Round 2 Feature Match: Tahmid Zaman Vs. Jordan Winters

Round 2 Feature Match

Alright everyone we have some Round 2 Feature Match action. First we have Tahmid Zaman from Queens, NY playing Mythic Dragon Rulers with some exciting new tech. Next we have Jordan Winters from Cincinatti, Ohio playing Dragon Rulers with no Debris Dragons, Trigon, Kidmodo or any of the gimmicks. Who will win this and move on with another win in this tournament? Let's jump right into it and see.

Game 1:

Tahmid's Opening HandTahmid opens the game with Upstart Goblin giving him another card and Jordan 1000 lps. Another Upstart gives him another card and another 1000 to Jordan. Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars is activated banishing Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to draw 2 and adding a Mythic Tree Dragon come out of the deck. Mythic Tree Dragon is Normal Summoned and Mythic Water Dragon is Special Summoned. Mythic Tree Dragon becomes an 8 star and the two are used to Xyz into Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand. Thamid sets 2 cards to his back row and passes.

Jordan 10,000-Tahmid 8,000

Jordan's Opening HandJordan opens with 2 Blaster, Trap Stun, Torrential Tribute, and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. He draws and activates Dragon's Ravine to send Blaster from hand to send Redox to the graveyard from the deck. He sets 3 cards and banishes Blaster and Redox to special summon Blaster, Tahmid chains Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Blaster to spin Blaster to the Deck and Jordan searches a Redox for his other Redox’s effect. He passes his turn with that.

Tahmid activates Sword on Redox to draw 2 cards and search another Tree Dragon to his hand. Reckless Greed is activated giving him 2 more cards to hand going to 6 cards now. He activates Gold Sarcophagus banishing a Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to add a Water Dragon to hand from deck. Felgrand attacks directly dropping Jordan to 7200 and Tahmid at 8000 still. He sets 3 and passes.

Jordan 7,2000-Tahmid 8,000

Jordan draws Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms for his turn. He activates Dragon's Ravine to send Redox from hand to send Blaster to the grave. Blaster comes up from the grave banishing Tempest and Redox, searching Dragunity Corsesca to his hand. Corsesca is summoned to synchro into Colossal Fighter. He attacks but is shut off by Book of Moon. He passes and Reckless Greed is activated but Trap Stun stops that in it’s tracks.

Tahmid's Ending FieldTahmid can’t draw for his turn because of Reckless. He normal summons Tree Dragon and special summons Water Dragon. Torrential is activated but Tahmid has his own Trap Stun to shut off Torrential. Tree Dragon becomes an 8 star and Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis is Xyz summoned. Heliopolis activates his effect to destroy his in hand monster and Colossal Fighter. Blaster is summoned and Jordan scoops his cards to go to Game 2.

Siding was quick and methodical on both sides with little conversation. Jordan will be going first in Game 2.

Game 2:

Jordan's Feature PicJordan starts off with Cardcar D, Blaster, Corsesca, Flamvell Guard, Cards of Consonance and Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars. Sword is activated to banish Blaster, adding another Blaster, to draw Sixth Sense and Compulsory Evacuation Device. Cards of Consonance is activated  to draw another Sword and Maxx "C".  He activates card car to draw coc and brandistock.

Tahmid sets 2 and passes. Jordan activates sixth sense calling 3 and 4 which a 2 is rolled sending Dragon's Ravine and Tidal.

Jordan draws Tempest for his turn. Sword is activated on Blaster to draw Return From the Different Dimension and Divine Wrath, adding another Blaster to hand with the effect. Tempest is activated sending Dragunity Brandistock to grave to add Redox to hand. He goes to 7 in hand with that. Cards of Consonance is activated sending Corsesca to draw another Maxx “C” and Dragon’s Ravine. Ravine is played and Blaster is sent from hand to graveyard to add another Corsesca to his hand. Redox is summoned banishing Cardcar and Tidal, to add another Tidal from deck to hand. Corsesca is normal summoned to synchro into Colossal Fighter with Redox. Colossal attacks directly to drop Tahmid to 5200. He sets 2 cards and passes.

Jordan 8,000-Tahmid 5,200

Tahmid activates Upstart Goblin bringing Jordan to 9000. Reckless Greed is activated giving him 2 new cards. Another Reckless is activated draw 2 more cards. Montage Dragon comes down by sending 2 Redox and Tidal to grave putting Montage at 6300 atk. Redox is summoned banishing Redox and Tidal, searching another Tidal with the effect, Jordan chains Maxx "C" to draw a card. Guard is summoned and used to Synchro Summon Scrap Dragon, giving Jordan another draw. Scrap Dragon uses the effect targeting itself to destroy Colossal Fighter but Divine Wrath is used by discarding Tidal to negate and destroy it. Tahmid sets and passes.

Jordan 9,000-Tahmid 5,200

Hope For EscapeJordan draws Cardcar D for turn. Sword is activated on Tempest, giving him Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and Transmigration prophecy, searching another Tempest. Tahmid activates Hope for Escape dropping to 4200 to draw 2 cards! He activates another Hope for Escape putting him at 3200 giving him another 2 cards and going to 6 cards in hand. Jordan banishes Corsesca and Maxx “C” to summon Redox, Tahmid chains Maxx “C” giving him another card to hand. Blaster comes up from grave by banishing Tidal and another Corsesca, searching another Tidal and giving Tahmid another card from Maxx "C". The two dragons are used to summon Xyz Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack, letting Tahmid get his third card from Maxx “C”. Book of Moon flips the Dracossack facedown and Jordan activates Return From the Different Dimension dropping him to 4500, summoning Corsesca, Blaster, and Tidal. Scrap dragon is summoned from Blaster and Corsesca, using the effect to destroy Dracossack and Montage Dragon. Colossal Fighter and Scrap Dragon are used to Xyz into Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand. Jordan summons Cardcar D and attacks with everything for game even though Tahmid has a Swift Scarecrow to attempt to negate an attack!

Jordan takes Game 2 with an explosive turn giving tahmid a total of 6 cards from Maxx "C" but Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand gives him game and takes us to game 3.

Tahmid's Feature PicTahmid starts us off with 2 set cards and ends.

Jordan opens with Cards of Consonance, Sword, Mystical Space Typhoon, Dragon's Ravine, Blaster and Trap Stun. Sword is activated on Blaster giving him Cards of Consonance and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, searching Flamvell Guard from the effect. Cards of Consonce using Guard gives him Tempest and another Trap Stun. Ravine is activated sending Tempest from hand to grave to send Redox to the graveyard from deck. Redox is Summoned banishing Tempest and Guard, searching another Corseca to hand. Corsesca is used with Cards of Consonance to give him Dragunity Brandistock and Maxx “C”. Brandistock is Normal Summoned and used with Redox to Synchro Summon into Colossal fighter. Colossal attacks but is sent back to the extra with Compulsory Evacuation Device. He sets 3 cards to his back row and passes.

Tahmid draws and sets a card to send.

Jordan's Feature PicJordan draws Cardcar D, Summons it and activates the effect to draw Divine Wrath and Blaster to end his turn.

Tahmid activates Reckless Greed which is shut off by Trap Stun. He passes. Wind Blast is activated sending back one of Tahmid's back row by discarding blaster.

Jordan draws Tempest for turn. Ravine is activated sending Tempest to send Tidal to grave. Mystical Space Typhoon destroys Tahmid's set Return. Blaster is Special Summoned by banishing Brandistock and Tempest, searching another Corsesca, and Maxx "C" gives Tahmid a card. Jordan attacks for 2800 dropping Tahmid to 5200. He sets 2 and passes his turn.

Tahmid activates Redox banishing Maxx "C" and Blaster to search another Blaster, Jordan chains Maxx “C” to draw Tidal. Tahmid sets a card to his back row and passes, Blaster returns at the end phase.

Jordan's Ending FieldJordan draws Return for turn and activates Ravine to send Balster from hand to send Tempest to grave. Redox is summoned by banishing Cardcar and Maxx "C", Tahmid activates Maxx "C" but it’s negated by Divine Wrath by discarding Tidal. Corsesca is summoned to Synchro Summon for Scrap Dragon. Scrap Dragon is used to destroy Ravine and Tahmid’s Redox. Blaster and Tidal are summoned to attack directly with Scrap Dragon for game.

Jordan takes game 3 with all of his draw cards and grinds out the game to win this Round 2 Feature Match.



After match interview:

Why did you play the deck like you are?

Because it’s more consistent with the level 1’s and Cardcar vs opening with Debris. I was going for consistency and I feel like while Mythics and Debris add more power but are less consistent. The cards of consonance and tuners let me dig for my power cards.

What would you do with the prize money if you win?

Just go to more events and buy more games for my PS4 and more electronics.