Round 8 Feature Match: Dalton Bousman vs Travis Gondrezick

Here we go in this Round 8 Feature Match. First we have Dalton Bousman playing his signature Fire Fist deck. His opponent Travis is a local and is playing Spellbooks. Let's get this show on the road.

Travis will get started by drawing to 6 cards before playing Upstart Goblin before playing Spellbook Magician of Prophecy searching for Spellbook of Secrets. Secrets then snagged Spellbook of the Master from his deck. Master copied his Secrets, revealing Spellbook of Eternity to search for Spellbook of Fate. Finally he set 3 and passed his turn.

Dalton 9000, Travis 8000

Dalton starts with double Mind Crush, Cardcar D, Mytsical Space Typhoon, Torrential Tribute and Mirror Force. He summons Cardcar D before setting all of his cards but the Mirror Force to his back row. He tributes the Cardcar to draw into Pot of Duality and Fiendish Chain. In Dalton’s end phase, Travis activates his Spellbook of Fate, banishing Secrets and Master to flip his Magician facedown.

Travis draws before flip summoning Magician to search for Spellbook of Wisdom. Dalton quickly activates a Mind Crush and calls Spellbook of Eternity, revealing the double High Priestess of Prophecy, Spellbook of Secrets and Wisdom in Travis’s hand while taking away the Eternity. Travis then plays Secrets to search for another Magician. He summons Magician, in response Dalton activates Torrential Tribute while Travis adds Spellbook Grand Tower to his hand. Travis thinks for a moment before playing Spellbook Tower and passing his turn.

Dalton draws his 3rd Mind Crush for his turn before playing Pot of Duality into Fire Formation - Tensu and double Fire Formation - Tenki. He takes Tenki but it falls to Travis’s Mystical space Typhoon when he plays it. Dalton sets Mind Crush and Fiendish Chain before ending.

Travis draws for his turn and watches in frustration as his Tower falls to Dalton’s own MST when he tries to use its effect to draw again. Travis passes his turn, unable to continue with a play.

Dalton draws Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla and summons it into Bottomless Trap Hole.

Travis draws for his turn before setting one and ending.

Dalton draws Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear and summons it into Travis’s Torrential.

Travis draws and reveals 2 Wisdom and a Spellbook of the Crescent to special summon Priestess but Mind Crush takes both of the Priestess out of his hand.

Dalton draws Gyokkou and passes

Travis draws, activates Upstart Goblin and plays tower mst on play

Travis 8000, Dalton 10000

Dalton plays Cardcar and tributes it to draw into a MST and Effect Veiler.

Travis sets 1

Dalton draws Forbidden Lance, activates Gyokkou on Travis’s set card. Dalton sets MST before ending his turn.

Travis draws and passes.

Dalton draws and activates Tenki, searching for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear. Activates MST on Travis’s set that wasn’t Gyokkou’d. He follows up by summoning Bear and swinging for a boosted 1800 damage, setting another Tenki from his deck before passing.

Travis 6200, Dalton 10000

Travis draws for his turn and proceeds to reveal 3 Spellbooks for his 3rd Priestess (2 Wisdom and Master). Dalton activates Mind Crush, but after a ruling kerfuffle ends up calling Spellbook of Wisdom, dropping the 2 Wisdoms from Travis’s hand but allowing the Priestess to hit the field. Travis then activated Spellbook of the Master, copying Secrets and revealing Crescent to search for Spellbook of Life. Priestess banished a yarded Tower to try and hit Dalton’s facedown Fiendish chain, only to be stopped by Effect Veiler. Travis followed up by activating Life, banishing Magician to special summon another Priestess. The new Priestess banished Wisdom from the yard to target the set Tenki. Fiendish Chain came up this time and stopped her dead in her tracks. The Veiler’d Priestess attacks over the Bear for 700 damage before passing his turn.

Travis 6200, Dalton 9300

Dalton draws Upstart Goblin for his turn. He begins by using the set Tenki to search for Coach Soldier Wolfbark. He follows up by activating Upstart Goblin, drawing into Bottomless Trap Hole. Dalton summons Wolfbark who proceeds to bring back a Bear who had passed away. Dalton overlaid the two of them for Tiger King setting Tensu with his effect. He activates Tensu and sends his King to attack for 100 damage over Travis’s Priestess before finally ending.

Travis 6100, Dalton 9300

Travis draws, sets one and switches his remaining Priestess to defense.

Dalton draws Pot of Duality for his turn before sending Tiger King in to kill the final Priestess. He finishes by playing Duality, revealing 2 Wolfbark and a Fiendish Chain. After taking another Wolfbark he decides to pass his turn.

Travis draws and activates Reckless Greed, getting a total of 3 new cards during the turn. He finished by setting 4 and passing.

Dalton draws Forbidden Lance before attacking with Tiger King for 2600 damage. Next he summons Wolfbark, bringing back a Bear and overlaying into Bujintei Kagutsuchi. Kagutsuchi’s effect sent an Effect Veiler, 2 Upstart Goblins, a Pot of Duality and a Cardcar D to Dalton’s grave. Running low on cards, Dalton sets Forbidden lance and passes his turn. Travis activates double Reckless to draw even more cards to try and mount a comeback.

Travis 4500, Dalton 9300

Travis cannot draw due to Reckless but has plenty of cards to work with. He begins by playing Secrets, searching for Eternity. Eternity brought back the forlorn Spellbook Tower. Travis set 1 backrow and played his newly revived Tower before passing.

Dalton draws Solemn Warning and attacks with his Tiger. Travis activates Mirror Force in response to the attack, forcing Dalton to save Kagutsuchi but lets his King fall. Dalton then sends his 2 Tenkis and Tensu to summon his last Wolfbark and Bear, leaving 4 cards in his deck. Kagutsuchi swings hard into a second Mirror Force but powers through it with his effect for 2500 damage. Dalton finishes by using Wolfbark to bring out another Bear and overlaying the two Bears for Cardinal. Cardinal activates its effect send back Bear and Tenki from his grave to send back Tower from the field and Mirror Force from the deck. Travis scoops, knowing he can’t draw for his next turn and has nothing to surmount the massive wall on Dalton’s field.

Some early game Mind Crush action sealed the game when Dalton kept dropping multiple cards from Travis’s hand and keeping him from being able to make his biggest plays early on. By the time Travis could make a comeback, Dalton had already set up an adequate amount of retaliation to constantly stay ahead.

Game 2

Travis starts this game off again strong with Secrets into Magician into Fate. He continues strong with a Master, revealing Fate and copying Secrets to add Eternity. He finishes by playing Tower and setting 2 card to his backrow.

Dalton opens with 2 Banisher of the Radiance, Forbidden Lance, Wolfbark, Cardcar D and Fiendish Chain. Dalton summons Banisher of the Radience and attacks the Magician. Travis banishes Secrets and Master to activate Fate, but Dalton uses his Lance on the Banisher, forcing Travis to set his Magician. When the attack finished, Magician flipped and searched for Power before Dalton ended his turn.

Travis draws, and sends Fate back with Tower to draw again before passing.

Dalton draws Wolfbark and proceeds to summon Cardcar and tribute it to draw Bear and Veiler.

Travis drew but could not make a play and passed.

Dalton draws Fiendish Chain before summoning Bear. Dalton makes an all out assault and attacks for 3200 damage, setting Tenki in the process. Dalton activates Tenki to search for Gorilla. He set Fiendish before ending.

Travis 4800, Dalton 8000

Travis drew before setting 2 and ending.

Dalton draws Bear before attacking for another 3300 damage. Bear snagged him a Gyokkou for his troubles, which locked down one of Travis’s set cards. Dalton summoned Gorilla and consolidated his Bear and Gorilla into Kagutsuchi, milling another Banisher, an Upstart, Lance, Tenki and Solemn Warning.

Travis 1500, Dalton 8000

Travis scoops it up with absolutely nothing to do about the field that Dalton has put against him.

An interesting tech in Banisher of the Radience kept Tavis from being able to put Spellbooks in the Graveyard to take advantage of his Tower draws and was just shut down from making any plays. Dalton will continue on undefeated and secures his 5th top at ARG Circuit Series events. Best of luck to Travis in the final round of the tournament!

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!