Round 3 Feature Match Deci Amaritei Vs. Matt Love

Going into round 3 of 6 we are going to feature one of the more interesting decks today with Matt Love piloting anti-meta using Dimensional Fissure while Deci was using Black-Wings, on paper it looks like Love would have a significant advantage in this match up.

Deci won the roll and will open the duel; he played Cards for Black Feathers removing Blizzard the Black-Wing of the Far North. He set a monster and passed his turn. Love drew summoned Banisher of Radiance and attacked in Black-Wing Bora the Spear he also set 2 then ended his turn.

Deci summoned Black-Wing Shura the Blue Flame tried to attack banisher but it got removed for dimensional prison. Love summoned Doomcaliber Knight but it ran into Bottomless trap Hole, but Love did attack for 1600 with Banisher. Deci played Giant Trunade normal summoned Blackwing Sirocco and attacked over Banisher.

Love played Dark Hole then normal summoned another Doomcaliber and set 2 more to his back row. Deci drew and set spirit reaper. Love attacked the facedown reaper then set another monster. Deci drew Black-Whirlwind but the normal summons of Black-Wing Kalut the Moon Shadow was negated by Solemn Warning. Love passed his turn. Deci drew Blizzard got back Kalut and then synchro summoned Magical Android. Then he special summoned Dark Armed Dragon, he used Dark Arm’s ability to destroy all 3 of Love’s back rows! Deci switched the reaper to attack mode swung with all 3 monsters to cripple Love to 100 LP. Next turn it was all over with nothing Love could do to come back from that swarm of big monsters.

Love opened up game 2 with a pot of duality revealing dimensional prison Caius and smashing ground after thinking for a minute he added Dimensional Prison.  He set 5 to his back row before ending his turn. Deci drew played black whirlwind and then summoned Kalut but Love played Mystical Space Typhoon on the Whirlwind. Deci wasn’t finished he quickly then played allure of darkness and removed Blackwing Vayu the Emblem of Honor. Deci passed his turn and Love played another Pot of Duality this time taking Banisher of Radiance. He summoned Banisher tried to attack Deci flipped Icarus Attack destroying 2 of Love’s back row’s. Deci drew set one to each zone. Love attacked again another Icarus Attack for Deci this time destroying Banisher and another back row. Love played Dimensional Fissure and passed. Deci summoned Blizzard didn’t take anything back and pushed for 1300. Love couldn’t get anything going here in game 2 being forced to Solemn Warning Deci’s next summon of Shura. Love then topped a Doomcaliber Knight and pushed over Blizzard. Deci topped the perfect answer in Cyber Dragon pushed over the Doomcaliber and Love was getting in a deeper hole.

Cyber Dragon pushed again and Love’s life points were on life support. After drawing his next card that was it. Cyber Dragon would end the duel and Deci and his black-wings move on to 3-0.