarmors and a Geargiarsenal, Daniel responded with Torrential Tribute! 5 Monsters were sent to the Graveyard, and among them was an Ice Hand! Aaron’s Hand knocked out Daniel’s set Wiretap before summoning Fire Hand to the field in defense position.

Daniel 8000, Aaron 3000

Daniel drew for his turn before summoning Evilswarm Thunderbird and setting 2 more cards to his backrow.

Aaron drew and attacked Thunderbird with Fire Hand. Dimensional Prison threw some cuffs on that Hand and banished it from play. In his Main Phase 2 Aaron summoned MK-2 and activated its effect, targeting Geargiarsenal. He tributed the fresh Arsenal for a Geargiano before overlaying the 2 Gears for Wind-up Zenmaines.

Daniel set 1 and passed.

Aaron switched his Zenmaines to attack position and attacked into another D-Prison! This time he was prepared with Book of Moon and activated it to save his Maines. Thunderbird chained its effect so he could secure the attack boost during his next turn.

Daniel set 1 more before passing.

Aaron sent Zenmaines to attack yet again, but was stopped by Fiendish Chain. He set 1 and passed.

Daniel attacked Zenmaines for 450 damage and set 1 before passing.

Daniel 8000, Aaron 2550

Aaron set 1 and passed.

Daniel summoned another Evilswarm Thunderbird and declared an attack, but was oddly perplexed when Aaron activated XYZ Reborn and revived his Wind-Up Zenmaines! In Main Phase 2, Daniel returned a Thunderbird to the deck with Infection to add a Kerykeion to his hand.

Aaron passed.

Daniel drew Deck Devastation Virus for his turn! That’d certainly be a game changer if it could resolve! Daniel summoned Kerykeion and used its effect to banish Ophion from the grave to add Castor back to his hand. He had to think about his next play though and simply set a card before passing.

Aaron was sitting on Zenmaines and 3 backrow. He went to activate Dark Hole, but Daniel activated Infection to send back Kerykeion and chained Thunderbird to banish itself. Zenmaines attacked for 1500 damage and blew up a set Pandemic in the end phase after Aaron set 1 more card.

Daniel 6500, Aaron 2550

Daniel drew, returning Thunderbird to the field before normal summoning Castor to the field. He normal summoned Mandragora as well before attacking over Zenmaines for 50 damage. When Thunderbird attacked though, another XYZ Reborn hit the field! Zenmaines came right back to the field. In Main Phase 2, Daniel swapped his Mandragora for Kerykeion before passing the turn.

Aaron summoned MK-2 and special summoned Geargiano before overlaying into Soul of Silver Mountain. Black Horn of Heaven came out and stopped the summon altogether though. Infection swapped out Castor for another Castor before the end of the turn.

Daniel normal summoned Castor and Kerykeion before overlaying into Blackship of Corn. Black Horn came down and negated the summon altogether! Daniel activated Soul Charge for 2 monsters and overlaid for Cairngorgon Antiluminescent Knight! He set 1 more before passing.

Daniel 4500, Aaron 2550

Aaron summoned Fire Hand before attacking Evilswarm Thunderbird. Daniel activated Deck Devistation Virus, tributed Cairngorgon to destroy the in hand Accelerator and take a material off of Zenamines! Thunderbird chained its effect and ran away, leaving himself wide open to a 1600 Fire Hand punch! In the End Phase Aaron destroyed a set Black Horn of Heaven with Zenmaines’s effect.

Daniel 2900, Aaron 2550

Thunderbird returned to the field before Daniel Normal Summoned a Kerykeion, that he searched for with Infection, before using its effect to return Castor to his hand and Normal Summoning it as well. Overlaying into Abyss Dweller didn’t illicit an immediate response from Aaron, but when Daniel tried to activate the effect Aaron used Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare to destroy the monster and negate its effect. Daniel normal summoned Heliotrope before overlaying his Bird and Trope into Gagaga Cowboy. Compulsory Evacuation Device came down and ended the game as Daniel scooped it up to Aaron.

Black Horn heralded the end of this match from start to finish, depleting Daniel of the resources he desperately needed to combat the Geargia threat. Aaron will continue on 2-0 in the tournament and Daniel will have to make do with being 1-1! Best of luck to both duelists throughout the rest of the day.

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!