Round 6 Feature Nick Curtis vs Marcus Klenk

Going into the final round of today’s swiss rounds there are lots of people on the bubble to make the top 8. Nick Curtis is 3-2 playing blackwings while his opponent Marcus Klenk was also 3-2 playing blackwings. This one was going to be exciting.

Klenk won the die roll and opened with a Pot of Duality revealing Monster Reborn, Dark Eruption and Blackwing Sirocco the Dawn, he thought for a minute then added the Sirocco. Klenk finished his turn by summoning Blackwing Shura the Blue Flame and setting 2 cards to his back row. Curtis then played Mystical Space Typhoon blowing up book of moon, after normal summoning Sirocco he used its special ability and pumped over the Shura. Klenk had answers though he summoned his own sirocco and activated his effect and ran over Curtis’s sirocco. Curtis drew and activated Monster Reborn getting back his Shura. He then normal summoned Gale used its effect and tried to attack. Klenk tried to use Icarus Attack to destroy both of Curtis’s monsters but it was unsuccessful due to Curtis having 7 tools of the bandit.

Klenk drew and played Dark Hole, he normal summoned Kalut attacked and set two to his back row.  Curtis tried summoning his own Kalut but that attack was stopped by Book of Moon.  Klenk played Icarus attack to destroy the face down Kalut and Curtis’s back row. Nick drew and special summoned Dark Armed Dragon attacked for 2800 and it left Klenk with 100 life points.

Klenk drew activated Cards for Black Feathers but couldn’t draw what he needed to comeback against the Dark Armed.

As the players side decked it was quick and methodical nothing was said….

Klenk would open up game 2 by playing Cards for Black Feathers removing Blackwing Vayu the Emblem of Honor. He normal summoned Blackwing Bora the Spear and set one to his back row before ending. Nick drew and played Pot of Duality he thought for a minute and added Kalut. Nick then played his own Cards for Black Feather by removing Blacking Bora the Spear. Nick then summoned Sirocco and pumped and attacked over Klenk’s Bora, Nick set one to his back row before ending but lost it to Mystical Space Typhoon in the end phase.

On Klenk’s turn he normal summoned Blackwing Blizzard of the Far North got back Bora and synchro summoned for Blackwing Armed Wing he tried to attack over the Sirocco but Nick had the Kalut to stop the attack. In the 2nd main phase Klenk special summoned Dark Armed Dragon removed Blizzard to destroy the Sirocco. In Nick’s draw phase Klenk played Trap Dustshoot sending back Blizzard to Nick’s deck.

Nick played Monster Reborn for Sirocco normal summoned Shura pumped up Sirocco and ran over the Dark Armed Dragon. Nick then passed. Klenk summoned Shura attacked the Sirocco and in the damage step booted his Shura’s attack power to get over the Sirocco and off of Shura he special summoned Vayu. He then synchro’d summoned for Magical Android in main phase 2.

Nick set one to his back row and passed, Klenk drew and attacked with Android over the Shura and ended. Nick set 2 to his back row special summoned Cyber Dragon in defense and passed.  Klenk again attacked with Android this time Nick had an answer with Mirror Force. Nick drew and passed again. Klenk played Allure of Darkness removed Kalut and set 2 to his back row. Nick drew set a 3rd card to his back row and play was back to Klenk.  Nick then topped decked Dark Armed Dragon, Klenk tried to negate it with Solemn Warning but Nick had Solemn Judgment to save his Dragon. The Dragon attacked putting a major squeeze on Klenk, but Klenk had an answer in Dark Hole. He played Black Whirlwind and tried to normal summon Bora but Nick had a Bottomless Trap Hole. But Klenk is not out of answers yet he removes Vayu and Armed Wing for Armor Master and that was more than enough to end this game, we will be going to a 3rd and final game and possibly a seat in top 8.

After a quick break and a handshake Nick decided to open up game 3 with a Pot of Duality reveling 2 Icarus Attacks and Black Whirlwind he thought for a moment before adding the Whirlwind, he followed that up with an Allure of Darkness and removed Dark Armed Dragon. Nick set 2 to his back row and a monster and passed his turn.

Klenk drew normal summoned Kalut and attacked into Nick’s facedown Vayu. Klenk set 3 before ending. Nick drew and played Black Whirlwind, he tried to normal summon Shura but was shut down by Solemn Warning, he set another card before ending. Klenk drew attacked with Kalut and ended.

Nick drew and passed, Klenk again attacks with Kalut. Nick drew Bora Klenk responded with Book of Moon, but Nick had Icarus Attack destroying Mirror Force and Kalut. Klenk played Blizzard synchro’d for Magical Android and Curtis had a Bottomless Trap Hole.

Nick drew MONSTER REBORN! He played it and got back Shura. He attacked with the Shura to reduce Klenk’s life points to 4200 to Nick’s 3900. Klenk normal summoned Sirocco but Nick had an Icarus Attack. Klenk then played Pot of Duality and added Dark Armed Dragon. He ended his turn by setting one to his back row. Nick drew and passed again. Klenk dropped Dark Armed Dragon called priority and destroyed both Nick’s face down Icarus Attack and Black Whirlwind. He then added a Sirocco to his board and this was more than enough to reduce Nick’s life points to zero.

Marcus Klenk pulls out a tough game 2 and 3 victory to possibly take a seat in our top 8!