Round 3 – Benjamin Deeter (Dragunity Rulers) vs. Brandon Wigley (Dragunity Rulers)

In every format there is the inevitable 'best deck' which rises to the cream of the meta. In these times, the mirror match exists as a testament to a player's skill and can so far as to highlight the greatest shortcomings of a game. So it is that we have the honor of bring you two Dragunity Ruler pilots, Brandon Wigley and Benjamin Deeter, pushing their decks the boundary of broken!

The die is cast, choosing Wigley to go first!



Wigley opens to a hand of Tempest, Dragon Ravine, Raigeki Break, Dragunity Dux, Dragunity Phalanx and Castle of Dragon Souls. He mulls over his hand before playing Ravine to pitch Phalanx and add Dux. Dux is dropped which summons Phalanx, which is summoned and synced into Dragunity Vajrayana. Vajrayana brings out Phalanx which are both synced for Stardust Dragon in a play henceforth known as the Dragunity Dougie! He sets two backrow and ends.

Deeter draws and plays his own Ravine over Wigley's! With it, he pitches Tempest to dump Phalanx. He drops Dux, dougies into Stardust, and then sets two backrow before ending. In the end phase, Wigley Raigeki Breaks one of Deeter's backrow, revealing it to be Reckless Greed!

Wigley plays and draws with Upstart Goblin. He follows up by dropping Dragunity Dux and begins to dougie into Vajryana, but stops before reaching Stardust. Instead, he flips Castle of Dragon Souls to banish Tempest and tutor Dragunity Arma Mystletainn! Phalanx on field is sent to drop the Arma and bring Phalanx back and then is overlayed with Vajrayana to make Constellar Ptolemy M7! M7 detached Arma to add it to hand, and then sent Phalanx to be summoned, bring it back, and be synced with into Crimson Blader! A monstrous M7 dougie! Outrageous! Wigley's field of Blader, M7, and Stardust swings at Deeter's lone Stardust, but Deeter flips over a dream shattering Mirror Force! Unable to make another play, Wigley ends.

Deeter begins by pitching Ravine for Ravine to tutor Dux. He drops Dux and begins to dougie, and when he does flashes an Arma to show that he's about to M7 dougie!

Wigley's seen enough though, and decides to try his luck in Game 2.

Game 1 goes to Benjamin Deeter!



Wigley opens to a hand of Upstart Goblin, Divine Wrath, Raigeki Break, Mystical Refpanel, Dragunity Phalanx, and Redox. He plays Upstart, draws into Tempest, and sets four backrow before passing.

Deeter plays Gold Sarcophagus for Tempest which tutors him a Tempest. He sets four backrow and ends.

Wigley pitches Phalanx with Tempest to tutor Blaster. He sets one backrow and ends.

Deeters draws, sets one backrow and ends.

Wigley, deciding it's time to go on the offensive, banishes Tempest and Redox for Blaster which tutors him a Tempest and nothing else as he had no targets left. Blaster swings in, and Deeter is smacked down to 6200 LP.

Deeter starts his turn by flipping over a Reckless Greed, which is followed by a second Reckless Greed! He plays Ravine and pitches Phalanx to tutor Dux. Dux is dropped and when he starts his jig, Wigley pitches Redox for Divine Wrath to stop him in his tracks! UnDeetered, Deeter banishes Tempest for Seven Star Sword, to which Wigley chains Mystical Refpanel! Wigley draws two and Deeter tutors Phalanx. He sets two backrow and passes.

Wigley plays his own Ravine over Deeter's! It's used to pitch Tempest and add Dux. Dux is dropped which dougies into Vajrayana, but gets Compulsed back to the extra by Deeter! He then banishes Dux and Blaster for Tempest to tutor Blaster. Tempest swings in and then Wigley ends.

Deeter pitches Tempest and Phalanx to tutor Blaster who is summoned by banishing two Phalanx in grave. Blaster hits over Wigley's Tempest and that was all from Deeter.

Wigley pitches Blaster with Ravine to add Dux, which dougies into Scrap Dragon shortly thereafter. Vajrayana and Tempest are banished for Blaster to tutor Tempest. Scrap Dragon targets two set backrow which turn out to be Wigley's chained Reckless, and Deeter's Refpanel! He sets three and passes.

Deeter banishes Dux and Blaster for Tempet, sets one backrow which gets popped in the End Phase by Wigley's Raigeki Break! A shame too, as it was Return from the Different Dimension!

Wigley flips over Reckless Greed. He pitches Blaster for Ravine to add Dux. Dux gets dropped and dougies into Stardust. Two Phalanx are banished for Tempest. Blaster and Vajrayana are banished for Redox which tutors another Blaster. Redox and Tempest and overlayed for Dracossack, and when it hits the field, Deeter goes goes for the side.

Game 2 goes to Brandon Wigley!



In between matches, Wigley makes an appeal to Deeter. Wigley suggests playing their last game without Return. Deeter considers it, but after affirming the amount of time left in the round, declines. Both players finish siding and begin their final dance!

Deeter begins with Upstart into Gold Sarcophagus for Tempest to tutor Tempest. He sets two backrow and ends.

Wigley plays Ravine to pitch Blaster and add Phalanx. He sets three backrow and ends.

Deeter sets two and ends.

Wigley plays Upstart. He drops Dux and can't dougie past Deeter's Compulse on his Vajrayana. He ends.

Deeter pauses, thinking over his options, he banishes Tempest for Seven Sword and tutors Mystletainn. He sets one backrow and ends.

Wigley plays Ravine and when he pitches Phalanx, Deeter chains Phoenix Wing Wind Blast to spin it to the deck. He ends.

Deeter pitches Tempest and Phalanx to to tutor Blaster. He then drops Dux to dougie into Stardust which gets Compulsed back by Wigley to force the end of his turn.

Wigley pitches Blaster with Ravine to add Dux which dougies into a Dragunity Gae Dearg! Dearg's effect adds a D.D. Drow before swinging and then ending.

Deeter pensively looks over his options. He banishes Vajrayana and Tempest for Blaster which tutors Phalanx. Phalanx is normal summoned, to which Wigley responds with a moment to consider responding. He activates Raigeki Break by pitching D.D. Crow targeting one of Deeter's backrow, turning out to be an MST that knocks out Wigley's set Vanity's Emptiness. Deeter sees nothing but victory in his eyes then, as he flips over Return from the Different Dimension and puts more than enough on field to end the game while locking Wigley down under Crimson Blader!

A fine performance from both players, but the round goes to Benjamin Deeter!