Round 6 Feature Match: Desmond Johnson vs. Lucas Nation

Both Lucas Nation and Desmond Johnson are playing Dragon Rulers today, but only one is running the Dragunity engine; the other is playing Poki-Draco.

Eventually after many rolls, Nation won and elected to go first. His first turn was modest with just two sets.

Johnson started his turn in a much bigger way, activating Terraforming to get Dragon’s Ravine to his hand and activated Upstart Goblin to draw a card! He activated Sacred Sword of Seven Stars and banished Tempest to search Dragunity Phalanx! Johnson activated Dragon’s Ravine and buried Phalanx, hoping to get a Dragunity Dux from his deck, but Nation responded with Raigeki Break discarding Poki-Draco to stop Johnson’s combo. Johnson used two copies of Blaster from his hand to destroy Nation’s facedown Book of Moon.

Johnson then Normal Summoned Dragunity Dux and used Phalanx and Vajrayana to Special Summon Colossal Fighter to draw first blood.

Nation activated Sacred Swords of Seven Stars, banishing Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms as cost, and added Debris Dragon to his hand from his deck with the effect of Tempest. He followed up by summoning Debris Dragon to bring back his Poki-Dragon, and summoned Black Rose Dragon to wipe the field of Colossal Fighter. Nation set a facedown spell or trap to end his turn.

Johnson banishing Vajrayana and Dux to special summon Tempest from his hand, but Nation chained Maxx “C” to draw a card. Johnson attacked for 2400, set a card, and ended his turn so that Nation didn’t draw any more cards.

Nation had a hand full of Dragon Rulers but was determined to take control of the duel! He banished Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos from hand and Maxx “C” to search Flamvell Guard! Hoping to make a successful run with Crimson Blader, he summoned the Flamvell Guard and killed Tempest.

Johnson passed while singing.

Nation banished Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls with Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, drew two, and added Tidal from his deck to hand. Nation then summoned Blaster by removing Flamvell Guard and Black Rose Dragon from his graveyard to have 5600 damage on board! He capitalized on it and took control of duel!

Johnson used Upstart Goblin to give Nation another 1000 Life Points and netting himself another card.

Banishing Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders from hand and Blaster from from graveyard, Johnson triggered Redox’s effect to snag another copy. Then he summoned Dragunity Dux and with Dragunity Phalanx and Vajrayana and tried to bring out a Scrap Dragon! However, Nation played Warning, and for 2000 Life Points, he stopped the Synchro from hitting the field.

After Nation had taken the 2000 damage, Johnson flipped Return from a Different Dimension and blew through a Crimson Blader and a Blaster with two copies of Blaster, Redox, Tempest and Dragunity Knight Vajrayana dealt lethal damage!

After losing game one, Nation took his luck going first again. He activated Sacred Sword banishing Tempest and using its effect to add Dragunity Corsesca to his hand and then activated Cards of Consonance, pitching Corsesca to draw another two cards.

Nation then activated Dragon Ravine, pitching Blaster to send Redox from his deck to the graveyard. He then banished Corsecssa and Blaster to summon Redox; then he added add Flamvell Guard to his hand, summoned it and brought out a first turn Colossal Fighter! During his Main Phase Two, he activated a Terraforming to search a second copy of Ravine.

Johnson responded with Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy a set Book of Moon. He followed up by using Terraforming to get his own Dragon Ravine. Johnson banished Blaster with Sacred Sword and followed up with Ravine to discard Phalanx getting a Dux to his hand. He then played two two copies of Upstart Goblin, but dug out a Dux. When Phalanx was summoned to the field, Nation made Johnson stop by dropping Maxx “C,” and Johnson ended.

Nation drew to five cards in hand and activate Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Reckless Greed, which Johnson chained to draw two cards. In following, Nation played Dragon Ravine over Johnson’s and discarded Blaster to bury Tidal. He then summoned Redox, banishing Flamvell Guard and Maxx “C” and summoned Corsesca and Synchro Summoned Crimson Blader again.

Next, Nation banishes Corsesca and Tidal for Blaster and searched Tidal from his deck to have two cards in hand. Blader destroyed Dux and Blaster attacked directly. Nation had 10,000 Life Points while Johnson was just down to 4100!

Johnson started his turn under Reckless Greed’s oppression by playing Dragon Ravine. He set one card in each zone before passing to Nation.

Nation played yet another copy of Dragon Ravine to destroy Johnson’s Field Spell and then pitched a Tidal to send a Tempest from his deck to his graveyard. He followed up by banishing Tempest and Tidal to summon Redox from grave and searched Debris Dragon and Tidal. He Normal Summoned Debris and made Star Eater with Redox.

During the Battle Phase, Johnson used Raigeki Break to destroy the attacking Crimson Blader, but upon looking at his graveyard, conceded the game anyway.

Nation evens it up with one game apiece but is going second in this game three in this Dragon Ruler match!

Johnson started by played Sacred Swords and banished Tempest, adding Dragunity Phalanx from his deck to his hand. He followed up by using Upstart Goblin and then played Cards of Consonance to pitch the Phalanx he had searched with Tempest. He then played Dragon Ravine, pitching another Phalanx and searched Dux to hand. But when Johnson summoned Dux, D. D. Crow banished the Phalanx that Dux targeted! He set four and passed.

Nation activated Sacred Sword, banishing Tempest and added Debris Dragon to hand from his deck, but then passed.

Johnson started his turn by pitching Blaster to search a Dragunity Dux with Ravine, but when Johnson summoned Phalanx via its own effect, Nation chained Maxx “C.” Johnson didn’t think twice about it and was content to just play Upstart Goblin. Another Sword banished Redox, and Johnson searched for another Redox.

Then he played Gold Sarcophagus and banished Tempest to get a Tempest to hand and then activate another Reckless Greed. He followed up by playing Terraforming to add a second copy of Dragon Ravine from his deck to his hand. He attacked with both copies of Dux and dropped Nation to 4800 while Johnson sill had 8000.

Nation played Sacred Swords and banished Tidal to search another copy of Tidal after drawing two cards. He then played Dragon Ravine, but Johnson responded with a copy of Mystical Space Typhoon to keep his Ravine alive.

Nation then summoned Blaster by banishing two copies Tidal from his hand, summoned Debris Dragon, and Synchro Summoed both of those into Star Eater, which took out Johnson’s Phalanx. Johnson's Raigeki break destroyed Nation’s facedown set during Nation’s End Phase.

Johnson used Dragon Ravine again, pitching Blaster to add yet another Dux to his hand, but when he summoned it, D.D. Crow came down again to banish Phalanx.

He then summoned Blaster by banishing Blaster and Tempest and added Dragunity Mystletainn.

Johnson activated his last Ravine and pitched Redox to send another copy from his deck to his graveyard. He banished Mystletainn from his hand and a copy of Redox from his graveyard. Nation thought about the field situation, looked at his graveyard and extended his hand.

Desmond Johnson wins the feature match and proves that he can pilot decks aside Karakuri!