Round 3 Eric Paller (Noble Knights ) vs. Carolyn Colajezzi (Harpies)

Going into Round 3, we have Carolyn Colajezzi from Philadelphia, Pa pitted against Eric Paller from The Bronx, Ny. Both of these duelists are sitting with 1-1 records and a loss here would severely dampen their chances at making it into the Top 16 cut. However a win here can spark a streak that could carry the winner of the match through the rest of the tournament.

A little chit chat here and there eventually results in Colajezzi rolling a 10 against Paller’s 7 allowing her to take first.



Colajezzi draws for her turn and quickly sets two cards before passing play to Paller.

Paller opens up with a hand of Noble Knight Borz, 2 Noble Night Gawayn, Noble Arms of Destiny, Mirror Force, and Noble Arms – Caliburn. In Paller’s Draw Phase Colajezzi flips up Imperial Iron Wall expecting this to be another Dragon Ruler Match for her. However when Paller summoned Borz, Colajezzi reeled a little bit and had to take a moment to read the card. The kicker though is that Paller in turn also had to take a moment to reread his cards. With the knowledge that both players knew the effect of the Borz, Paller equipped Caliburn to Borz giving Borz an attack boost of 500. In doing this Borz effect triggered allowed him to reveal 3 random Noble Arms cards from his deck and to randomly add one to his hand. Off the Borz effect he revealed Caliburn, Noble Arms – Excaliburn, and Noble Arms of Destiny, with Destiny being the one he added to his hand and the rest going to the Graveyard. Paller swings for 2200 damage and in Main Phase 2 equips the destiny, sets a card and passes.

Colajezzi- 5800 Paller- 8000

Colajezzi draws for her turn and plays a Harpies’ Hunting Ground and then proceeds to Normal Summon Harpie Lady 1 triggering the Hunting Ground to destroy Paller’s set Mirror Force. She sets a card to her backrow before activating Elegant Egotist to Special Summon another Harpie Lady 1 from her deck. This time instead of destroying her opponent’s backrow cards, she opts to destroy her newly set card triggering her Hysteric Sign. Continuing her play for the turn she overlays her two Harpies together making Lightning Chidori and using its effect to send Borz back to the top of Paller’s deck before attacking for 1900. Moving on into her End Phase, Colajezzi was able to search Harpie Channeler, Harpie Queen, and Harpie Dancer to her hand before passing her turn over to Paller.

Colajezzi- 5800 Paller – 6100

Paller Normal Summons Borz once again and Special Summons Gawayn to join him on the battlefield. After taking a quick look over his extra deck he eventually overlays the two for Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights. His effect allowed Paller to equip Gallatin, Caliburn, and Destiny to himself. Paller then triggers King’s effect to target 3 Spell/Trap cards on Colajezzi’s field and destroy them, hitting Iron Wall, Hysteric Party, and Hunting Ground. Next Paller banished Excaliburn from his Graveyard to target King and replace him with Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus from his Extra Deck while allowing him to reequip the Noble Arms cards formerly on the King. He uses Sacred’s effect to destroy Chidori, equips Caliburn to Sacred and swings for 3700 damage direct before passing his turn.



Colajezzi in thought after getting her field destroyed

Colajezzi in thought after getting her field destroyed


Colajezzi- 2100 Paller– 6100

Colajezzi draws for her turn and instantly discards Queen to add another Hunting Ground to her hand. She proceeds to Normal Summon Channeler and discards Harpie 1 to Special Summon Dancer from the deck. This allows her to make another Chidori and send Sacred back to the extra deck before attacking for 1900 and passing her turn.

Colajezzi- 2100 Paller 4200

Paller rips Borz for his turn and windmill slams him on the table before Special Summoning Gawayn. He equips his last card in hand, Destiny, to Borz to reveal Caliburn, Excaliburn, and Gallatin from his deck. Gallatin gets picked for his hand and instantly gets equipped to Borz making him 2700 before taking down Chidori in battle.

Colajezzi- 1300 Paller – 4200

Colajezzi activates Hunting Ground, Normal Summons Dancer and elects to destroy Gallatin with Hunting Ground’s effect. Gallatin gets reequipped from its effect, but Colajezzi presses on. She uses Dancer’s effect to put Dancer back into her to summon Channeler allowing her to destroy Gallatin once again. Channeler ditches Dancer to summon Queen to destroy Destiny before making Chidori to send back Borz to the top of the deck. A flashed Hysteric Party later Paller picks up his cards giving Colajezzi the first game.

Colajezzi – 1 Paller – 0

Game 2

Paller elects to go first for the second game and after a quick recount of their decks and a pile shuffle we’re off!

Paller opens up with 2 Excaliburn, Gallatin, NobleKnight Medraut, and Trap Stun. Paller elects to summon Medraut, equips Excaliburn allowing him to use Medraut’s effect to Special Summon Gawayn from his deck and destroys Excaliburn to resolve the effect. He overlays the two into King and chooses not to equip anything from his graveyard. He ends up equipping Gallatin and Excaliburn from hand before setting Trap Stun and passing.

(Paller could’ve brought out Borz, revealed 3 Noble Arms from his deck, and equipped the one added to his hand to make Medraut level 5 also. Afterwards he could’ve overlayed the two into Sacred allowing him to end his turn with a 3200, non-targetable, and indestructible XYZ)

Colajezzi draws for her turn and plays Pot of Duality revealing Bottomless Trap Hole, Torrential Tribute, and Hysteric Sign. She adds Torrential Tribute to her hand and sets one card to her backrow before passing.

Paller draws a Mystical Space Typhoon for the turn and in the Standby Phase King lost 200 attack from Gallatin’s effect bringing him down to 2800. He plays his Arfeudutyr to destroy Colajezzi’s set Hysteric Sign and reducing King’s attack by 500. Paller then uses his Excaliburn in grave to turn his King into Sacred with Gallatin and Excaliburn equipped to swing for 3200. In the End Phase Colajezzi adds Queen, Dancer, and Channeler to her hand.

Paller thinking out his next move

Paller thinking out his next move

Colajezzi -4800 Paller- 8000

Colajezzi draws for turn and MST’s Paller’s set Trap Stun. Colajezzi discards her in hand Queen for Hunting Ground before going into the tank to think out the optimal play. After concluding what was the optimal play she plays Hunting Ground that gets instantly destroyed by Paller’s MST. She then Normal Summons Channeler and discards Harpie 1 to Special Summon Harpie’s Pet Dragon from the deck and overlays the two monsters into a Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack in Defense Position with two tokens. She concluded her turn with 3 set and passing.

Paller drew Caliburn for the turn and equipped it to Sacred. He used Sacred’s effect to destroy a Mecha Phantom Beast Token before attacking into the last token and passing.

Colajezzi draws for her turn, and then uses Dracossack’s effect to make two more tokens. On the token summon she flips Torrential Tribute to wipe the field allowing Sacred to special a Medraut in defense. Colajezzi flips a Hysteric Party and just like that Colajezzi ends the match! She now moves on with a 2-1 record with the dream still very much alive.


A well played Torrential clinches the match!

A well played Torrential clinches the match!

That's game.

That's game.