Round 3 Feature Match: RJ Scarpelli Vs. Kevin Nhan

Round 3 Feature Match

First, RJ Scarpelli is from Chicago, IL. Next, Kevin Nhan is from Tulsa, OK. Both of these players are playing Standard Dragon Rulers. Let's see how this oh so familiar mirror match will play out. RJ wins the dice roll and will be starting us off.
Game 1:
RJ's Opening HandRJ opens us up in game 1 with Dragon's Ravine, Redox, Dragon Rulers of Boulders, Raigeki Break, Maxx "C", Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos and Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars. He activates Sword on Redox to draw Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls and Dragunity Corsesca, adding another Redox to hand. Ravine is activated to send Redox from hand to grave to send Tempest to grave from deck. Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos is summoned banishing Tidal and Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms, adding copies of themselves. Corsesca is Normal Summoned and used to Synchro into Colossal Fighter. He sets 1 card to his back row and passes.
Kevin's Opening HandKevin draws and uses Sword with Tempest to draw 2 cards and add another Tempest to hand. He activates Blaster sending Trigon to destroy Colossal. He sets 2 back row and passes.
RJ draws Trap Stun for turn. He sends Tidal from hand to send Trigon from deck to hand. Blaster is summoned banishing Tempest and Redox, searching Redox and Debris Dragon to his hand. Blaster attacks directly for 2800 dropping kevin to 5200. Sets 1 and ends. Kevin activates Sixth Sense calling 3 and 4, RJ rolls a 3 letting Kevin net 3 new cards.
RJ 8,000-Kevin 5,200
Kevin draws for turn and activates Sword on Tidal, drawing 2 cards and searching another Tidal to hand. Ravine is activated next replacing RJ’s, the effect sends Tidal from hand to send Redox to grave from deck. Redox is summoned banishing Blaster and Tempest, searching another Blaster and Corsesca to hand. Corsesca is summoned and Colossal Fighter comes to field. Raigeki Break is activated by Rj discarding Redox and Trap Stun is activated saving Colossal Fighter. Colossal attacks crashing with Blaster in battle and Special Summoning itself back to the field, then attacking directly for 2800 putting both at 5200. He sets 1 and ends.
RJ 5,200-Kevin 5,200
RJ draws Maxx c for turn. Debris Dragon is Summoned activating the effect to summon Trigon, Kevin activates Maxx "C" to draw a card. Ancient Fairy Dragon is summoned giving Kevin another card. Next Kevin activates Compulsory to send Ancient Fairy back to the Extra Deck but Trap Stun shuts it off. Ancient Fairy's effect is activated destroying Kevin's Ravine and searching a copy of his own RJ gains 1000 and searches a Ravine to end his turn.
RJ 6,200-Kevin 5,200
Kevin uses blaster by sending Flamvell Guard and itself from hand to destroy Ancient Fairy. Redox is summoned by banishing Tidal and Maxx "C", RJ activates Maxx "C" giving him Solemn Warning from the effect. Corsesca and Guard are banished by Tempest to attack directly with Redox and Colossal for game.
Kevin's Feature PicKevin Nhan takes Game 1 with a clutch Sixth Sense drawing 3 to give him enough advantage to take the game. RJ will be starting us off for game 2.
Game 2:
RJ starts us off with Blaster, two Sword, Mystical Space Typhoon, and 2 Dragon's Ravine. Sword is activated by banishing Blaster to draw Redox and Debris, searching another Blaster to hand. He activates Ravine to send Blaster to send Trigon from Deck to Grave. Debris is summoned and Maxx "C" is chained to the effect. RJ Synchros into Ancient Fairy Dragon, giving Kevin another card from Maxx "C", activating the effect putting him at 9000 and searching another Ravine. He sets one and passes his turn.
RJ 9,000-Kevin 8,000
Kevin activates Sword to banish Redox to draw 2 cards and add another Redox. Ravine is activated sending Redox from hand to grave to send Tempest to grave. Electric Virus is used to take Ancient Fairy and the effect is activated to destroy the Ravine to gain 1000 putting him at 9000. He attacks for 2100 putting him at 6900. Summons Corsesca to Synchro into Colossal. Sets Phoenix Wing Wind Blast which is destroyed by Mystical Space Typhoon at the end phase.
RJ 6,900-Kevin 9,000
RJ draws Sword for turn. Sword banishes Redox to draw Redox and Tidal to hand. Ravine comes down sending Redox to send Tempest. Redox banishes Tempest and Tidal, searching Debris Dragon and Tidal to hand. Blaster is summoned by banishing Debris and Ancient Fairy from grave. The two dragons are used to Xyz Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack, which uses the effect to summon two tokens and tributes itself to destroy the Colossal Fighter. Debris Dragon is Normal Summoned and uses the effect to special summon Trigon and attacking for 1500. The two are used for for Ancient Fairy and activates the effect destroying Ravine to gain 1000 putting him at 7900. He passes with that.
RJ 7,900-Kevin 7,500
Kevin draws for turn. He Special Summons Redox banishing Tidal and Tempest, searching copies of themselves from the effect. He activates Ravine sending Tidal from hand to send Trigon from the deck. Enemy Controller comes down to tribute Redox and takes Ancient Fairy. Using the effect to gain 1000 and add another Ravine. He Normal Summons Flamvell Guard to Synchro Summon Crimson Blader attacking a token.
RJ draws Swift Scarecrow for turn. Sword banishes Tidal to draw Tempest and Guard, adding another Tidal from deck to hand. Redox is Special Summoned banishing Debris Dragon and Blaster to add another Blaster from deck to hand. Tempest banishes Dracossack and Ancient Fairy to Special Summon Dracossack with Redox. Dracossack Special Summons two more tokens and tributes one to destroy Crimson Blader. He passes his turn with that.
Kevin draws for turn and thinks about his next play. His Colossal Fighter and Crimson Blader are gone now. Blaster banshies Redox and Tidal to Special Summon itself and adding copies of themselves to hand from the effects. Tempest specials itself by banishing Guard and Corsesca. Both dragons are used to Xyz into Number 11: Big Eye in defense to take Dracossack. Dracossack uses the effect to Special Summon tokens and attacks RJ's token. He sets one and passes.
RJ draws Electric Virus for his turn. Virus is activated to take Dracossack back from Kevin. Dracossack tributes itself to destroy Kevins set Compulsory Evacuation Device which is chained to send back Big Eye to the extra deck. Blaster is Special Summoned by banishing Redox and Trigon from grave, searching another Redox to hand. Guard is Normal Summoned and both monsters attack the tokens. They are used to Synchro Summon Angel of Zera in Main Phase 2. Passing his turn with that.
Kevin draws for turn. Redox is Special Summoned banishing Maxx “C” and Tempest from grave, searching a Debris Dragon to hand. Debris dragon is summoned, Special Summoning back Trigon and both are used to Synchro into Ancient Fairy Dragon. Both monsters are used to Special Summon Dracossack and Dracossack summons tokens, one of which is used to destroy Angel of Zera. He sets one and passes his turn with that.
Rj's Feature PicRj draws Mystical Space Typhoon for turn and uses it to destroy Kevin’s set Mirror Force. Next Ravine is activated to send Tidal from hand to add Corsesca from deck to hand. Tempest is summoned using Guard and Dracossack and Corsesca is summoned to Synchro into Crimson Blader. Blaster is summoned banishing Corsesca and Tempest. Blaster attacks the token and Blader destroys Dracossack, shutting off the big dragon summons of next turn. He passes with that.
Kevin uses Ravine to send Tidal from hand to send Tempest from deck. Virus takes Blaster to crash with Blader. Passing with that.
RJ draws Wind Blast for turn. He summons Blaster banishing Tidal and Blader. Attacks for 2800 dropping Kevin to 4700. Setting pwwb to end his turn.
RJ 7,900-Kevin 4,700
Kevin draws for turn and banishes Debris and Tempest to summon Blaster, searching a Debris Dragon to hand. Debris is summoned to bring back Trigon to the field, RJ activates Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Redox from hand to spin the Debris Dragon back to the top of the deck. Ancient Fairy and Redox are banished to summon Tidal from Grave. Dracossack is Xyz Summoned using the two, using both of it’s effect to destroy the blaster. Trigon is equipped to dracossack to end his turn.
*Time was called on this turn*
RJ draws and sets Debunk to end his turn.
Kevin activates Dracossack to summon more tokens and destroys RJ’s set Debunk. Blaster and Debris are banished to special Tidal, searching another Blaster to hand. Dragunity Pilum is summoned and used with Tidal to summon Trident Dragion. Dragion destroys Dracossack and Ravine to attack 3 times but is shut down by Swift Scarecrow.
RJ draws and sets Book of Moon. Redox is summoned by banishing Blaster and Scarecrow passing his turn.
Kevin draws for turn. Special Summons Blaster and attacks into a Book of Moon but there is enough damage for game in time.
Kevin Nhan takes Game 3 in a long grinding game going to the final turns in time.