Round 8 Feature Match Alex Decolator (Geargia) vs. Kevin Rubio (Hieratics)

We’re coming to a close to the end of Day 1 and both these duelists are in a position where they’re basically locked into a Day 2 spot, however they both have decided to play this one out.


Game 1

Rubio wins the die roll and elects to play first. He kicks things off by playing Hieratic Seal of Convocation to add Hieratic Dragon of Su to his hand. He plays Hieratic Dragon of Eset and tributes that to special summon Su. Eset lets him bright out a Laborite Dragon. Another seal nets him a Hieratic Dragon of Nebthet and that sends Su to the graveyard to bring itself out while bringing out another Laborite dragon. Laborite dragons were turned into Hieratic Dragon King of Atum bringing out a Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from the deck. He used the effect to ring back Eset to make Consteller Pleiades before setting two.

Alex plays an Upstart Goblin into a second one. After considering his option she summons Geargiarmor, but Pleiades sends it back to his hand. He sets 3 and passes.


Rubio uses Red-Eye’s effect to bring back Su from the graveyard and that’s met by Torrential Tribute. Pleiades used the effect to put Red-Eyes back to his hand.

Alex summons Armor and swings for 1100 before putting it facedown and passing.


Rubio plays Reckless Greed attempting to find answers, and decides to play a Cardcar D to try and find more. He sets another backrow and uses the effect to net two cards.

Alex Flip Summons his Armor to add an Accelerator to his hand, the Accelerator is Special Summoned, but Vanity’s Emptiness stops any further plays. Armor attacks, sets itself and Alex passes.


Rubio Skips a draw for his turn and uses Magical Planter to send Emptiness to the graveyard to net two new cards. He plays Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of the End to banish Alex’s set Armor and sets a card before passing.

Alex summons Armor for his turn and overlays it with Accelerator to make Evilswarm Exciton Knight. He uses the effect into Rubio’s Fiendish Chain, but Compulsory Evacuation Device is played in an attempt to get the effect to resolve. Rubio uses his set Compulse to return his BLS back to his hand, and Alex reluctantly passes.

Rubio summons Eset for his turn, banishes it to play Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Alex scoops it up. Explosive play after explosive play from Rubio’s deck has seemed to be the story of the day!

Game 2

Alex starts off the second game by setting a monster and 3 backrow.

Rubio mirrors the 3 set backrow and passes. In the EP Alex plays Geargiagear to bring out MK-II and Geargiano.

Alex flips his set Armor, but Rubio flips his set Mistake, however Alex has a Wiretap to counter it allowing him to add Accelerator to his hand which is put onto the board. He overlays Accelerator and MK-II to make Geargigant X and uses the effect, but is met by another Mistake forcing him to add the MK-II in his graveyard to his hand. He summons it to bring out Geargiarsenal from his hand that brings out an MK-II from his deck. He overlays the two for Ghostrick Allucard and Rubio plays his set Royal Decree. Alex continues his turn by tributing Geargiano for Arsenal and attacks with everything before making a Diamond Dire Wolf to kill off the Decree.

Rubio looks at his next card and picks up his cards.

Game 3

Rubio starts off the third game with a Carcard D for two cards and discards Labradorite Dragon in his EP.

Alex sets two and passes.

Rubio summons Dragard and uses the effect to bring back Labradorite to the field. Alex plays a Maxx “C” and Dragard just attacks directly before setting two cards. In the EP, Alex plays MST to destroy Fiendish Chain, and Geargiagear for 2 MK-II’s.

Alex starts off his turn by using MST on the other set card. He turns the two into a Geargigant that is met by an Effect Veiler. MK-II is summoned to bring MK-II back to the field and both are turned into Number 20: Giga- Brilliant. He clears the board and sets 1 before passing.

Rubio starts of his turn by playing another Dragard for Labradorite Dragon, and tunes both of them into Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Forests, however Bottomless Trap Hole clears away the threat! With no other plays he just sets a card and passes.

Alex uses Geargigant to add MK-II to his hand and uses the MK-II to bring another one to the board before turning them both into Allucard. He uses Gigabrilliant and swings with everything to leave Rubio at 300.

Rubio sees his next card is MST and picks up his cards!

Alex moves on with a perfect 8-0 record and an almost lock at the 1st seed going into Day 2.