Round 5 Feature Match – Davis Sinhradsvong vs William Rodriguez (JURRACS)

Round 5 Feature Match Davis Sinhradsvong vs William Rodriguez (JURRACS)

Now on to Round 5 with an interesting matchup! We've got Davis  SDSC04427inhradsvong with the popular Dragon Rulers and Will Rodriguez trying something a little bit different...Jurracs! Both players are 3-0-1 going into this match; it will be interesting to see what happens!

Will wins the die roll and starts with an opening hand of 2 Jurrac Guaibas, Scapegoat, Survival of the Fittest, Shrink, and Hydrogeddon. He summons Guaiba, sets two and ends. Davis starts with Terraforming to search Dragon Ravine, using Cards of Consonance to discard Debris Dragon and draw two. He then activates Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, banishing Tempest to draw two and search out a Dragunity Corsesca from his deck. He activates a second Consonance, pitching Corsesca to draw to and then using Dragon Ravine to pitch Blaster and send Redox to grave.  He summons Redox by banishing Debris and Blaster, searching a Flamvell Guard which he summons and uses to make a Thought Ruler Archfiend and attack into Jurrac Guaiba. Survival of the Fittest gives Guaiba a 1000atk boost making them crash and triggering Guaibas effect to summon Jurrac Velo. Davis sets 3 and passes turn to Will, who summons his Hydrogeddon and attacks with both Velo and Hydrogeddon. He overlays his monsters for an Evolzar Dolkka who gets Solemn Warning'd. Will passes turn.

Davis, who has 2700 life, starts by pitching Maxx C for Dragon Ravine, using it to send a Tempest to his grave. He then summon a Redox by banishing the same Maxx C and Tempest, searching his second Corsesca in the process. Will drops Maxx C on the summon of Corsesca. Davis then summons Scrap Dragon, popping one of each players backrows, both of which get chained. First Shrink is chained, then PWWB to target Will's other backrow, which is a Scapegoat that gets activated in response. Davis passes turn.

Will draws Jurrac Aielo and summons it, allowing him to synchro summon with a goat token of Formula Synchron, giving him a draw. He then uses the rest of the goat tokens and Formula Synchron to make a Catastor and destroy Davis' Scrap Dragon before passing his turn to Davis. Davis then activates Dragon Ravine's effect to send by discarding MST and sending a Tidal to grave. By banishing 2 Corsescas, Maxx C, and Scrap Dragon, Davis summons a Redox and a Tidal, which he overlays to make a Dracossack. He tributes Dracossack to destroy Will's Catastor then flips Return from the Different Dimension..and that's the game!

DSC04430Game 2 is started by Will, with his opening hand of Forbidden Lance, Maxx C, Fossil Dyna, Jurrac Dino, Mystical Space Typhoon and Book of Moon. He summons Dyna, sets 3 and passes the turn to Davis. Davis gets going withDSC04428 a Ravine, discarding Tidal to add a Corsesca which he then discards with Consonance to draw two. He ends his turn by setting 2 cards to his backrow. Will draws a card and attacks for 1200 direct. Back to Davis' turn he uses Ravine to discard Redox and send Tempest to his grave, he then passes turn. Will summons Jurrac Dino and attacks with both of his monsters, dropping Davis to 3900 life points.

Davis' attempt to get something going with Ravine is stopped by an MST. On Will's turn, he summons Jurrac Velo and attacks with all three of his monsters, only to have his Jurrac Velo returned to the hand by Compulsory Evacuation Device. Upon the end of the turn, Davis PWWBs the Dyna, but is met by a Forbidden Lance. He draws his next card and admits defeat, making the score 1-1 after a quick Game 2!

Davis begins Game 3 by summoning a Redox from hand by banishing Tempest and Tidal, he searches a Tidal and a Corsesca which he summons. A synchro summon is made and Stardust Dragon is summoned. Davis sets 2 to his backrow and passes

Will's opening hand this time is 2 Forbidden Lance, Jurrac Velo, Book of Moon, Maxx C, Fossil Dyna, and Rekindling (interesting). He Summons Velo and uses Lance to crash it into Stardust, getting him another Velo out of it. He sets two and passes. On his turn, Davis uses Dragon Ravine to pitch Tidal and Dragunity Aklys to grave. His attempt to summon Dragunity Legionnaire is stopped by Book of Moon. Davis MSTs Will's other backrow, which turns out to be Rekindling. He then summons Tidal by banishing Redox and Stardust, he is met by Maxx C and searches out his other Redox using the banished one's effect. Davis then attacks over Jurrac Velo, getting Will a Jurrac Guaiba in attack position. He passes turn and Will draws another Rekindling. He attacks the set Legionnaire with Guaiba and gets to summon an Aielo, which he uses to revive Jurrac Velo. He overlays for a Dolkka, sets 2 to his backrow and normal summons at Fossil Dyna before ending.


Davis uses XYZ Encore on Evolzar Dolkka but Will doesn't get to summon his monsters back because of his Dyna. Davis then uses another Legionnaire to bring back Aklys and destroy Will's Dyna. He summons Tidal by banishing Redox and Corsesca, getting him another Redox. Upon attacking, Will flips Gozen Match and Davis sends Legionnaire to the grave. Will Draws and summons Jurrac Dino. On his Davis gets another Aklys off and gets rid of the Gozen before flipping Return and getting the hand shake.

Davis takes the win and proceeds 4-0-1 in the tournament as the Feature Match from Round 5 draws to a close.


Written by: Michael Lottner