Round 8 Feature Match: Tahmid Zaman Vs. Deon Akidge

Round 8 Feature Match

Alright everyone we’re in the final round of the day. We have Tahmid Zaman from Queens, NY playing Hieratic Rulers. His opponent Deon Akidge is from Macon, GA and is playing Hieratic Rulers also. Let’s get this mirror match underway.

Tahmid wins the die roll and starts with Upstart Goblin, 2 Skill Drain, Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit, Dragon Shrine and draws Hieratic Seal of Convocation for turn. He activates Shrine sending Laboradite Dragon and Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to grave. He activates Upstart 1000+9000 to draw another Convocation. Convocation gets him Hieratic Dragon of Eset and his other one gets him Hieratic Dragon of Su. He tributes Eset for Su and specials Laboradite from grave. He overlays the two into Hieratic Dragon King of Atum and specials Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms from deck. He banishes Su and Eset from grave to Special summon Blaster. Both Dragons are used for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack and Dracossack Special Summons two tokens. He sets two and passes his turn.

Deon special summons Tefnuit and tributes it for Eset. Tefnuit Special Summons Laboradite Dragon from deck. Eset tries to use the effect but is shut down by Skill Drain 1000-7000. He attacks a token and sets 3 cards to his back row to end.

Tahmid draws Eset for his turn. He uses Gaia Dragon, The Thunder Charger over Atum and is stopped by Solemn Warning 2000-5000. Next Gaia and Atum are banished for Blaster. Blaster attacks over Eset for 900-6100.

Deon uses Upstart to draw. He banishes Tefnuit and Eset for Redox, Dragon of Boulders in Defense to end.

Tahmid draws Su for turn then tributes Draco to destroy Redox and attacks directly for 2800-3300. He passes with that. Deon uses Hieratic from Ashes to send Su from deck to grave.

Deon draws and puts Tefnuit back to the grave with Ashes. He banishes Tefnuit and Su for Blaster and attacks over the Draco token. He passes with that.

Tahmid draws Solemn warning for his turn. He normal summons Eset and tributes it for Su, Eset brings Flamvell guard from deck. Su and Guard are used to synchro into Black Rose Dragon. Black Rose and Blaster are used for Dracossack in Attack. Draco tributes itself to destroy Blaster. Tempest and Blaster are summoned by banishing both Dracossacks, Black Rose and Su from grave. He attacks with both monsters for game.

Tahmid starts Game 1 off strong with 2 Convocations and 2 Skill Drains to take control of the game.

Deon opens us with 3 set cards to his back row to end.

Tahmid starts off Game 2 with Convocation, Swift Scarecrow, Eset, Tefnuit, and Upstart. He draws another Upstart for his turn. He activates one Upstart to draw a Cardcar D and then another for a Laboradite Dragon. He summons Cardcar D to draw Su and Effect Veiler, discarding Laboradite for the hand size. Deon activates 2 Ashes to send Tefnuit and Su to grave.

Deon Banishes both dragons for Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls and attacks for 2600-5400. He puts both monsters back with the two seals. He sets 2 more cards and ends.

Tahmid draws Eset for his turn. He Special Summons Tefnuit and tributes it for Su bringing Flamvell Guard to the field and the field gets hit by Torrential Tribute. He normal summons Eset and Deon activates Maxx “C”. Tahmid attacks for 1000-7000. He ends and Deon sends Su and Eset for the effect.

Deon draws and activates two Convocations getting Eset and Su to hand. Normal summons Eset and Special Summons Su, Tahmid activates Maxx “C” to draw another Convocation, he Special Summons Laboradite. Atum is Xyz summoned using Su and Laboradite, giving him an Enemy Controller to hand. Atum activates the effect to Special Summon Flamvell Guard, giving Tahmid an Effect Veiler. Deon Special Summons Tidal from grave and uses Tidal and Guard to synchro into Crimson Blader, giving Tahmid Tefnuit and Upstart Goblin. He activates Reckless Greed to draw 2 and uses Dragon Shrine to send a Flamvell Guard and a Blaster to grave. Blaster comes up giving Tahmid another card to hand. When Deon attempts to end his main phase 1 Tahmid activates Effect Veiler on Crimson Blader. Crimson Blader attacks over Eset for 1800-3600. He attacks directly but is shut down by Swift Scarecrow. After that he scoops up his cards knowing that he gave Tahmid too many cards.

Tahmid Zaman takes a strong 2-0 over Deon Akidge in this Hieratic Ruler mirror match and moves on with a 7-1 record to top his second ARG event in a row!