ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Round 4 Feature Match Tyler Ashlock vs. Courtel Ruth

Round 4 Feature Match

Here we go again with some hot, undefeated Round 4 action! Introducing first Tyler Ashlock from Benton, Arkansas playing Psychic Madolche! Yes that's right guys Psychic Madolche is undefeated at 3-0. Courtel Ruth from Houston, Texas and he's playing Spellbooks.

Tyler wins the roll 2-1 and opts to go first. He leads off with a monster loaded hand of 2 Serene Psychic Witch, Madolche Magileine, Giant Rat, Fiendish chain, and a Psychic Jumper. He T Sets and passes to Courtel.


Courtel draws and summons Spellbook Magician of Prophecy activating the effect, Fiendish Chain is activated and shutoff by a Spellbook of Wisdom , Magician searches for Spellbook of Secrets. High Priestess of Prophecy is specialed by revealing Spellbook of the Master, Spellbook of Power, and Spellbook of Secrets. Power is activated on High Priestess of Prophecy. Master is activated next copying Power on Magician. High Priestess of Prophecy attacks over the set Giant Rat that replaces itself, Power searches for Spellook of Fate. Magician attacks over the second Rat and searches The Grand Spellbook Tower. Tyler opts not to special again. Courtel activates Tower and sets two cards to his back row.

Tyler draws Madolche Hootcake for his turn. Psychic Witch is summoned and attacks the Magician. Fate is activated and that's all she wrote for Game 1! Tyler scoops up his cards and dives into his side deck.

Courtel says, "Man I don't even know what to side!" Tyler laughs, smiles, and says "And that is why I didn't use the Second Rats effect." Siding was quick on Tylers part since he knew what he was playing, while Courtel on the other hand had no idea what he's playing against which caused some lengthy siding.

Tyler starts game 2 with 2 Prohibition, Forbidden Lance, Madolche Chateau, Fiendish Chain, and Madolche Messengelato. He plays Prohibition declaring Secrets and his other declaring Magician. Courtel laughs in disbelief and puts his hand on his mouth. Tyler sets 2 facedown cards in his back row and a monster to end his turn.
Courtel summons Kycoo and attacks but is shut down by Fiendish Chain. Courtel passes his turn with nothing else.

Tyler draws another Chateau for his turn. He activates on copy and flip summons Messengelato. Messengelato attacks over Kycoo for 300 damage dropping Courtel to 7700 lp. He passes with that. Courtel had no idea what he was playing against after game 1 but now he knows. "I was just about to play that exact deck before I came here." laughed Courtel.

Courtel draws and activates a Tower and summons Justice of Prophecy. Ending his turn to activate Justice to search HP and SB Power. Shaking his head at the fact he was only able to do that since the rest of his plays were shut off by the 2 Prohibition.

Tyler draws Book of moon for his turn and activates his other Chateau. Messengelato attacks for 2100 damage dropping Courtel to 5600 lps. Sets one card and passes.

Courtel draws for his turn, reveals and special summons Priestess from his hand. Priestess activates her effect to destroy the prohibition that is shutting down Secrets. Secrets is activated to search Master but Tyler activates book of moon after the search to shut down any further plays! Courtel sets one card and ends.

Tyler draws Giant Rat for his turn. He summons the Rat and Xyz summons for Diamond Dire Wolf. The Wolf destroys itself and Priestess. Tyler ends with that with nothing else to play.

Courtel draws and activates Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Power to send back the Prohibition stopping Magician to the top of Tylers deck. Magician is summoned searching Secrets to search Spellbook of Life. Life comes down banishing kycoo to special Priestess to the field. Priestess activates her effect to destroy a facedown Forbidden Lance that Tyler chains. Master comes down to get a copy of Tower from Courtel's deck. Both monsters attack for 2200 damage dropping Tyler to 5800 lps.

Tyler draws and activates prohibition declaring Spellbook of Fate.

Courtel activates Tower putting back Master to draw again. Magician is summoned searching Secrets to search Spellbook of Eternity. Eternity is activated to get Secrets back from his banished zone. All 3 monsters attack dropping tyler to 2300 lps.

Tyler draws Emergency teleport for turn and sets it. Trying to pass his turn but it's destroyed by Mystical Space Typhoon on end phase. Tyler picks up his cards after that.

Courtel Ruth wins and goes onto 4-0 with Spellbooks!

After Match Interview:

IMG_1821Player Name: Courtel Ruth
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Local shop: Cardshack

Why did you come to the ARG Circuit Series? Because I want to win!

What deck are you playing and why? Spellbooks because High Priestess…Period.
What deck do you not want to play? Evilswarm because Evilswarm Ophion is a card. Also Inzectors because I don't like Inzektor Hornet.
What deck are you most prepared for? Dragons because I have 3 Maxx "C" mained to draw my spell books and of course High Priestess.

Why are you excited for the ARG Circuit Series? It's something different.
What would you do with the prize money if you won? I would spend the Prize Money on an Xbox One and holo out my friends decks.