Round 3 Feature Match: Dalontae Henderson Vs. Nick Marconi

Round 3 Feature Match

Starting us off in this Round 3 Feature Match. We have Dalontae Henderson from Nashville, TN playing Gravekeepers. Next we have Nick Marconi from Winston-Salem, NC playing Archfiends. Both of these competitors are 1-1 starting it off. Dalontae wins the dice roll and will be going first.

Game 1

Dalontae opens with Gravekeeper’s Commandant, Mystical Space Typhoon, Dimension Prison, Fiendish Chain, Royal Tribute, and Necrovalley. He activates Necrovalley, sets 3 cards to his back row, Normal Summons Commandant and activates Royal Tribute to get rid of Archfiend Emperor, The First Lord of Horror and Archfiend Empress while keeping Hidden Armory, Dark Hole, and Mirror Force in his hand. He passes after that.

Nick draws for turn and activates hidden armory milling seven tools to the grave to search falling down from his deck. He sets 3 then ends.

Daloontae draws seven tools for his turn and attacks for 2100-5900. He sets the seven tools then passes.

Nick activates Archfiend’s Palabryinth which gets mst’d. This causes Nick to pass.

Dalontae draws Necrovalley then attacks for another 2100-3800. He passes with that.

Nick draws then activates Dragged Down to the Grave losing his Falling Down and Dalontae losing his Necrovalley to draw Mirror Force. He sets one and passes.

Dalontae draws Fiendish Chain for hand. He attacks with Commandant and Nick activates Mirror Force but Dalontae activates Seven Tools 1000-7000 and Nick takes 2100-1700. He sets Fiendish Chain and Mirror Force to end.

Nick activates his set Dark Hole to get rid of Commandant ending his turn after that.

Dalontae draws and activates Pot of Duality revealing Recruiter, Fiendish, and another Duality. He takes the Recruiter and summons it and attacks into Book of Moon. He ends with that.

Nick draws activating Allure of Darkness to draw 2 cards and banish his Archfiend Heiress but concedes knowing he can’t stop an attack by Recruiter.

Dalontae Henderson takes a “commanding” Game 1 sitting on his traps and his Gravekeeper's Commandant while Nick can’t draw anything to get him going. Siding was quick and efficient on both sides and Nick will be going first in game 2.

Game 2

Nick opens by setting 2 cards to his back row and a monster.

Dalontae opens with 2 Gravekeeper’s Spy, Gravekeeper’s Descendant, Gravekeeper's Recruiter, Mirror Force and Eradicator Epidemic Virus. He sets Spy and 2 back row to end.

Nick sets another card to his back row and ends.

Dalontae draws Gravekeeper’s Stele for his turn. He flips Spy for Descendant and Normal Summons Recruiter for his turn. He tributes the Recruiter to destroy Nick’s set Heiress causing him to search for Palabryinth and Dalontae searching Commandant. He discards to search Necrovalley. Next he activates Necrovalley and Xyz Summons into Number 66: Master Key Beetle, detaching to protect his Necrovalley but it gets hit by MST. He attacks for 2500 but is shut off by Battle Fader. He passes with that.

Nick Normal Summons Archfiend Emperor banishes Heiress to destroy the set Eradicator which is chained for Spells, causing him to lose his field spell. He revealed Call of the Haunted, Mind Crush, and Archfiend’s Roar. He set 3 and passed.

Dalontae draws Pot of Duality. He sets his Gravekeeper’s Spy then activates Duality revealing Necrovalley, Compulsory, and another Spy. He takes the Spy but Mind Crush is chained calling Gravekeeper’s Spy. Dalontae activates Stele to get back Spy and Commandant. He activates Commandant to get a Necrovalley and Nick activates Call of the Haunted. Dalontae plays Necrovalley and passes.

Nick draws Divine Wrath for his turn and sets it to end.

Dalontae draws Necrovalley for his turn. He flips Spy which is negated by Divine Wrath discarding Empress. He sets another Spy and ends.

Nick draws for turn and attacks but gets Mirror Forced. He sets his newly drawn Heiress and ends.

Dalontae draws Compulsory and flips Spy for Recruiter. He attacks with Spy over Battle Fader with Descendant, over the Heiress with Recruiter letting him search Palybrinth, and then directly with Spy for 1700-6300. He tributes Recruiter to destroy the set Archfiend’s Roar, searching another Recruiter. He sets Compulsory and ends.

Nick Foolish Burials another Heiress searching Transarchfiend. Palabryinth is activated then Transarchfiend is summoned. He attacks with Transarchfiend into Compulsory then ends with that.

He draws Duality for his turn then activates it revealing MST, Fiendish, and Seven Tools. He takes the MST. He activates Necrovalley over the Palabryinth then summons Recruiter and attacks with all, leaving Nick with 900 lps. He Xyz summons into Gagaga Cowboy in defense and activates the effect to burn for 800-100. He passes after setting the MST.

Nick draws then reveals Dragged Down to the Grave and Transarchfiend and concedes knowing he can’t do anything with that.

Dalontae moves onto round 4 with a 2-1 record with Gravekeeper’s!