Round 6 Feature Match – Dave Trepanier (Thunder Family) vs. Mark Louie Parale (Evilswarm)

Round 6 Feature Match – Dave Trepanier vs. Mark Louie Parale

On to Round 6, with Thunder Family player Dave Trepannier and Evilswarm player Mark Louie at Table 6!

Mark starts off the game with Evilswarm Kerykeion, Evilswarm Mandragora, Evilswarm O'Lantern, Fossil Dyna, Vanity's Emptiness and Torrential Tribute.DSC04453 He summons Dyna, sets two and passes the turn to Dave. Dave begins by adding a Vanity's Emptiness and then uses Thunder Sea Horse to add 2 Sishunders to his hand. He then summons Sishunder and banishes Thunder Sea Horse for its effect. He ends by setting four and adding Sea Horse back to his hand. Mark draws into a second copy of Evilswarm Kerykeion and attacks Sishunder with his Fossil Dyna, Dave has no response and loses 300 life points.

Upon entering the main phase of his following turn, Dave uses Thunder Sea Horse to add 2 Mahunders to his hand. He normal summons a Mahunder and attacks over Dyna with it, dropping Mark's life by 200 points. Dave sets a fifth backrow before passing his turn to Mark. Mark starts his next turn by special summoning Mandragora and normal summoning Evilswarm O'Lantern. He then overlays the two Evilswarm monsters and summons an Evilswarm Ophion, then activating its effect to add an Infestation Pandemic to hand. Ophion attacks over Mahunder, Mark sets two and ends his turn.

Dave then summons his Mahunder, using its effect to gain an extra normal summon, which he uses on Sishunder. Dave then uses Sishunder to banish Mahunder from his grave. Mark activates Vanity's Emptiness and once it has resolved Dave activates Trap Stun. He overlays for a Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, he sets Mark's Ophion and attacks over it. Main phase 2 he sets a card and ends his turn by adding Mahunder to his hand. Mark has a passive turn and on his next turn, Dave attacks directly with Maestroke, dropping Mark to 6000 life points.

On Mark's next turn, he draws into Book of Moon. He activates it and targets Dave's Maestroke before summoning Evilswarm Kerykeion. Dave lets the summon and effect go through and Mark gets to summon an Evilswarm O'Lantern in addition to his regular normal summon. Mark then overlays his monsters to make an Ophion. When Dave chains compulse to the summon, Mark replies with an Infestation Pandemic. He uses Ophion to add another Pandemic to hand and attacks Maestroke, making it detach its second material. On Dave's following turn, he activates Recycling Batteries to add Sishunders from his grave to his hand. Dave then normal summons Mahunder, uses it to summon Sishunder and uses Sishunder to banish Mahunder. He then overlays them for a Starliege Paladynamo. In response to the summon, Mark chains Torrential Tribute, Dave has no response. Mark chains Forbidden Dress to his Torrential, targeting his Evilswarm Ophion but Dave has saved another Trap Stun and activates it at this point. Since Ophion is down to 1900 attack, Dave can run over it with Paladynamo. Before ending his turn he sets another card.


In Mark's next turn, he normal summons an Evilswarm Kerykeion and uses its effect to banish an Ophion and add Evilswarm O'Lantern to hand. He then special summons an Evilswarm Mandragora. Dave chains Emptiness in response. Mark then uses Kerykeion's extra summon to summon and tribute Evilswarm O'Lantern, destroying  Paladynamo and the Emptiness, Dave draws for Paladynamo's effect.

Dave then activates another Emptiness, making Mark pass turn. On Dave's next turn he attacks with Maestroke, sets two and passes.

Mark begins his next turn by normal summoning a Thunder King Rai Oh but Dave has Torrential Tribute. The new Emptiness goes away and Dave uses Mystical Space Typhoon on Mark's set Solemn Warning. On Dave's turn, he normal summons Mahunder, gets an extra summon for Sishunder. He uses Sishunder to banish Thunder Sea Horse. He then overlays his monsters into Consteollar Omega followed by Consteallr Ptolemy M7. He sets 3, adds Sea Horse to his hand and passes. Mark has a simple turn of setting a monster. When Dave uses M7's effect to return that monster to Mark's hand, he admits defeat and siding begins.

Mark-Louie starts Game 2 by summoning a Thunder King Rai Oh and setting 3 cards. Dave's next turn consists of setting 3 as well and the turn is passed back to Mark. Mark draws and summons an Evilswarm Heliotrope before attacking with both of his monsters and setting another card.

Next turn, Dave begins by using Dark Hole. Mark responds with Forbidden Dress and targets his Rai Oh but Dave uses Book of Moon on it too and both monsters are destroyed.DSC04456 He proceeds to normal summon Mahunder and use its effect to normal summon again, this time for a Vylon Prism. He synchro summons a Thought-Ruler Archfiend and has a Seven Tools of the Bandit for Mark's Solemn Warning. Dave uses Vylon Prism's effect but Thought Ruler gets set by Book of Moon. When Dave tries to prevent the targetting effect by paying 1000 life, Mark responds with Effect Veiler and Dave passes turn. Mark has a simple turn of setting his drawn Bottomless Trap hole. Back to Dave: he flip summons his Thought Ruler, which gets Bottomless'd but luckily Dave has Trap Stun. He then activates Duality, revealing Messenger of Peace, Sishunder, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He decides to add Sishunder to his hand. Dave normal summons Pahunder and uses it to normal summon Sishunder, which banishes Vylon Prism for its effect. After getting all of his monsters' attacks through and adding Pahunder to hand he ends his turn, leaving Mark with 1100 life points. When Mark draws into Mandragora he sets it and passes his turn. Dave overlays his Sis and Pa for Constellar Omega. It's too much for Mark's lone Mandragora and set Mystical Space Typhoon, so the match goes to Dave Trepanier!


That concludes the Feature Match for Round 6, where Dave Trepanier shocks Evilswarms with his Thunder family and moves on to Round 7 with a 5-1 record!