Round 8 Feature Match: Desmond Johnson (Dragunity Rulers) vs. Thomas Vo (Dragunity Rulers)

Round 8 brings us another Dragon Ruler mirror match. This time Desmond Johnson and Thomas Vo are both using Dragunity Rulers.

Vo started the duel by using Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storm’s effect to send itself and Phalanx to the graveyard to search Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to his hand! He followed up with using Sacred Sword of Seven Starts to banish Redox and add a second Redox to his hand. He Normal Summoned Dragunity Dux and used Phalanx and Vajriyana to Synchro Summon a Colossal Fighter! He set one card and passed.

Johnson also used a Sacred Sword to banish a Redox and and added a second to his hand. He then activated Dragon Ravine and pitched his own Phalanx to get a Dragunity Dux! Similar to Vo, he used Dux and Vajriyana to make his own level 8 monster, Scrap Dragon! He popped Ravine and Colossal Fighter with Scrap Dragon effect and attacked for 2800! He set two and ended.

Vo activated his facedown Sacred Sword banishing Redox and drew two, searching his last Redox to hand. He followed up with Dragunity Dux an Special Summoned Vajriyana and with Phalanx and then Special Summoned Phalanx in defense with the Vajriyana.

He then activated Gold Sarcophagus, banishing Tempest and adding a Dragunity Mystctin to his hand, which he Special Summoned by sending Phalanx to the graveyard, but then brought it right back.

Vo continued by stacking his Mystletainn with Vajriyana to Xyz Summon Dragunity King of Atum which brought out Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from the deck! Vo used Red-Eyes’ effect to summon Mystletainn and Synchro Summoned Scrap Dragon with the Mystletainn and face-up Phalanx! He then utilized Scrap Dragon’s effect to destroy Johnson’s Scrap and his own Red-Eyes, which had 0 ATK thanks to Atum.

Hoping to end the game right there, Vo finished with summoning Blaster by banishing the Red-Eyes and Vajriyana from his graveayrd and stacked a Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger over Atum! But when Vo’s Dragons attacked, they died at the hands of Mirror Force! Johnson showed his hand full of Dragon Rulers, and Vo headed to game two!









Johnson steals game one thanks to Mirror Force, and as they sidedecked, they discussed taking out Return from a Different Dimension to make the game less pivotal around that card, but Vo refused in the end.

Vo started game two but just passed with one facedown spell or trap.

Johnson set two and ended his first turn.

Vo accelerated the game by discarding discarding Phalanx with Cards of Consonance to dig through his deck and then followed up with summoning a Redox, banishing a Blaster and Tempest! He searched a Dragunity Mystletainn and a second Blaster and did the unconventional: tribute summon Redox for Mystletainn. With Mystletainn effect, he brought out Phalanx, but Johnson stymied Vo’s play, using Maxx “C.” Vo ended his turn with a Colossal fighter and two backrows after, only letting Johnson draw two.

Johnson began his turn with Upstart Goblin and then flipped a facedown Reckless Greed to get to more cards! The extra hand economy gave him two copies of Blaster which combined together to take out Vo’s Colossal Fighter. He ended his turn.

Vo started his next turn with Sacred Sword, banishing Blaster. He chose to take another blaster from his deck to his hand. Redox hit the field by banishing Mystletainn and a Phalanx from graveyard, and then Vo summoned his Flamvell Guard and Synchro Summoned the two into Thought Ruler Archfiend! Johnson activated another Reckless in response to Archfiend's attack, but after the attack went through, Johnson fell to2500. It was quickly becoming an uphill battle for Johnson who still had 9000 Life Points to take out en route to victory.

During his first turn under Reckless, Johnson used the effect of Tempest, also pitching a Phalanx to add a Redox from his deck to his hand. Johnson followed up by discarding both in hand copies of Redox to target Blaster for a summon, but Vo chained Maxx “C.” Johnson took no time in attacking Vo’s Thought Ruler Archfiend, but Vo responded with a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast to put Blaster on top of Johnson’s deck. Johnson summoned his second Blaster from his graveyard with its own effect and set one to end his turn.

Vo drew and used Electric Virus to try and steal Johnson’s Blaster, but Johnson chained Book of Moon to keep his Blaster! In response, Vo activated Mystical Space Typhoon, but Johnson chained his own Mystical Space Typhoon targeting Vo’s last facedown card. Vo responded by activating the Compulsory Evacuation Device to return Blaster to Johnson’s hand!

Vo Special Summoned his own blaster from his hand by banishing a Phalanx and Flamvell Guard from his graveyard and tried to attack to force a game three, but Johnson flipped his copy of Return from a Different Dimension to bring out Tempest and Redox.

“I gave you the option of siding it out,” Johnson laughed as Vo’s Thought Ruler took out Tempest, netting him an extra 2400 Life Points. Vo ended his turn and Johnson took back his Redox. Vo now had 11400 Life Points to Johnson’s 1250!

Johnson started his turn by banishing Maxx “C” from graveyard and Redox from his hand and followed up by Normal Summoning a Dux! He used Dux, Phalanx and Vajriyana to make a Crimson Blader! Additionally, he brought out a Tempest by banishing a Blaster from his hand and a Dux from his graveyard and searched a Blaster from his deck

Crimson Blader attacked over Vo’s Thought Ruler Archfiend, locking Vo out of big monster plays next turn.

Vo passed, and Johnson had to take back both his Dragon Rulers.

After two turns of being locked out of drawing, Johnson drew a fresh card without Reckless imposing his draws. He banished a Redox and a Dragunity Knight Vajriyana from his graveyard to summon a Blaster and used Redox’s effect to snag the last copy from his deck! He attacked for 5600 damage, set a card and gave the turn back to Vo.

Vo drew to five cards in hand and a full graveyard, but eyed Johnson’s one facedown suspiciously.

“You have Emptiness facedown, don’t you?”

Johnson started singing in response, avoiding the question. Vo tried to bait a possible Vanity’s Emptiness, pitching Swift Scarecrow and Redox to bring back a Colossal Fighter, but Johnson responded with D. D. Crow to banish Redox’s target! Vo set two and ended.

Johnson drew and immediately tried to go for the match, banishing Tempest and Redox to summon the Blaster from his hand and searched his last Dragunity Phalanx from his deck. Johnson Normal summoned Phalanx and attacked for game, coming from behind to steal the match thanks to Return from the Dumb Dimension.