Round 7 Feature Match Jeff Pircher Vs. Brandon Wigley

Round 7 Feature Match.
Jeff Pircher vs. Brandon Wigley
For Round 7 we have Brandon Wigley, an old power player with multiple event tops playing none other than Dragunity Rulers VS. Jeff Pircher, a prominent Prophecy player in the area with multiple regional tops in the Midwest with the Deck.

Game 1
Jeff wins the die roll and the players prepare their decks for a classic duel of wizards vs. dragons.
Jeff Spellbook of Fate, Spellbook Life, Spellbook of Wisdom, World of Prophecy and Rageki Break. He sets Rageki Break and passes his turn
Brandon starts by activating Sacred Sword of Seven Star, to banish Redox Dragon Ruler of Boulders, and draws two cards. Redox then replaces itself by adding an additional copy from Brendon’s deck to his hand. Then he plays Upstart Goblin drawing a card and granting Jeff 1000 life points. Next, he discards Tempest Dragon Ruler of Storms along with another copy of Tempest to use its effect to add Dragunity Phalanx to his hand. Next he activates Dragon Ravine, and uses it to discard the newly added Pahlanx to add a card to his hand, but Jeff chains Rageki Break discarding World of Prophecy to destroy the Ravine and Break Brendon’s play. Brandon sets two cards to his spell/trap card zone before ending his turn.
Jeff draws Spellbook Library of the Crescent, he activates it and reveals Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of Masters, and after a brief moment of scanning through his deck and thinking, Grand Spellbook Tower. “Tower is the last thing I want!” Jeff said. Jeff’s fears are never realized as his opponent unwittingly selects Secrets. Jeff summons Temperance of Prophecy, and activates Secrets to add Grand Spellbook Tower to his spellook collection. Brandon chains Rageki Break to destroy Temperance, but Wisdom protects Temperance from the trap. Jeff then tributes Temperance to special

World of Prophecy makes both players consider their options

World of Prophecy makes both players consider their options

summon World of Prophecy adding Secrets and Masters from his graveyard to his hand and then reveals them with Tower and Fate to destroy Brandon’s field of Reckless Greed, which was chained to draw two cards. World attacks for 2900 directly. Finally Jeff activates Tower before ending his turn.
9000 Jeff-5100 Brandon.
Brendon skips his draw phase due to Reckless. He summons Phalanx, and tributes it with the effect of Dragunity Mystletain to special summon itself, Jeff activates Fate before Brendon can consider Mystletain effect, which leads Brendon to concede the game.
Jeff’s ability to quickly summon World of Prophecy from his deck and lock Brendon out of options allows him to take game 1.

Game 2
Both players take their time calculating their side deck choices
Brendon goes first, he activates Terraforming, searching Dragon Ravine, he then activates Sacred Sword of Seven Star to banish Blaster Dragon Ruler of Infernos, draw two cards, and search a second Blaster with the Blaster that was used to pay the cost. He then discards Blaster for cost with Ravine to send Phalanx to grave, he normal summons Dux, and uses it to equip Phalanx from his graveyard. Phalanx a ten special summons itself and a sychro summon produces Dragnity Knight Vajrayana, which combos with Phalanx to make Stardust Dragon. He then sets 3 cards and ends his turn.

Brendon starts strong with a Stardust Dragon reinforced by three backrow and a Dragon Ravine to expand his already strong opening

Brendon starts strong with a Stardust Dragon reinforced by three backrow and a Dragon Ravine to expand his already strong opening

Jeff open Compulsory Evacuation Device, Mystical Space Typhoon (MST), Maxx C, Spellbook of Eternity, Temperance of Prophecy, and World of Prophecy, he sets MST and Compulsory Evacuation Device and ends his turn.
Brendon draws, and during the standby phase Jeff activates Compulse targeting Stardust, Brendon chains Forbidden Lance to keep Stardust on the Field. He normal summons Dragunity Dux equips Phalanx and he activates its effect to special summon itself, Jeff chains Maxx C, but Brendon chains return special summoning one Blaster (Return was chained because Brendon felt getting the blaster at that juncture was good enough to push his board presence and deny Jeff a Card off of Maxx). Jeff swiftly picks up his cards, and with no time to spare, this fast paced match moves to game 3
Game 3
Both players re-evaluate their side decks before entering game 3. Jeff decides to go first. He opens 2 eternity Temperance Mystical Space Typhoon, and Spellbook of Secrets. He starts by activating Secrets to search Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, it is summoned to add Spellbook of the Master to Jeffs hand from the deck. Jeff then activates Master revealing Eternity to copy Secrets and search from his deck Spellbook of Fate. He sets fate and MST before ending his turn
Brendon activates MST targeting Fate, Jeff chains the Fate to flip Spellbook Magician into fcedown defense position. Brendon activates Dragon Ravine and uses it to discard Draguity Phalanx to add a card to his hand, the card he intended is never known for sure as Jeff chains MST. Brendon ends his turn by setting two 2 cards to his spell trap zone.
Jeff draws another Magician of Prophecy and then flips his first magician on the field to add Spellbook of Wisdom from his deck to hand. Then activates Spellbook of Eternity adding Master, Master is activated revealing Wisdom to copy Eternity and adds Secrets from his banished pile back to Jeff’ hand. He summons Temperance of Prophecy and immediately tributes it to special summon World of Prophecy from his deck. He uses world to add both Spellbook of Master and Fate to his hand. He continues to use Worlds effect revealing Fate, Master, Wisdom, and Secrets, Brendon chained both of his facedown cards, Reckless Greed, and Forbidden Lance targeting Jeff’s World. Jeff activates Secrets searching Life. He then attacks for 2100 damage with World sets Fate and Wisdom
Jeff 8000-Brendon 5900
Brendon activates another Terraforming searching another Ravine He then activates Upstart Goblin. After this, Brendon concedes revealing 2 Ravines Sword and Chain Disappearance.

World of Prophecy reveals four spells to clear Brendon's field by revealing four spellbooks!

World of Prophecy allows Jeff to clear Brendon's field by revealing four spellbooks sealing the match!