Round 4 Feature Match Vince Campana Vs. Kevin Slapnik

Round 4 we are going to featuring a couple of local heavy weights against each other in Kevin Slapnik and Vince Campana. Campana comes in packing a deck with Absolute Zero and Dark Armed Dragon while Slapnik is using Fish.

Campana won the die roll and played Future Fusion targeting Absolute Zero sending Destiny Hero Malicious and Snowman Eater. He followed that up with Reinforcement of the Army getting Elemental Hero Stratos he then summoned Stratos and fetched Destiny Hero Diamond Dude. He concluded his turn by setting one to his back row. Slapnik opened by playing Moray of Greed to try and stabilize his hand. Slapnik discarded Fishborg Blaster to special summon Swap Frog to dump Ronintoadin from his deck to the graveyard. He then discards Treeborn Frog to special summon Fishborg back to the field he then tributes both of them for Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth activates its effect and special summons 2 Oyster Meister and another Fishborg Blaster. He synchros with the Coelacanth for Colossal Fighter discards again for Fishborg then double synchros for Armory Arm equips them both to Campana’s Stratos and with nothing but scooping up his cards this duel was moving on to game 2.

After that devastating OTK side decking was quikc for both players.  Campana opened up with Future Fusion targeting Elemental Hero Absolute Zero sending Snowman Eater and Destiny Hero Malicious. He also summoned Doomcaliber Knight and set 3 more cards to his back row. Slapnik drew thought for a second and played Moray of Greed to refresh his hand. Slapnik sets a monster and passes turn.

Campana drew pot of Duality played it getting Stratos then passed his turn. Slapnik set another monster and passed. Campana drew got his Absolute Zero from Future Fusion attacked Dupe Frog but it’s effect was negated Doomcaliber Knight. Campana set a monster to complete his turn. Slapnik thinks for a moment before playing dark hole to rid the field of the Absolute Zero. He set another monster and passed again. Campana drew played Stratos searched Destiny Hero Diamond Dude, before completing his turn he played a Pot of Duality and added Plaguespreader Zombie to his hand. Slapnik flipped up Snowman Eater destroying Stratos. He removed dupe frog to special summon Ronintoadin, then tributes both fro Coelacanth he discards Oyster Meister to activate it’s effect but Campana had an answer in Royal Oppression to shut down the play. All Slapnik could do was pass his turn.

Campana normal summoned Diamond-Dude activates his effect and hits a Pot of Duality. He attacks for 1400 and ended his turn. Slapnik normal summons Swap Frog but Campana had another answer in Chain Disappearance removing another Swap Frog from Slapnik’s hand and deck.

Campana activates Duality off of Diamond Dude getting Sangan, he then normal summoned Sangan poked for 1000 damage and passed his turn. Slapnik added back his Treeborn Frog and passed. Campana normal summoned Plaguespreader attacked the Treeborn and attacked for another 1000 off of Sangan. Slapnik sets another monster.

Campana plays Giant Trunade and Slapnik does the math and immediately concedes.

Slapnik opens up game 3 with Moray of Greed to draw 3 new cards, Slapnik played Pot of Duality adding Mystical Space Typhoon to his hand, and he ended his turn by setting one to each zone.

Campana set Sangan and played his own Mystical Space Typhoon he then set 2 to his back row and ended. Slapnik passed his turn. Campana tribute set Destiny Hero Malicious fetching Deep Sea Diva to his hand from Sangan’s effect. Slapnik played Monster Reborn getting Campana’s Sangan. Slapnik then double tributes for Coelacanth and activates it’s effect and special summons 2 oyster meister and 2 Fishborg blaster. Campana had the answer again with Chain Disappearance on the Fishborg Blaster! Slapnik played his Mystical Space Typhoon blowing away Campana’s set Monster Reborn. He attacked the face down Malicious and the turn was passed. Campana summoned Deep Sea Dive getting a Spined Gillman to the field, then he removed the Malicious to special summon another one. Then synchro’d for Stardust Dragon and played a Miracle Fusion to special summon Elemental Hero Absolute Zero he attacked with all 3 and then play was passed back to Slapnik who looked at his draw card and offered a handshake.

Campana moves on with a 3-1 record keeping his top 8 dreams alive!