Round 4 Feature Match: Horacio Gomez Vs. Clay Atchley

Round 4 Feature Match

Here we go in round 4. We have Clay Atchley from Knoxsville, TN playing Geargia who is 3-0 so far. Horacio Gomez from Willow Park, IL playing Fire Fist who is also 3-0.

Horacio won the dice roll and starts us off with an Upstart Goblin 1000+9000. Pot of Duality is activated revealing another Upstart, Gorilla, and Wolfbark and he takes the Upstart. Another Upstart is activated 1000+10000 and drawing and activating another Upstart 1000+11000. He sets two cards to his back row and passes.

Clay opened 2 Geargiarmor, Geargiarsenal, Geargiano, and Solemn Warning. He draws Geargiano Mk-II for turn. He sets the Armor and Warning to end.

Horacio summons Cardcar D for turn activates the effect and ends his turn.

Clay draws Mystical Space Typhoon for turn. He flips the Armor which gets hit by Solemn Warning 2000-6000. Clay sets his other Geargiarmor and Mystical Space Typhoon to end his turn. Horacio draws then activates Fire Formation-Gyoku on Clay’s Mystical Space Typhoon. Horacio activates Fire Formation-Tenki to search Coach Soldier Wolfbark to his hand. He summons Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Bear and Solemn Warning is activated 2000-9000. He sets one and ends.

Clay draws Iron Call for his turn. He flip summons Armor which gets shut down by Effect Veiler. He activates Iron Call to summon back Armor from the grave. Both Armors are used to Xyz summon Gear Gigant X which is flipped facedown by Book of Moon shutting down any further plays. Geargiarsenal is summoned and Clay attacks directly for 1700-4300. Main Phase 2 he activates the effect of Arsenal to summon another Armor from deck in defense position and activates Armor’s effect to set itself facedown. He passes with that.

Horacio draws for turn. He summons Bear and uses the effect sending Tenki to grave to destroy the Armor and then attacks over the face down Gear Gigant X. He sets one card to his back row and passes back with that.

Clay draws Karakuri Watchdog MDL 313 “Saizan" for his turn and concedes Game 1.

Horacio Gomez takes Game 1 in one his most favorable match ups. Siding was quick on both sides and Clay will be leading us off in Game 2.

Clay starts us off in Game 2 with Geargiarmor, Genex Ally Birdman, Effect Veiler, Geargiano MK-II, Fiendish Chain and Bottomless Trap Hole. He sets the traps and the Armor to end his turn.

Horacio draws for turn. He activates Gyoku on the Fiendish Chain. Next Tenki is activated to search Bear to his hand. Bear comes down and the effect is activated sending Tenki to destroy the Armor but it’s shut off by Effect Veiler. He sets one to his back row and passes his turn.

Clay draws MST for his turn. He flip summons his Armor to search an Geargiaccelerator. Horacio activates Mind Crush in order to get rid of the Accelerator. Clay summons MK-II to special back the Accelerator, then bounces it back for Birdman. He special summons the Accelerator and uses it with Birdman to Synchro into Karakuri Shogun MDL 00 “Burei" which gets shut down by Effect Veiler. He attacks over Bear for 1100-6900 then for 1000-5900. He ends with setting his MST.

Horacio activates another Gyoku to start his turn shutting off Clay’s MST. Coach Soldier Wolfbark is summoned and gets banished by Bottomless Trap Hole. Horacio concedes after that know that he can’t do anything to stop Clay’s attacks next turn.

Clay Atchley takes Game 2 by keeping his Geargiarmor on the board and getting rid of Horacio’s monsters. Horacio will be leading off in Game 3 of this round 4 match.

Horacio starts us off with Tenki to search a Bear to his hand. Pot of Duality is activated revealing another Duality, and 2 Tenki’s, he opts to take the Tenki. Bear is summoned to the field. He sets 3 to his back row and ends his turn.

Clay opens up with Geargiano, Geargiano MK-II, Karakuri MDL 248 “Nishipachi", Saizan and a Compulsory Evacuation Device.  He draws another Geargiano MK-II for his turn. One copy is Normal Summoned to Special Summon the Geargiano. He uses both to Xyz into Wind-Up Zenmaines. He sets the Compulsory and it gets hit by Dust Tornado at the end phase.

Horacio draws then activates his Tenki to search gorilla to his hand. It gets Normal Summoned and both are used to Xyz Summon Brotherhood of the Firefist-Tiger King which sets his third Tenki. He activates Tiger King to negate the zenmaines and attacks over it. He passes with that.

Clay draws and sets Saizan.

Horacio activates his third tenki for Bear. Bear is summoned and when he activates the effect it’s shut off by Effect Veiler. He sets a card to his back row to end his turn.

Clay draws Book of Moon for his turn but extends the handshake after that knowing he can’t play out his hand full of non combo monsters.

Horacio moves on with a 4-0 record winning with his Fire Fist deck over Clay Atchley’s Geargiakuri deck!