Round 6 Feature Match: Deck Doctor Johnny Li Vs. Nathan Ura

Round 6 Feature Match

Here we go for the Round 6 Feature match. We have Deck Doctor Johnny Li from Houston, TX. Nathan Ura is from Nashville, TN. Both of these players are  Johnny wins the dice roll and with a Good luck from each and here we go.

Game 1:

Johnny Opening Hand Johnny opens with 2 Tidal, Dragon of Waterfalls, Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders, 2 Dragon's Ravine, and Sixth Sense. Johnny activates Tidal's effect sending the 2 copies of itself to send Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos from deck to grave. Ravine is activated to send Blaster from hand to send Temepest, Dragon Ruler of Storms from deck to grave. Redox is summoned by banishing Blaster and Tempest, searching Corsesca and Blaster. Corsesca is normal summoned and used to Synchro Summon Colossal Fighter with Redox. He sets Sixth Sense and ends.

Nathan Opening HandNathan draws for his turn going to 6 cards. He activates his own Ravine replacing Johnny’s. Ravine sends Tidal from hand to send Blaster to grave from deck. He sets two back row to end his turn. Johnny activates Sixth Sense calling 2 and 3 and Nathan rolls a 3 giving Johnny 3 cards, Tidal, Influence Dragon, and Blaster.

Johnny draws Torrential Tribute for his turn. Next activating his second copy of Ravine and activating the effect to send Influence Dragon from hand to grave to send Tempest from the deck to grave. Blaster’s effect is used sending another copy of itself to destroy Nathan’s set Trap Stun. Redox summons itself banishing Corsesca and Tempest, searching a copy of Debris Dragon with Tempest’s effect. Influence and Tidal are banished for Tidal. Colossal Fighter attacks for 2800-5200 and Tidal attacks directly for 2600-2600. MP2 the two dragons are used to Xyz Dracossack but it’s spun back to the extra deck by Nathan's Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Redox. Johnny sets Torrential and ends his turn.

Johnny 8,000-Nathan 2,600

Nathan draws for his turn and banishes Tidal and Tempest to Special summon Redox, searching a Dragunity Corsesca and Tidal from the effects. Corsesca is summoned and used to Synchro into Scrap Dragon with Redox. Nathan sets a card to the back row and uses Scrap Dragon’s effect to destroy the back row, which is Trap Stun, and Special Summons Blaster from grave by banishing two dragons but Johnny activates Torrential to clear the field! With that Nathan scoops up his cards knowing that Johnny will attack with his dragons next turn for game.

Both players agree to side out sixth sense and return for Game 2. Johnny sides out his main decked copy of Divine Wrath and the two agreed upon cards to bring in 2 Mystical Space Typhoon and an Electric Virus. Nathan will be going first in this game 2.

Game 2:

Nathan Feature PicNathan opens game 2 with Redox banishing Blaster and Tempest, searching Blaster and Debris. Ravine is activated sending Blaster to send Trigon. Debris Dragon is used to summon Trigon and both are used to summon Ancient Fairy Dragon. The effect is activated to gain 1000 and search another Ravine. Ancient Fairy's other effect is used to summon Coresca to synchro into Colossal with Redox.

Johnny 8,000-Nathan 9,000

Johnny opens with Tempest, Influence Dragon, Blaster, Raigeki Break, Battle Fader and he draws Redox for his turn. Tempest is used with Influence to search Blaster to his hand. Blaster sends a copy of itself to destroy Colossal Fighter with it’s effect. He passes back to Nathan with that.

Nathan draws and Blaster comes down banishing Redox and Debris searching another Redox with the effect. Ravine is activated and the effect is used to send Redox from hand to send Tempest from deck to grave. Ancient Fairy uses the effect to gain another 1000 and search his 3rd Ravine to his hand. Ancient Fairy turns to attack and attacks directly for 2100 dropping Johnny to 6900. Blaster attacks directly for 2800 putting Johnny to 3100. He Xyz summons into Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack but it’s destroyed by Raigeki Break by discarding a Redox. He sets one and passes.

Johnny 3,100-Nathan 10,000

Johnny draws Ravine for his turn. He banishes Tempest and Redox for Blaster, searching Debris Dragon and Kidmodo with the effect. Ravine is used to send Kidmodo from his hand to grave to send Tidal from deck to grave. Debris Dragon comes down next activating the effect to special summon influence dragon and Nathan chains maxx “C” to draw a card. Blaster and Influence Dragon are used to synchro into Trident Dragion and he activates the effect to target his Ravine and Debris Dragon but Nathan chains Divine Wrath by discarding Tidal, destroying Trident Dragion. Johnny brings back Tidal, giving Nathan another card, by banishing Influence and Trident and attacks for a total of 3600. Mp2 he synchros into Star Eater giving Nathan a 3rd card. Passing with nothing else.

Johnny 3,100-Nathan 6,400

Nathan Ending FieldNathan draws for turn and plays Ravine over Johnny’s copy. He brings back Redox and Tempest to Xyz summon into Number 11: Big Eye. He activates the effect taking Star Eater from Johnny and summons Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo to render Johnny’s last card in hand, Battle Fader, useless to take Game 2!

Nathan has a strong opening turn and continues his advantage from that point. A key Big Eye and Fossil Dyna take the game from Johnny and take us to a game 3 here in Round 6. Johnny takes out his 2 MST and Electric Virus and sides in 2 Fossil Dyna and a Solemn Warning.

Game 3:

Johnny Feature PicJohnny opens game 3 with Torrential, Mystical Space Typhoon, Tidal, Blaster, Maxx "C", and Battle Fader. He sets MST and Torrential to end.

Nathan draws and activates Sacred Sword of The Seven Stars, banishing Tempest to draw 2 and search a Debris Dragon. Ravine is activated and sends Blaster to get Mst’d by Johnny. Nathan sets 1 card and ends his turn there.

Johnny draws Influence dragon and banishes it and Tidal, searching another Tidal, to summon Blaster to the field. Blaster attacks directly for 2800-5200. After that Johnny passes back play.

Johnny 8,000-Nathan 5,200

Nathan draws for his turn he uses Electric Virus to take Blaster and Normal Summons Corsesca which gets the field cleared by Torrential. He passes back to Johnny after that.

Johnny draws Ravine for his turn. He activates it and sends Tidal from hand to send Redox to grave from deck. Next he Summons Redox to the field by banishing Blaster and Tidal, searching copies of Tidal and Flamvell Guard with the effects. Guard is Normal Summoned and used with Redox to summon Colossal Fighter. Colossal Fighter attacks directly for 2800 putting Nathan at 2400. He passes with that.

Johnny 8,000-Nathan 2,400

Nathan draws then activates Dark Hole. He Normal Summons Fossil Dyna! Fossil Dyna attacks directly for 1200 dropping Johnny to 6800.

Johnny 6,800-Nathan 2,400

Johnny draws Compulsory for his turn and activates Ravine sending Tidal from hand to send Blaster from deck to grave. Setting Compulsory to end.

Nathan draws then attacks for another 1200 with Fossil Dyna putting Johnny at 5600. He summons another Fossil Dyna mp2 and then ends with that.

Johnny 5,600-Nathan 2,400

Johnny draws Terraforming for his turn and activates it to search another Ravine. He sets Battle Fader and passes back play to Nathan.Nathan activates Sword to banish Redox to draw 2 and search another Redox to his hand. He sets 2 and passes his turn.Johnny draws another Ravine for his turn. He passes with that.Nathan draws and tributes both of his Fossil Dynas for Redox! He activates Blaster by banishing Corsesca and Debris Dragon, Johnny chains Maxx “C” giving him Tempest to his hand. Nathan attacks over the set Battle Fader with Blaster and then directly with Redox for 1600 dropping Johnny to 4000. Main Phase 2 he Xyz summons into Number 74: Master of Blades, a card that hasn't really seen much play since last format. He passes with that.

Johnny 4,000-Nathan 2,400

Nathan Ending Field

Johnny draws Redox for his turn. He activates Tempest sending two copies to search Debris Dragon to his hand. Ravine is used to send Redox from hand to send Kidmodo Dragon to grave. Debris Dragon is summoned to target Kidmodo but Nathan shuts it down with Vanity’s Emptiness! With nothing else to do Johnny passes with that.Nathan draws for his turn and attacks with Master of Blades over Debris for 1700 taking Johnny down to 2300. Main Phase 2 he activates Trap Stun. He activates Redox sending Maxx "C" to grave to Special Summon Fossil Dyna in defense. He passes with that.

Johnny 2,300-Nathan 2,400

Johnny draws Sword for his turn and activates Ravine sending another copy of itself to grave to add Corsesca to his hand. He sets one to each zone and passes his turn.Nathan attacks with Fossil Dyna and Johnny activates Compulsory to bounce Fossil Dyna to Nathan’s hand. Nathan attacks with Master of Blades, chaining Book of Moon to target his own Master of Blades, which is negated by it's effect and Nathan destroys Johnny’s set Corsesca and continues the attack directly for game!

Nathan Ura controls game 3 with Vanity’s Emptiness, Master of Blades, and 2 copies of Fossil Dyna to win the match. He’ll be moving on with a record of 5-0-1 and Johnny with a record of 4-1-1.