Round 2 Feature Match Tommy Rowe vs Nate Forte

For our first feature match of the tournament we are going to cover a couple of local players, in Nate Forte and Tommy Rowe. Forte is playing plant sychro while Tommy is playing a version of QuickDraw.  This one could get interesting quick…

Forte won the roll and elected to go first, he summoned Lonefire Blossom he used its effect twice and ends up with a dandylion on board. He set one to his back row before passing.

Tommy opens up with the same play with Lonefire, but instead of getting dandylion he ends up with Tytannial Princess of Camellias but Forte responded with Torrential Tribute. Tommy set 3 to the back row before ending; But Tommy had Monster Reborn for the Tytannial.

Next turn Forte summoned Debris Dragon targeting his dandylion. He then synchro summoned for Scrap Dragon., but its effect was negated due to Tytannial. The turn was back to Tommy and all he could do was play Foolish Burial for Dandylion he got his two tokens and passed.

Next turn Forte summoned another Debris Dragon but that didn’t make it very far due to Tommy’s Bottomless Trap Hole.

Tommy due Pot of Avarice and set 3 more to his back row. Forte played Cold Wave and then tribute one of his plant tokens for Caius the Shadow Monarch. Under cold wave all Tommy could do was pass. The duel stood at 3600 for Tommy and 8000 for Forte. Caius tried to attack but was turned back due to Dimensional Prison.

Forte flipped his Super Nimble Mega Hamster got a facedown Ryko and then Tommy drew and immediately conceded. Side decking was quick and Tommy had elected to go first in game 2.

Tommy opened up with two Lonefire, Dandylion Sangan, Caius and Debris Dragon. He set dandylion and passed. Forte set one to his back row and one monster before passing. Tommy tribute for Caius removed Forte’s dandylion and attacked for 2400. Forte set another back row and monster and passed. Tommy drew and played Giant Trunade but Forte chained Needle Ceiling destroying all of Tommy’s monsters. Tommy then played the first of 2 Lonefire’s and got Tytannial but ran it right into Snowman Eater.

Turn was back to forte who played foolish for Dandylion and got his tokens and set another two back rows. Tommy summoned debris dragon but then dandylion was booked to prevent synchro summoned. On Forte’s turn he tribute summoned for Vanity’s fiend and then attacked the facedown dandylion negating the tokens.

Forte tried to tribute summon for a Mobius the frost Monarch but that play was shut down due to Solemn Warning. Turn was back to Tommy who sets yet another monster. Forte summons card trooper milling Solemn Warning Ryko and Lonefire. Trooper attacked Sangan and Rowe fetched Hamster. Vanity’s fiend was then run into a dimensional prison. On Tommy’s next turn he played foolish burial for dandylion got his two tokens flipped his glow-up-bulb but Forte had an answer in Book of Moon. Tommy flipped one of his other monsters milled with Card Trooper ran over Forte’s Trooper and play was back to Forte who summoned Debris Dragon getting back Card Trooper and then synchro summoned Black Rose and forte blew up the board. Tommy drew for his card trooper, and Forte set one to his back row before ending. Tommy played Mystical Space Typhoon destroying Mirror Force. Then summoned Debris Dragon got back dandylion. He used glow up bulb effect synchro’d with dandy for Armory Arm and then tuned the Debris with the tokens for Iron Chain Dragon and that was all. Will we going to game 3.

Forte opened up Game 3 with 2 set back rows and a monster. Rowe opened up with a Mystical Space typhoon and hit Forte’s facedown Needle Ceiling. Rowe was finished he went Lonefire into Tytannial but that was also short lived due to Forte’s bottomless trap hole. Rowe set one and passed. Forte flipped Ryko destroyed mirror force and then tribute for Vanity’s Fiend. Rowe played dark hold then ditched Super Nimble Mega Hamster for Quickdraw Synchron and normal summoned Sangan then synchros for Junk Destroyer. Destroyer attacked for 2600 and turn was back to Forte.

He played foolish for dandylion then normal summoned debris dragon synchro for Scrap Dragon pops a token to destroy junk destroyer and turn was back to Rowe. Rowe topped Debris Dragon gets back Lonefire and synchro’d for Black Rose Dragon to neutralize the field. Turn was back to Forte who played Pot of Avarice. He got Monster Reborn got back Black Rose Dragon and normal summoned Sangan and that was just enough to take out the rest of Rowe’s life points.