Round 4 Feature Zachary Laverett vs Adam Optmy

For round four we have a return from Zachary Leverett, a player who has built a deck dedicated to giving him the most access to dragon rulers possible. His opponent Adam Optmy, is a Contellar player who decided to start main decking Mistake after he had been playtesting with a friend and had coe to realizethat Thunder King's effect which resembles Mistake’s own was able to cripple Dragon Rulers. Will it be enough? Zachary wins the die roll and after shuffling decks the match begins.

Game 1

Zachary comes roaring out of the gate, banishing Tidal Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls and Blaster Dragon Ruler of Infernos to Summon Redox Dragon Ruler of Boulders with its own effect. He normal summoned a Flamvell Guard and consolidated his field into a Stardust Spark Dragon. He then set one card and ended his turn.

Adam opened equally as swiftly, he activated Upstart Goblin to draw a card and give Zachary 1000 life points before he summoned Pollux, then with Pollux's ability he summoned another Pollux. He overlayed them into a Starleige Paladynamo. Zachary, not about to let Paladynamo resolve activated Phoenix Wing Wind Blast! By discarding a Tidal Zachary was able to remove the Starleige and deny Adam the effect to draw an extra card. Adam then set 4 cards to his spell/trap zone and ended his turn.

Zachary drew for turn, and summoned Debris Dragon. Adam immediately activated Torrential Tribute, but his impatience would come back to bite him, When the chain resolved the Flamvell Guard targeted by Debris Dragon’s effect was able to arrive on the field safe from the food of destruction Torrential promised to deliver upon Zachary’s board. Zachary discards two copies of Blaster Dragon Ruler of Infernos to destroy Adam’s set Mistake. Redox was then summoned by banishing Tidal and Debris Dragon in grave. He then synchro summoned a Stardust Dragon with his Redox and Guard. Stardust attacks for 2500 points of damage before passing the turn to Adam.

Zachary 9000- Adam 5500

Adam draws and summons Constellar Sombre, He used its effect to banish one of his deceased Pollux to add the other to his hand. He then normal summoned the Pollux and overlays the two monsters into Constellar Prasepe. Adam attacked and using Prasepe’s effect to gain 1000 attack, was able to get over Stardust Dragon and inflict 900 points of damage to Zachary! With this, Adam was satisfied to end his turn.

Zachary 8100-Adam 5500

Zachary doesn't give up, after drawing for his turn he banishes Stardust and Stardust Spark from his Graveyard to summon a Blaster, He then banishes Flamvell Guard and Redox to summon Tidal. He overlays his two monsters into a Mecha Phantom Beast Dracosack. With Dracosack’s effect he first summons two tokens, and then tributes one to destroy Adam’s set Mirror Force before ending his turn.

Adam draws, and normal summons Constellar Kaus. During his battle phase, he uses Kaus to eliminate the token, and then makes a second use of Prasepe’s effect using the 1000 attack point boost to attack over Dracosack for 800 points of damage.

Zachary 7300-Adam 5500

Zachary draws. He appears to prepare a response to Prasepe once in for all when he banishes 2 Basters for a Tidal, but reveals his mind is set on winning the game by flipping Return from the Different Dimension.

Game 2

Adam goes first, drawing and activating Reinforcement of the Army. He adds Constellar Pollux from his deck to his hand. He normal summons Constellar Pollux and makes use of the additional normal summon to call forth his partner in crime Constellar Kaus. Kaus increases both of Adam’s monsters levels to 5 allowing them to overlay into Constellar Pleides. Four cards are set behind Pleides in the spell/trap card zone before Zachary takes his first turn.

Zachary starts by discarding two Tidal Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, for one of their effects to send Blaster Dragon Ruler of Infernos from his deck to his graveyard. He then sets four of

A large amount of backrow forecasts a grind game

A large amount of backrow forecasts a grind game

his own cards before ending his turn.
Adam draws attacks directly for 2500 points of damage and ends his turn.

Zachary 5500- Adam 8000

Zachary Draws, and activates a dragon shrine, by choosing to send Flamvell Guard from his deck to his graveyard he activates Shrine's second effect to send a White Stone of Legend as well empowering through a copy of Blue Eyes White Dragon added from his deck to his hand. He then activates Dragon’s Ravine. Discarding the Blue Eyes for cost he announced his intention send a card from the deck to the graveyard. This prompted an MST to be chained by Adam cutting Zachary off from access to another dragon ruler. Zachary then banishes Blue Eyes and Tidal for a second copy of Tidal. Adam responds with debunk cutting Zachary off from yet another Dragon Ruler! Zachary continues by banishing White Stone of Legend and Famvell Guard to summon

Seven Tools of the Bandit was an unexpected tech which allowed Adam to push through Skill Drain

Seven Tools of the Bandit was an unexpected tech which allowed Adam to push through Skill Drain

Blaster. Pleides steps in using its effect to return Blaster to Zachary’s hand, Zachary tries to interrupt Pleides with Skill Drain, but Adam responds with Seven Tools of the Bandit! Both payers lose 1000 life points and Blaster returns to the hand.

Zachary 4500-Adam 7000

Adam Draws, after setting a card he attacks again with Pleides before ending his turn.

Zachary 2000- Adam 8000.

Zachary Draws, he uses Blaster’s effect from his hand to discard itself and another fire monster (in this case, a second Blaster) to destroy Pleides.

Adam draws, sets a card to his backrow and passes.

Zachary Draws, commits two cards to his backrow and ends his turn.

Adam Draws, sets another card and passes.

Zachary drew a card to start his turn. Still in the draw phase Adam activated Imperial Iron Wall, but Zachary chained a Mystical Space Typhoon (MST) destroying it. He then set another two cards to his backrow and passed.

photo 4

even a full field of monsters fails to protect Zachary from the Volcusaurus play hiding in plane sight

Adam draws he activates Fire Formation-Tenki to which Zachary responds with MST keeping Tenki off the field where it can't respond. Adam normal summons Constellar Sombre. It banishes Constellar Pleides to add Constllar Kaus from his graveyard to his hand, then he summons Kaus. He Threatens to attack for game with the duo, but Zachary activates Return from the Different Dimension again! He summons two Tidals, White Stone of Legend, Flamvell Guard and a Blue Eyes in one burst. Adam is unfazed, without even re-declaring his attack Adam goes to mainphase two uses Kaus to make his monsters level 5, and overlays to Number 61 Vulcasaurus to launch one of the Tidals and seal the game

Game 3:

Zachary opts to go first. After drawing for 6 cards in hand, he uses Sacred Sword of Seven Star to banish Tidal from his hand and draw two cards. Tidal uses its effect to replace itself with an additional copy from the deck. Zachary then sets 5 cards to his backrow and ends his turn.

Adam draws while saying “I’m a little scared man.” He attempts to activate a Fire Formation-Tenki, but a chained Mystical Space Typhoon intervened. Adam then normal summoned Constellar Pollux and Constellar Kaus, but Zachary had Torrential Tribute waiting. Adam ended his turn.

Zachary pitched two Tidals to send a Blaster from his deck to his graveyard. He then set a card and passed the turn.

Adam activated Tenki too add Constellar Kaus, he summons it attacks for 1900 points of damage and ends his turn.

Zachary 6100- Adam 8000

Zachary draws and before anything else, flips up a Trap Stun. Under that protection, he banished Tidal and Blaster to summon a second Tidal. Blaster adds a second Blaster to Zachary’s hand. He then activates Dragon’s Ravine and uses Dragon’s Ravine to discard Blaster sending a Tempest Dragon Ruler of Storms from his deck to his graveyard. Tidal then attacks over Contellar Kaus for 700 points of damage.

Zachary 6100- Adam 7300

Adam Draws for his turn, and ended his turn. In the end phase Zachary attempted to lay down skill drain but once again Adam had a Seven Tools waiting.

Zachary drew, and then sent Tidal to grave with Ravine in order to send White Stone of Legend from his Deck to his Graveyard. This let him add a Blue Eyes to his hand. He then banished Tidal and Tempest to summon Blaster, and to the summon Adam chained mistake. Not wanting to lose out on Temest effect, Zachary chained MST destroying mistake and allowing Tempest to net him a Debris Dragon with no interruption. He then summoned Debris Dragon, Used it to recur White Stone of Legend and used the White Stone and the Blaster to make Stardust Spark Dragon. Adam Takes an attack from Debris Dragon and Stardust Spark Dragon for a total of 3500 damage before the turn ends.

Zachary 5100- Adam 2800

Adam normal summons Constellar Algeidi but it is immediately responded to with a Compulsory Evacuation Device from Zachary. Adam ends his turn.

Zachary draws and banishes Blue Eyes and White Stone of Legend for Redox, but Adam activates Gozen Match. Zachary chooses WIND and clears his field aside from Stardust Spark. Stardust Spark Attacks directly and Zachary ends his turn.

Zachary 5100-Adam 300

Adam draws a card, sets a monster and passes

Zachary discards Redox to send Tempest to grave with his Dragon’s Ravine. He attacks Adam’s set Polux and ends his turn

Adam draws, and sets another monster and ends his turn.

Zachary draws and activated Wing Wind Blast discarding Komodo Dragon to return Gozen Match to the top of Adam’s deck. An onslaught of dragons begins. First Blaster which is responded too by Debunk, second Tempest, and with no reponses from Adam, Tempest takes out Adam’s remaining life points winning Zachary the match!