Round 9 Feature Match: Eaton Guo (Evilswarm) vs. Steve Klaus (Dragunity Rulers)

Veterans Eaton Guo and Steve Klaus met in Round 9, representing the popular decks Dragunity Rulers and Evilswarm!


Steve won the die roll and elected to go first. He played Terraforming adding Dragon Ravine from his deck to his hand and immediately activated it. By discarding Blaster to the graveyard, he added a Dragunity Phalanx from his deck to his hand and followed with Cards of Consonance to draw two cards, and then used a second Terraforming to add a second Dragon Ravine to his hand. Klaus activated Upstart Goblin, giving Guo 1000 Life Points.

Klaus Normal Summoned Dragunity Dux and equipped Dragunity Phalanx from his graveyard to Dux and Synchro Summoned into Vajrayana. By bringing back Phalanx a second time, he Synrchro Summoned into Scrap Dragon and set a card to end his turn.

Guo drew to six and hand and played Allure of Darkness, banishing Evilswarm Heliotrope. He added to that by summoning Evilswarm Castor and additionally summoned Evilswarm Ketos with his second normal summon to Xyz Summon Evilswarm Bahumut! Guo discarded an Evilswarm to steal the Scrap and used both to attack directly for 5150 damage! During Main Phase two, Guo set two cards and used the effect of Scrap Dragon to target one of his fresh sets and Klaus’ one set on the field. Klaus chained Reckless Greed to draw two cards but to lose two draws.

Klaus completely exploded on his next turn to return the damage he was dealt by Guo. Klass discarded Blaster with Ravine, but Guo used Mystical Space Typhoon to take away one of Guo’s plays. Klaus played a second Ravine and then discarded Tempest to add a Dragunity Dux to his hand. Dux came out and Normal Summoned it to make a Vajrayana and Special Summon a Phalanx.

Next, Klaus Special Summoned Blaster by banishing Tempest and Vajrayana, searching for Mystletainn with Tempest. He dismissed Phalanx to Special Summon Mystletainn and then brought back Phalanx. He followed up with Gold Sarcophagus, banishing Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to search another Redox.

Klaus stacked Mystletainn and Vajrayana for Atum and used its effect to bring out another Tempest from the deck. He used a Tempest and Blaster to make Number 11: Big Eye and steal Scrap Dragon with its effect! Scrap Dragon used its effect to destroy Phalanx and Bahamut and then stacked Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger on Atum to attack for 5400!

Guo still had a huge play left in him. He Normal Summoned Evilswarm Kerykeion and brought back Castor to his hand by banishing Bahamut. After setting one backrow, Guo made a Master Key Beetle and targeted his set card to save it from Klaus’ Scrap Dragon!

When Klaus entered his Main Phase one, Guo activated his set Safe Zone, targeting Master Key Beetle. Since Master Key Beetle was protecting Safe Zone and Safe Zone was protecting Master Key Beetle, it presented a seemingly unbreakable lock. Klaus sat and thought for a moment, rifling through his extra deck, and then summoned Dragunity Dux. As soon as HTS Psyhemuth hit the field, Guo went to game two.

Despite dealing nearly lethal damage to Klaus, Guo was not was able to win even after such a huge first turn. He elected to go first for game two.



Guo started with Allure of Darkness, drew two cards and banished Evilswarm Heliotrope. After activating Dimensional Fissure, he set one more spell or trap and passed.

Klaus started his turn by activating Terraforming and searched a Dragon Ravine but elected not to play it and passed turn.

Guo normal summoned Evilswarm Kerykeion and attacked for a modest 1600, set one and passed turn.

Klaus passed as well.

Guo Normal Summoned Evilswarm Castor and attacked with both, dropping Klaus down to 3050. After battle, Guo proceeded to Xyz Summon King of the Feral Imps and searched Evilswarm Azzathoth, though he immediately played Evilswarm Infestation and put Azzathoth back in the deck to search Kerykeion.

Klaus had seven cards in hand but seemed to be out of options, but summoned Metaion the Timelord and passed.

Guo detached Evilswarm Kerykeion to add Evilswarm Azzathoth from his deck to his hand again. He then Normal Summoned Evilswarm Kerykion and used its effect to get back Castor and summoned Castor with Kerykeion’s extra Normal Summon, saving Castor’s additional Normal Summon for Evilswarm Azzathoth. Guo stacked Kerykeion and Castor for Metion and dismissed it with its effect. He attacked directly with King of the Feral Imps and Azzathoth for exact game!

Evilswrarm comes back after a thrashing and game one and shuts down Dragon Rulers!


Klaus started game three by activating Terraforming and got Ravine. He discarded Sacred Sword of Seven Stars to add Phalanx to his hand. Cards of Consonance discared Dragunity Phalanx for Klaus to draw two.

Klaus then activated Sacred Sword, banishing Redox to draw two and add a second Redox to his hand. He followed with Upstart Goblin and set four.

Guo activated Dimensional Fissure and brought out Evilswarm Castor and Kerykeion and attacked into a Book of Moon. Guo responded with an Evilswarm Pandemic so both attacked went through. But when Guo Xyz Summoned Evilswarm Ophion, Klaus responded with Xyz Encore. Both Kerykion and Castor returned to the field in Defense with reduced levels.

Klaus activated Cards of Consonance and banished Phalanx to draw two. He activated two facedown Reckless Greeds and an upstart to draw to seven in hand.

Klaus used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Dimensional Fissure and then used effect of Ravine, pitching Redox to send a Blaster to the graveyard. Klaus followed up with a Dragunity Dux, netting him Stardust Dragon.

Klaus banished Tempest and Redox for Blaster, searching Mystletainn and Redox. Stardust and Blaster attacked and destroyed both of both of Guo’s Evilswarm monsters.

Guo set one and passed. During the End Phase, Klaus played another Reckless Greed.

Klaus discarded Redox with Ravine's effect, searching Dux. But when Klaus summoned Dragunity Dux, Guo chaimed Maxx “C.” Klaus activated Sacred Sword to banish Blaster and retrieve another form his deck. Klaus attacked, brining Guo down to 5600 Life Points.

Guo set two and passed.

Klaus proceeded to Synchro Summon with his on field Dux and Phalanx to summon Vajrayana and Special Mystletainn and subsequently Phalanx.

He used Ravine and pitched blaster, but Gao had a Mystical Space Typhoon for the Dragon Ravine. He stacked Mystletainn and Vajrayana for a Consteallar Ptolemy M7 and summoned Blaster from his graveyard and Guo responded with torrential Tribute, but Klaus negated the activation of Torrential with Stardust.

Klaus returned Mystletainn back to his hand with the effect of M7 and Synchro Summoned Mystletainn with Phalanx to summon Scrap Dragon and destroyed Guo’s facedown Dark Hole and M7. He deliberated shortly and then declared two direct attacks for exact game!

Despite opening Dimensional Fissure in game three, Guo and his Evilswarms were unable to seal a victory in Round 9!