Round 6 Feature Match: Brandon “Spitta” Dixon (Mythic Rulers) vs. Alex Decolator (Geargia)

Hey guys! Welcome to Round 6! As the day starts to wind down we have Spitta up against Alex. Spitta didn’t have far to travel to get to the event today, however Alex had to travel all the way from New York to get here. Both duelists have made it this far with perfect “5-0” records and a win here almost cements a spot for them in Day 2.  

Alex wins the die roll and elects to play first.

He opens the duel with an Upstart Goblin before T-setting and passing.



Spitta opens Maxx “C”, Vanity’s Emptiness, Soul Charge, Kuribandit, Mythic Tree Dragon. He sets two cards to his backrow and plays Bandit hitting Dark Hole, Debris Dragon, Mythic Water Dragon, Blaster – Dragon Ruler of Infernos, and Cards of Consonance, electing to add Dark Hole to his hand.

Alex flip summons Geargiarmor netting him a Geargiaccelerator to his hand. He special summons Accelerator and is met by Spitta’s Emptiness. Armor makes a direct attack and flips it facedown before passing.


Spitta draws Sacred Sword of Seven Stars and plays his set Soul Charge. He targets back Blaster, Water Dragon, and Debris Dragon, but Alex has a Solemn Warning to stop it. Spitta banishes Water Dragon and Debris to bring back Blaster and swing directly and sets a card.


Alex summons Armor and is met by Spitta’s Maxx “C”. He contemplates for a second before just electing to set Armor.

Spitta draws Tidal for turn, uses his set Sacred Sword banishing Tidal to net Solemn Warning and Cards of Consonance, and adding Mythic Water Dragon to hand. He Summons Tree Dragon and specials Water Dragon. Tree copies Water Dragon to become level 8 and the two overlay into Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis. Alex has Compulsory Evacuation Device for it though! Reeling he summons Blaster and swings over Armor letting Alex add an Accelerator to his hand. He sets Cards of Consonance and Solemn Warning before passing.

Alex summons MK-II, but Warning keeps it from doing anything. Alex plays Dark Hole to destroy Blaster before passing.


Spitta draws Soul Charge and passes his turn.

Alex draws and plays Upstart Goblin in an attempt to find an answer and does in the form of Geargiarsenal. He swings for 1700 before moving to MP2. In MP2 he specials the Accelerator into his hand to make Geargigant X to put MK-II back into his hand.


Spitta draws into Card Trooper uses the effect and crashes it into Geargigant drawing him a Kuribandit.

Alex uses Gigant to get Accelerator to his hand. Summons MK-II to bring out Geargiano, Specials Accelerator, and makes Ghostrick Allucard to destroy Spitta’s set Cards of Consonance. He makes another Geargigant and attempts to swing for game, but Spitta uses Swift Scarecrow to save himself from the onslaught!

Spitta uses Soul Charge for his turn bringing back Blaster and Card Trooper, but Alex tries to keep him from doing any further damage by playing Maxx “C”. However forced to make something happen, Spitta brings back Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders in his graveyard to make a Dracossack and uses the effect in order to destroy Allucard. He sets a card and passes.


Alex with a full grip of cards uses Geargigant to add MK-II back to his hand and promptly plays it. He uses the effect to bring back Geargiano from his graveyard and Spitta spins it back to the top of Alex’s deck with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Stymied, Alex contemplates for a moment before finally electing to play his own Soul Charge to bring back Armor from his Graveyard. He specials an Accelerator and overlays the two for Number 101: Silent Honor Ark to take Spitta’s Dracossack. He sets 4 and passes.


Spitta draws Flamvell Guard, summons it and Synchros with his board for Black Rose Dragon, but Alex has Black Horn of Heaven to stop it. Attempting to press onwards, Alex shows Spitta a Vanity’s Emptiness forcing him to pick it up.

Game 2


Spitta elects to go first and opens things up with a Dragon Shrine sending Flamvell Guard and Redox to the graveyard. He banishes Swift Scarecrow and Guard to bring back Redox, Summons Dragunity Corsesca, makes Stardust Dragon and sets two before passing his turn.

Alex sets 3 cards and passes his turn.

Spitta just draws and passes. Alex in EP plays Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Spitta’s Bottomless Traphole and plays Geargiagear to bring out MK-II and Geargiano.

Alex draws for turn plays MST on Spitta’s backrow and he uses Stardust’s effect to protect it (Skill Drain). Alex has another MST to get rid of it and makes a Geargigant to add Arsenal to his hand. He summons Arsenal and swings with both before tributing Arsenal for a Set Armor in MP2. Before Stardust has the ability to bring itself back Alex has a Soul Drain to keep it in the Graveyard.

Spitta draws Warning for his turn and plays Electric Virus to take Geargigant. He uses the effect to add Card Trooper to his hand. Trooper’s effect is all blanks, and reluctantly Spitta swings over Armor with Geargigant and Trooper direct. Armor gets Alex an Arsenal and Spitta passes his turn after setting a card.

Alex runs some numbers, summons Arsenal and Accelerator and overlays the two into Geargigant. Spitta looks at his life and concedes to Alex! A flurry of MST’s allows Alex to move on with a perfect 6-0 record!