Round 9: Justin Ashe (Evilswarm) vs. Marcus Hale (Geargia)

Here we are moving into the final round of Day One of the ARG Circuit Series Washington, D.C.! This time we'll be showcasing two duelists at 5-2, fighting to keep their Top 16 hopes alive as they duke it on the featured Table 7. Will Evilswarms numerous forms of protection be enough to stop the format juggernaut that is Geargia?


Game 1

Justin wins the die roll and decides to go first. He starts off with by Normal Summoning an Evilswarm Castor and then brings out an Evilswarm Mandragora. He then overlays for Evilswarm Ophion, which uses its effect to grab an Infestation Pandemic from the deck. He sets four backrow and passes the turn.

Marcus begins with a Patrick Hoban to dig one card deeper. He quickly Normal Summons Geargiarsenal successfully which tributes itself to bring out a Geargiarmor from the deck in Defense. Geargirmor flips face down, then he sets four backrow and ends his turn.


9000 – 8000


Justin moves to Main Phase 1 and activates Evilswarm Ophion's effect to search for another Infestation Pandemic. He Normal Summons Evilswarm Castor and proceeds to the Battle Phase Ophion swings on Marcus's set Geargiarmor, baiting out a Dimensional Prison. Justin responds with an Infestation Pandemic, but in response Marcus chains Compulsory Evacuation Device targeting Evilswarm Castor. Ophion runs over Geargiarmor, letting Marcus search out Geargiano MK II. Justin sets two more to his backrow and ends his turn.

Marcus gets right to work and Normal Summons Geargiano MK II. Its effect resolves, letting him Special Summon Geargiarmor from his graveyard. He continues on and Special Summons Geargiaccelerator. Next, Marcus overlays Geargiarmor and Geargiaccelerator for Number 101: Silent Honor ARK. Justin immediately responds with a Black Horn of Heaven. Marcus tries to force his play through with a Wiretap, but Justin has a Wiretap of his own to stop the ARK from hitting the field. Marcus passes without a further play, and during the End Phase Justin Mystical Space Typhoons Marcus's newly set Mystical Space Typhoon.

Justin normals Castor then summons Evilswarm Kerykeion. Kerykeion activates to add Castor from the graveyard to his hand, which is then Normal Summoned. Having seen enough, Marcus picks it up and we move to Game 2. A relentless amount of summons and some clutch Counter Traps secure Evilswarms a one game advantage!


Game 2


Marcus chooses to go first in Game 2. After drawing his opener, he heaves a sigh as he shakes his head and contemplates his first move. A quick set of four backrow and a monster ends his first turn.

Justin begins by Special Summoning Mandragora in Defense. He then Normal Summons Castor, letting him overlay the two for Evilswarm Exciton Knight, demanding a response from Marcus, but there was none. The summon resolves, and Justin immediately activates Evilswarm Exciton Knight's effect, attempting to nuke the field. Finally, Marcus chains Geargiagear, followed by a Compulsory Evacuation Device on his own Geargiarmor to save it from danger. Geargiagear resolves to bring out MK II and Geargiano which are quickly wiped off the field along with a Book of Moon and Dimensional Fissure. Justin sets two and passes.


Marcus draws for turn. He activates Mystical Space Typhoon and hits a Black Horn of Heaven. He Normal Summons Geargiano MK II to Special Summon Geargiano from his graveyard. The two overlay to Xyz Summon Temtempo the Percussion Djinn. Temtempo attacks over Exciton Knight after using its effect. Marcus sets one to his backrow before ending his turn.


8000 - 7700


Justin goes into the tank, and starts by summoning Evilswarm Kerykeion. Kerykeion banishes Mandragora as cost and targets Castor, but Marcus responds with Breakthrough Skill. Justin then flips his set Infestation Infection, ladding Castor to his hand and etting him send Kerykion back into the deck. Justin then adds a Kerykeion to his hand with the effect of Kerykeion. He uses his additional Normal Summon for Castor followed by Evilswarm Thunderbird. He then Xyz Summons Diamond Dire Wolf, using its effect to destroy itself and Temtempo. He then confidently passes the turn with a hand full of action.

Marcus can only help but draw and set a monster as he passes back.

Justin Normal Summons Castor and another Thunderbird, going right into an Xyz Summon for Ophion. Ophion uses its effect to grab an Infestation Pandemic which he keeps in his hand. He proceeds to Battle Phase and runs over a set Geargiaccelerator, letting Marcus grab a Geargiano MK II back to his hand. He sets one card and passes.

Marcus starts his desperation turn by Normal Summoning Geargiano MK II to special Geargiano. He then makes a Wind-Up Zenmaines, sets one to his backrow and ends his turn.

Justin Normal Summons Evilswarm Kerykeion, banishing Thunderbird to add Castor to his hand which is immediately summoned. He overlays the two Evilswarm monsters for Number 50: Blackship of Corn to get rid of Zenmaines. He swings through with Ophion before passing the turn.


7000 - 4450


Marcus sets his newly drawn monster and ends his turn.

At the start of Justin's Main Phase 1 he sends back Mandragora with Infection but Marcus responds with MST. He then enters his Battle Phase and Ophion attackss Marcus's set monster, a Geargiarmor, letting him search a Geargiaccelerator to add to his hand. Blackship of Corn connects directly, and Justin passes without any further action.


7000 – 2350


Marcus looks at his last card and immediately offers the handshake. Both duelists are likely to make the Top 32, but Justin has his eyes set on tomorrow's Top 16!

Joe Soto