Round 3 Feature Match: Samantha Mbodwam Vs. Steve Klaus






Alright everyone we have a Round 3 Feature Match featuring Steve Klaus from Tempe, AZ playing Water and is one of our streamers Feature Match players. His opponent Samantha Mbodwam aka Starstrikeduelistx is from Garden Grove, California playing Fire Fist. These players are playing this formats contenders for the top deck. Which one will come out on top? Let’s find out.


Game 1:

Klaus wins the die roll and will be going first.

He opens with Upstart Goblin, Reckless Greed, Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, Mermail Abyssgunde, Mermail Abyssleed and Aqua Spirit. He uses Upstart to draw another Aqua Spirit and giving Samantha 1000+9000. Next Tidal is activated sending Gunde and itself to send Pike to the Graveyard and summoning it back with Gunde’s effect and letting him send Abyssleed to grave to search a Mermail Abysslinde to hand. Aqua Spirit is summoned banishing Gunde from Graveyard. Both monsters are used to Xyz summon Bahamut Shark in Attack and using the effect to summon Mermail Abysstrite in Defense position. He sets Linde and Reckless to end his turn.

Samantha draws and summons Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Gorilla then attacks into the set Linde to summon Abyssturge and letting her set Fire Formation-Tenki. Main Phase 2 Tenki is activated to search a Coach Soldier Wolfbark and adding it to her hand. She sets 4 back row and ends her turn.

Klaus draws another Reckless for his turn and activates his set copy to draw Mermail Abyssmegalo and Genex Undine. He attacks Gorilla with Bahamut Shark and Dimensional Prison banishes it from the game. Main Phase 2 Klaus banishes Aqua Spirit to Special Summon another copy of itself and Torrential Tribute is activated to destroy his Trite, Aqua Spirit and Turge and Samantha’s Gorilla, letting him get back Leed. He banishes Spirit and Trite for Tidal and Abyssgaios is summoned with the two monsters and Reckless is set to end.

Samantha activates Upstart 1000+9000. She sets 2 more back row and ends turn. Klaus activates Reckless to draw Mermail Abysspike and Atlantean Marksman.

Klaus summons Pike, Trap Hole is activated and Marksman is pitched to destroy her set Dimensional Prison. Gaios attacks into a Mirror Force destroying it. Main Phase 2 he activates Mermail Abyssmegalo from hand discarding Undine and Gunde, letting him summon Leed from grave and searching a Sphere to hand. He activates Leed’s effect getting rid of her in hand Wolfbark. Tidal is summoned Banishing Gaios and Undine and both monsters are used to summon Dracossack in Attack then detaching Tidal to summon two tokens. He passes with that.

Samantha draws for turn and sets to end.

Klaus can’t draw for turn. He summons Tidal and attacks directly with both for 5200-3800. He sets Sphere and it gets hit with Space Typhoon in the end phase and passes with that.

Samantha activates duality revealing Mystical Space Typhoon, Fire Formation-Gyokkou, and Forbidden Lance. She summons Brotherhood of the Fire Formation-Bear and then concedes with that.

Klaus uses two Reckless Greed to dig to his answers and does Mermail things to take the win. Samantha will be going first in Game 2.


Game 2:

Samantha opens with Tenki for a Wolfbark. Dimensional Fissure is activated next and a card is set after that. Bear is summoned and she passes after that.

Klaus opens with Gunde, Upstart, Malevolent Catastrophe, Sphere, Marksman and draws into Mermail Abyssturge for his turn. He sets Linde and the traps to end.

Samantha summons Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo for turn and activates Bear’s effect to destroy Linde and banishing it. She attacks with Bear to set Tenki for 1600-6400 and with Dyna’s attack he activates Malevolent Catastrophe to destroy everything 1200-5200. She ends with that.

Klaus draws Tidal for turn. He summons Marksman and attacks over Fossil Dyna for 200-8800 letting him Special Summon Atlantean Dragoons from his deck. Dragoons attacks over Bear for 200-8600. Main Phase 2 he activates Tidal discarding Tidal and Gunde form hand to send Turge from deck to grave. Maxx “C” is chained to Gunde’s effect to special summon Pike from grave. Dragoons and Pike are used to Xyz summon Lavaval Chain detaching Dragoons to put Teus to the top of the deck. He passes with that.

Samantha uses two Upstarts giving Klaus 2000+7200. She activates Fire Formation-Tensu to summoning Wolfbark to Special Summon Bear from the Graveyard and uses both to Xyz summon Number 101: Silent Honor ARK detaching both monsters to take Chain and equip it as a material. She summons Fossil Dyna next and attack with both monsters for 1900-5300. She passes with that.

Klaus draws Teus for turn and he passes back to her.

Samantha summons Wolfbark for her turn and then activates Duality revealing, Space Typhoon, Mirror Force and Fiendish Chain, she takes the Chain. She attacks with the 3 monsters for 5000-300. She sets the Chain to end.

Klaus draws Reckless for turn and concedes.

Samantha takes Game 2 with all of her Floodgate cards which included Dimensional Fissure, and 2 copies of Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo. Klaus will be going first Game 3.

Game 3:

Klaus opens with 2 Space Typhoon, Aqua Spirit, Mermail Abysslinde, Fiendish, and Bottomless Trap Hole. He sets everything but the Spirit and passes.

Samantha activates Upstart giving 1000+9000 to Klaus and drawing a card. She summons Thunder King Rai-Oh right into Bottomless Trap Hole. She sets 2 and ends.

Klaus draws Teus for turn and ends without doing anything else.

Samantha dualities into Fire Formation-Gyokkou, Fiendish and Forbidden Lance, taking the Fiendish Chain. She summons Bear for turn and activates Soul Drain paying 1000-7000. She attacks with Bear and on declaration Klaus activates Mst on Soul Drain, letting him summon Pike to discard Spirit and searching Gunde to hand. She sets one and passes back.

Klaus draws Sphere for turn and activates Teus by discarding Gunde, searching for Abyssturge to his hand and special summoning Linde from graveyard. Turge comes down to Xyz summon into Lavalval Chain detaching Turge to send Tidal to grave from deck. Next Tidal comes up by banishing Gunde and Spirit. Dracossack is summoned with Tidal and Teus and uses the effect detaching Tidal to summon two tokens. He attacks with his monsters dropping her to 2700 and passes back with that.

Samantha draws for turn and concedes knowing that she can’t come out of Klaus’ field.

Steve Klaus takes this battle of Fire Vs. Water in 2-1 fashion coming back with a huge turn to put a Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack and Lavalval Chain on the field and Samantha can't come back from that. Klaus is moving on with a 3-0 record.