Round 9 Feature Match: James Guerrero(Mermails) vs Kevin Silva(Hieratics)

James Guerrero and Kevin Silva are both sitting on the bubble here in the last round of ARGCS Charlotte, and the winner here will likely advance to the top 16 tomorrow. Let's get right to it!

James summoned Genex Undine, sending Dragoons as cost to search Genex Controller, then Mermail Abyssmegalo. He set one to the back row and passed.

Kevin opened with Maxx "C," Hieratic Dragon of Eset, Skill  Drain, Stand Off and Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls.

Kevin drew Cardcar D for turn. He set one card to his back row and drew 2 off of the Cardcar. In the end phase James flipped up his face down Mystical Space Typhoon, hitting Kevin's face down Skill Drain.

James drew for turn and revealed Abyssmegalo ditching Mermail Abyssgunde and Mermail Abyssteus. Kevin activated Maxx "C" in response, which drew him into Wingbeat of Giant Dragon and Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders. James added Abyssphere off of Abyssmegalo's effect. He normal summoned Mermail Abysspike opting to not use its effect. He tributed Genex Undine to attack twice with Abyssmegalo and hit for lethal in one turn.

Game 2

Kevin opened up with 2 Mistake, Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, Hieratic Dragon of Su, Hieratic Dragon of Eset and Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms. He normal summoned the Eset and tribute it off to special summon Su. Eset's effect triggered and special summoned a Labradorite Dragon from his deck. He overlaid it alongside Su to special summon Hieratic Dragon King of Atum. He detached Su to special summon Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders from his deck. Then he banished Su and Eset to special summon Tempest from his hand. He then overlaid the Tempest and Redox for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack. Then detached Tempest to special summon two tokens. He set the two Mistake and ended his turn.

James revealed Mermail Abyssteus, ditching Atlantean Dragoons, in response Kevin flipped up Mistake, to which James had the Mystical Space Typhoon, but Kevin had the second Mistake and James scooped up his cards immediately.

Game 3

James started off by revealing Mermail Abyssteus, ditching Atlantean Dragoons, searching Abyssmegalo and Abysslinde. He followed it up by revealing Abyssmegalo, ditching Abyssgunde and Abysslinde, to which Kevin dropped Maxx "C." With Abyssmegalo, he grabbed an Abyssphere from the deck. He set 3 to his back row and ended turn.

Kevin had 2 Mind Crush, Hieratic Seal of Convocation, Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit, Hieratic Dragon of Su and Luster Dragon. He special summoned Tefnuit, and it met its end at the hands of Solemn Warning. He activated the Convocation to grab another Tefnuit, it was special summoned and then tributed to special summon Su. In response to the summon, James flipped up Light Imprisoning Mirror, effectively shutting off the flurry of special summons. Then the Su was tributed off to normal summon Luster Dragon, and Luster Dragon crashed with Abyssmegalo. He set one to his back row and at the end of main phase 2, James flipped up Abyssphere to grab Abysslinde, and then Abyssmegalo when the Abysslinde was destroyed during the end phase.

James simply drew for turn and attacked directly with Abyssmegalo and Abyssteus.

Silva drew Dragon's Shrine, sending Labradorite Dragon and Blaster to grave. He followed it up by banishing Tefnuit and Su to special summon Blaster. James chained Maxx "C" and then Blaster attacked over Abyssmegalo. Kevin passed back to James.

James drew for turn,  set two and turned Abyssteus to defense. Blaster bounced back to Kevin's hand during the end phase.

Kevin drew yet another Mind Crush. He banished Labradorite Dragon and Tefnuit to special summon Blaster once again. He attempted to attack with the Blaster, but it was ultimately stopped in its tracks by Fiendish Chain. Kevin set one and passed.

James drew for turn and revealed Abyssteus, discarding Tidal. Kevin chained Mind Crush, calling Abyssteus. Tidal then resurrected itself from the grave by banishing Abyssteus and Abyssmegalo. He then overlaid it with Abyssteus to make Number 11: Big Eye. He detached Tidal to take control of Kevin's Blaster and passed turn.

Kevin drew Su off the top. He set a card to his back row and passed.

James banished Dragoons and Abysslinde to special summon Tidal once more, and when he went to the battle phase, Kevin offered the handshake, knowing he couldn't stop the lethal damage.

James Guerrero beats Kevin Silva 2-1!