Round 9 Feature Match: Bryan Rockenbach vs John Hubbard






Alright everyone we have the last round in Day 1 coming up for you. We have Bryan Rockenbach from Phoenix, AZ playing Water. His opponent John Hubbard who we featured in Round 7 is from San Leandro, CA and is also playing Water.

Bryan wins the die roll and starts us off with Genex Undine sending Atlantean Dragoons, searching Atlantean Marksman and Genex Controller to his hand. He sets 1 backfield and passes.

John opens with 2 Upstart Goblin, Reckless Greed, and 2 Abyss-Sphere. He draws Mermail Abysspike for his turn. Upstart gives him Mermail Abyssteus and Brian 1000 Life Points bringing him to 9000. Another Upstart is activated giving him another Abyssteus and bringing Brian to 10000. Pike is Normal Summoned and he discards a Teus to search Undine to his hand. Pike attacks over the Undine dropping Brian to 9600. Main Phase 2 Brian activates his own Sphere to get Mermail Abysslinde and at the End Phase Linde and Sphere are destroyed letting Brian Special Summon Mermail Abyssturge from his deck. Abyssturge’s effect is activated Discarding Marksman and targeting the same Marksman to add back to hand causing nothing to happen.

Bryan Normal Summons Pike for his turn discarding Marksman from his hand to search another Marksman to his hand. Marksman targets John’s set Reckless Greed which John chains to draw Mermail Abyssgunde and Bottomless Trap Hole. Teus is summoned by discarding Marksman, targeting a set Sphere which is chained to Summon a Linde in Defense, and Teus searches a Gunde to hand. Upstart brings John to 9000 and gives Bryan another card. Pike and Turge are used to Xyz Summon Abyss Dweller. Teus attacks over Pike for 600-8400. He ends with that.

John can’t draw and Normal Summons Undine sending Tidal to the Graveyard and adding Controller. Bryan activates Abyss Dweller at the resolution of Undine’s effect. He sets Bottomless and ends.

Bryan activates Teus from hand discarding Gunde, to search another Gunde and Special Summoning Abyssturge from the grave. Dweller attacks over Undine for 500-7900. Teus attacks into a Linde from Sphere and continues the attack. Linde Special Summons Turge from the deck, activating the effect discarding Gunde to target Linde, Special Summoning Pike from Grave and Pike is activated discarding Abysslinde to search an Abyssgunde from deck. Teus attacks over the Pike. Main Phase 2 the two Teus are used to Xyz into Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack which gets summoned into Bottomless. Aqua Spirit is used with Turge to summon Abyss Dweller and he ends.

John can’t draw again from Reckless. Bryan uses Dweller in the Standby Phase. John summons Controller and Synchros with Turge into Black Rose Dragon clearing the field of the two Abyss Dwellers. He passes with that.

Bryan summons Pike discarding Gunde to search Gunde to his hand and Gunde Special Summons a Teus from the Graveyard. Teus is Special Summoned from hand discarding Pike to search another Turge to his hand from the effect. Pike and the 2 Teus attack directly dropping John to 2900. Main Phase 2 he Xyz Summons into Mermail Abyssgaios with the Teus and ends.

John draws Raigeki Break for turn. He discards Gunde for Teus and Special Summons another Teus from Graveyard. He Xyz Summons into his own Gaios with his Teus. Tidal is summoned from Grave and attacks into Gaios with his Gaios and then over Pike for 1000 dropping Bryan to 8600. He sets Break and ends.

Bryan summons Turge discarding Gunde to target another Gunde and Special Summoning Pike from the effect, adding the Gunde to his hand. Pike and Turge are used to Xyz summon into Number 101: Silent Honor ARK and John activates Raigeki Break on the Ark by discarding Gunde, and Special Summons Abyssgaios from Gunde and destroying the 101. Bryan sets 1 and passes.

John Special Summons Tidal and Normal Summons Marksman. Marksman attacks directly and summons Dragoons from deck, directly with Dragoons for 1800, and Tidal for 2600 dropping Bryan to 2800 on Gaios Direct attack Bryan activates sphere to get Linde. At the end Phase Linde is used to Special Summon Leed.

Bryan summons Controller and uses both to Synchro into Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree and attacks over the Markman for 1300 bringing John to 1600.

John draws Aqua Spirit for turn and turns everything to defense.

Bryan summons gunde and attacks over the Dragoons and ends.

John draws Torrential for his turn. He turns his monsters to defense position and sets the Torrential.

Bryan attacks over the two monsters and passes back to John.

John summons Aqua Spirit and activates Torrential. Bryan concedes with that.

John takes game 1.

John controls the match with his monster effects and Brian is unable to keep anything established.

Game 2:

John opens with Upstart, Breakthrough Skill, 2 Spheres, Space Typhoon, and Dark Hole. Upstart grabs Marksman from deck. On end phase Bryan activates a Sphere which gets shut off by MST and another Sphere is activated to bring Linde which is destroyed and letting him summon Pike from the deck. Pike sends Marksman to search another Marksman to hand and destroys a set Sphere.

Bryan summons Turge discarding Marksman to add Linde back to hand and destroying Breakthrough Skill. Both monsters attack directly dropping John to 4700. Dweller is summoned in Main Phase 2 and he passes with that.

John draws and summons Pike and discards Marksman to search a Linde to hand and destroy the Set Torrential. Sphere is activated to get Leed from deck. Leed attacks over for 500-8500 and Pike directly for 1600-6900.

Bryan summons Linde and crashes taking 1200-5700 and summons Leed to crash the two.

John draws then passes.

Bryan summons Controller to attack for 1400 sets one and passes.

John Dark Holes the field and passes.

Bryan summon Pike into Solemn Warning bringing John to 1100 and he ends.

John summons Turge and attacks for 1700 then ends with that.

Bryan sets 1 to his back row and passes.

John sets attacks and then sets Maxx “C” to end.

Bryan summon Teus discarding Linde and Breakthrough is activated to shut off the search. Teus attacks over the set Maxx “C”. He ends with that.

John draws then crashes his Turge and Bryan's Teus. He Sets 1 and passes.

Bryan sets one and passes right back.

John summon Marksman and attacks into Fiendish.

Bryan sets a monster and passes.

John draw Aqua Spirit and summons to  attack over Brian's set Undine. He turns Marksman to defense and ends.

Bryan draw for turn and summons Maxx “C" to attack over Marksman to end.

John draws Gunde for turn that is summoned and attacks over for 1100 and directly for 1400 and activates Sphere to summon Megalo to attack directly for game!

John takes a long game in time in this Water mirror match! He moves on with a good chance of going onto our Top 16 tomorrow.