Round 5 Feature Match: Brandon Wigley vs Jonathan Galecia

We have a fantastic duel between Brandon Wigley's Dragunity Rulers and Jonathan Galecia's Dragon Rulers.

Round 52Brandon will be starting the duel off with after winning the dice roll with a 6. He began play with a hand of Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders, Return from the Different Dimension, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Upstart Goblin, Terraforming and Gold Sarcophagus. Brandon began play by activating Terraforming to search for Dragon Ravine and add it from his deck to his hand. He followed up the search by activating Ravine, then followed up Ravine by activating Gold Sarcophagus. He banished Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms from his deck and added Dragunity Phalanx to his hand from his deck with Tempest's effect. He then discarded his added Phalanx to activate Dragon Ravine's effect and add a Dragunity Dux from his deck to his hand. After setting up for his next play Brandon activated Upstart Goblin to draw into Terraforming, putting Jonathan at 9000 life points. He then normal summoned Dux, used its effect to equip itself with the Phalanx in his graveyard. Phalanx then used its effect to special summon itself before Brandon syncro summoned into Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana. Vajrayana equipped the Phalanx again, allowing for a syncro summon into Stardust Dragon. Brandon set Compulsory Evacuation Device and Return from the Different Dimension before ending his turn.

Jonathan began his turn by activating Cards of Consonance, discarding Draguniy Corsesca to allow him to draw 2 cards. He then banished Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders and Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms to special summon Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos. He then used both Redox and Tempest's effects to add another copy of each of them to his hand. He then thought for a moment, checking Brandon's graveyard and trying to think ahead to what Brandon will be able to do in the next turn, before he declared an attack on Stardust Dragon. Brandon debated for a moment before using his set Compulsory to return Blaster to Jonathan's hand. Jonathan set a card and ended his turn

Round 51Brandon drew Sacred Sword of Seven Stars and activated the Terraforming in his hand to search for another Dragon Ravine. He then activated the Sacred Sword, banishing Redox which allowed him to draw into Blaster and Dragunity Dux as well as add another Redox to his hand. Brandon then took a moment to consider his plays before discarding the newly added Redox from his hand to activate Dragon Ravine, sending a Tempest from his deck to his grave. He then banished Redox and Tempest from his grave to attempt to summon Blaster, but Jonathan responded with Vanity's Emptiness! Normally this would be a game ending card but Brandon quickly responded with Return from the Different Dimension, bringing back 2 Redox and 2 Tempest to attack with Stardust for game.

A quick victory for Brandon brought about by Return from a Different Dimension activated at an amazing point in time. Jonathan unfortunately did not have the Swift Scarecrow to save himself from the onslaught of dragons. Between games Brandon elected to perform a smokescreen side so as not to let his opponent know how many cards he sided in and out. Jonathan thinks long and hard about the cards he was going to side in.

Game 2

Jonathan elected to start things off this time, drawing his first card of the game and setting 2 to get started.

Brandon opened with double Upstart Goblin, Terraforming, Raigeki Break and Tempest, drawing into Redox. He activated Terraforming to search for Dragon Ravine. He then activated Upstart Golbin to draw Compulsory Evacuation Device, and then activated the second Upstart drawing a second Dragon Ravine. He then activated Dragon Ravine, discarding Redox to add Phalanx to hand. He then set 2 and passed back to Jonathan.

Jonathan drew then banished Tempest and Redox to special summon Blaster from his hand and added another Tempest and Redox to his hand. He then normal summoned Flamvell Guard and went to syncro summon Stardust Dragon. He then attacked, only for Brandon to return it to the extra deck with Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Brandon drew Dragunity Arma Mystletainn and then thought about his next play for a moment. He then discarded Phalanx to add Dux to his hand with Dragon Ravine. He almost forgets to even add the Dux and begins shuffling his deck prematurely. He then normal summoned Dux and equipped Phalanx and then special summoned Phalanx. Jonathan responded to phalanx’s effect with Maxx C to draw one card. Brandon attacked directly with Dux for 1900 damage and then passed his turn.

Jonathan drew for his turn and then banished Maxx C from his grave and Tempest from his hand to special summon Redox from his hand. He then added Dragunity Corsesca to his hand with Tempest’s effect. He normal summoned Corsesca to syncro Stardust Dragon and then attacked over Dux for 600 damage.

Round 54Brandon drew Vanity’s Emptiness and then sent Phalanx to the grave to special summon Mystletainn from his hand. He then activated Mystletainn effect to equip phalanx from grave but Jonathan responded with Effect Veiler. He then activated Dragon Ravine by discarding Tempest, but Jonathan responded with Mystical Space Typhoon. Brandon banished Tempest and Phalanx to special summon Redox. He added Phalanx to hand with Tempest’s effect. After thinking about it for a moment Jonathan activated Vanity’s Emptiness. Brandon responded with Raigeki break, discarding Dragon Ravine and targeting Jonathan’s unknown backrow, forcing Stardust to negate the destruction and destroy vanity’s emptiness. Brandon then summoned Phalanx and syncro’d into Scrap Dragon. Jonathan asked for a moment to think about a response before stating he had none. Brandon targeted his Redox and Jonathan’s set Skill Drain, destroying them both and then attacking for 2800 damage (Jonathan 5300). He then set Emptiness and passed.

Jonathan drew and then banished Tidal and Flamvell Guard for Redox, Brandon chained Vanity’s Emptiness stopping the play. Jonathan added another Tidal to his hand and then passed.

Brandon drew Return from the Different Dimension and attacked for 2800 before passing.

Jonathan drew Electirc Virus which got him control of Brandon’s Scrap Dragon. He then attacked for 2800 damage before destroying Scrap Dragon and Vanity’s Emptiness with Scrap Dragon's effect. Jonathan then banished Corsesca and Blaster to special summon Redox from grave and add another Blaster to hand.

Brandon drew his 3rd Upstart and played it, drawing into Flamvell Guard. He banished Scrap Dragon and Mistltainn to special summon Redox in defense mode. He set return and passed. Sending Redox back to Jonathtan’s hand

Jonathan banished Redox and Stardust to special summon Tidal from hand and then added Redox to his hand from his deck. He passed, sending Redox back to Brandon’s hand.

Brandon drew Seven star sword and activated it to banish blaster from his hand to draw Terraforming and another card which got him Dragon Ravine. Without even activating Ravine, Brandon flipped up Return from the Different Dimension and Jonathan conceded the defeat.

Clutch game winning Return from the Different Dimension activations in both game sealed the victory for Brandon Wigley today. The power of this card can't be denied any longer and because of matches like this it may very well end up on the next Forbidden and Limited List coming up this January 1st.

Here is an after game interview with Brandon

BrandonHometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Hometown Locals: Super Games Inc

What Deck I'm playing: Dragunity Rulers

What made me decide to play Dragunity Rulers: I think it’s the best deck right now. Any variant of dragons is really good right now and the dragunity engine is the best for taking advantage of them.

What matchup I'm most scared for during this tournament: Most likely constellars, I did lose round2 to them. The mirror match is also a pretty big pain.

How has my deck been faring today?: My deck has been really good so far, I’ve 2-0’d everyone I’ve played except my loss which I lost 1-2

How have I been fairing today? Well this is my first major event since Billy’s YCS Ohio that he won so I am a little on tilt today, but I am getting back into it.

If I won the $1,500 prize what would I buy?: I’d probably buy Jim dinner if I were winning $1,500, whatever he wants!

What could ARG do better next time to make these events smoother?: The tournament started a bit late, but that was mostly out of your control due to the fire alarm going off. But in the end that will force the top 16 tomorrow to have to get up early to make sure they get everything done. So outside of that though I've enjoyed the event and it's been run fairly well.

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!