ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Round 8 Feature Match Robert Boyajian VS. Scott Page

Round 8 Feature Match

Alright Alter Reality Gamers. We have well known CoreTCG article writer, and recent Worlds Top 8 contender in his second Feature Match here in Fort Worth, Robert (Robbie) Boyajian from Newport Beach, California and he's Playing Dragon Rulers with some techs. Next we have Scott Page from Dallas, Texas and he's playing Dragon Rulers as well. They're both 6-1 in this tournament today, so the winner goes on with a good shot at Top 16! Without any further ado let's jump right into the match.


stardust dragonRobbie won the dice roll and opens with Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders, Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms, Cards of Consonance, Sacred Seven Star Sword, and White Stone of Legend. He plays Cards of Consonance sending White Stone drawing 2 cards, and adding a Blue-Eyes White Dragon along with Vanity's Emptiness and Mystical Space Typhoon. Next comes Seven Star Sword banishing Blaster drawing 2 cards and searching Flamvell Guard. He Specials Redox by banishing Tempest and White Stone from grave. He normals the Guard synchs into Stardust Dragon, setting 3 and ending with a very strong field and hand.

Scott activates Cards of Consonance sending Debris Dragon to the grave and drawing 2 cards. He sets 2 to his backrow and ends but Vanity's is MST'd at the end phase.

Robbie draws a Trigon and activates Seven Star Sword to draw 2 by banishing Tempest, he activates tempest to search another copy of itself. Robbie moves into his bp and attacks the facedown Card trooper, Scott draws one from the effect. Robbie sets one and passes his turn after that.


Scott draws then summons Debris Dragon, activating the effect but is shut down by Vanity's Emptiness! Scott passes with nothing else.

Robbie draws Tidal for his turn. Stardust attacks over Debris to deal 1500 damage dropping Scott to 6500. He ends his turn after that.

Scott draws for his turn and sets one to his backrow then ending his turn right away. That Vanity's Emptiness is really limiting Scotts Plays.

Robbie draws Cards of Consonance for his turn. He moves to directly to his battle phase and attacks with Stardust directly for 2500 dropping Scott to 4000. He passes his turn after that.

Scott draws for his turn then activates Raigeki Break by discarding Redox from hand to target a backfield, Stardust negates but along goes Vanity's to grave. Scott activates Redox by banishing CT and Tempest, Tempest searches Dragunity Corsesca from deck and it's normal summoned to synch into Stardust. He specials Blaster from hand by banishing two Debris Dragons. On the attack by Stardust Robbie activates Raigeki Break discarding Trigon to the grave to target Scotts back row, and Scott negates with Stardusts effect. Blaster attacks directly for 2800 and drops Robbie to 5200. He specials Stardust at end phase but Robbie forgets his own Stardust! Scott passes his turn with that.

sacred sword of seven stars

Robbie draws and activates Cards of Consonance by sending White Stone to draw two and search a Blue-Eyes. Next he activates Seven Star Sword by banishing Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to draw 2 cards and search another copy of itself. Next comes Trade-In sending Blue Eyes to draw 2 more cards! Dragon's Ravine is activated sending Tidal from hand and Blaster from the deck. Robbie banishes Tidal and White Stone to special a Blaster but Scott shuts that down with his own copy of Vanity's Emptiness! He sets a monster facedown and passes play back to Scott.

Scott attacks the facedown Corsesca with his Stardust and passes back to Robbie. "Your plays are way more fun…Mine are so boring!" Scott

Robbie draws and sets a card to his backrow then ends since that Vanity's Emptiness is face up.

Scott draws for turn and activates Seven Star Sword by banishing Blaster to draw 2 and searching Flamvell Guard to his hand, Vanity's destroys itself from it's effect. He banishes Corsesca and Redox to special Tempest, searching another Redox by it's effect. He summons Flamvell Guard and synchros into Colossal Fighter. Scott enters his battle phase and attacks with Stardust that gets spun back by Pwwb by discarding Tidal. He gets hit for 2800 dropping him to 2400. Scott passes.


Robbie draws to 7 in hand and summons Debris Dragon targeting Trigon but gets stopped by Effect Veiler. Robbie activates Ravine to send Blaster from deck to grave. He banishes Stardust and Trigon to special summon Redox. Next he plays another Ravine activating the effect to send Tempest from his hand to foolish Redox from deck to grave. Continuing he banishes Redox and Guard to Special Tempest. Then he Xyz summons into Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack, activating it's effect by detaching the Redox and specialing two Mecha Phantom Beast tokens. Robbie synchs into Black Rose Dragon and activates the effect to destroy everything but Dracossack due to not being able to be destroyed while tokens are on the field. Debris Dragon and Black Rose are banished to special Tidal, Blue-Eyes and Corsesca are banished to special Blaster. Both monsters are used to Xyz summon into Dracossack and detaches Tidal to activate the effect but is shut down by another Effect Veiler! He passes his turn with that.

Scott activates Seven Star Sword to draw 2 cards by banishing Tidal but does not activate Tidal's effect to search. Tempest and Guard are banished to special Tidal and Scott searches another Corsesca that is normal summoned and used to special summon a Crimson Blader. Redox brings back Colossal Fighter and both monsters attack over the Dracossacks dealing 400 damage. Scott passes his turn with that.

Robbie draws but doesn't find what he needs and concedes into Game 2 where he will be leading off. Siding was quick and silent on both sides.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Robbie starts duel 2 with by drawing and discards Blue-Eyes to draw two with trade in. Dragon's Ravine comes down and sends Tempest to search Corsesca. Redox specials by banishing Tempest searching another copy of itself. Corsesca is summoned to synchro with Redox into Stardust Dragon, setting 2 cards to his back row and ending his turn.

Scott draws and activates Seven Star Sword banishing a Redox to draw 2 and search another copy. Dragon's Ravine is activated but destroyed by Robbie's Raigeki Break discarding Tempest for the cost. Scott sets 2 to his backrow and passes.

Robbie draws then banishes Redox and Corsesca to special summon Tempest, searching Redox, which Maxx "C" is chained to the effect. He attacks with both Stardust and Tempest for 5300 then sets another and passes.

Scott draws for turn and activates 7 star sword to draw 2 and with a heavy sigh says I won't activate Redox (Wording courtesy of Robbie Boyajian). Dark Hole comes to the field but Robbie says "NA GA Tay" aka negate the destruction of Stardust with Stardust's effect. Scott activates Return From the Different Dimension! Paying half his life and dropping to 1350, Special Summoning two Redox from the banished zone and Xyz summoning Number 11: Big Eye. He detaches one for the effect of Big Eye but is shut down by Effect Veiler. Redox is special summoned by banishing two dragons and Scott tributes it off for a Vanity's Fiend! Scott ends but Robbie activates Phoenix Wing Wind Blast sending Vanity's Fiend back to the top of Scott's deck. Still in the end phase Scott activates Vanity's Emptiness now! "Your deck has a lot of Vanity Scott." Remarked a bystander. "Yeaaaa it really does." says Scott with a smile.

number 11 big eye

Robbie draws for turn and passes back without anything because of Vanity's Emptiness yet again.

Scott draws for his turn and moves into his Battle Phase. Big Eye attacks Robbie directly for 2600 damage for first damage and drops him to 5400 lps to his 1350 lps. He passes his turn with that.

Robbie draws for turn and activates Cards of Consonance discarding White Stone drawing two cards and searches a Blue-Eyes to his hand. Next Ravine is activated sending a Tidal from hand to send another copy of itself from the deck to grave. He sets another card to his back row and passes. Robbie is on a 3 turn clock but is being shut down by Vanity's Emptiness.

Scott draws to 3 in hand. He attacks with Big Eye for another 2600 dropping robbie to 2800. Passing back play to Robbie since he doesn't have to commit anything else to the field and just has to attack.

Robbie draws and sets another card to his back row. Robbie passes back to Scott, still unable to do anything due to that Vanity's Emptiness.

Scott draws again and attacks with Big Eye directly for another 2600 dropping Robbie to 200 lps.

Robbie draws for turn and then concedes once he sees that he is unable to draw an out to Vanity's Emptiness!

vanity's emptiness

Scott Page moves onto the final round of today with a strong 7-1 record and a strong shot at Top 16 thanks to Vanity's Emptiness!