Safety First!

In this game, decent Spell and Trap support which isn't  themed can be very hard to come by.  Even harder to come by are Spell/Trap cards which help you defensively that aren’t a complete minus. Sometimes, once in awhile we get something like Solemn Warning (although a bit too powerful), or the new card from Extreme Victory, “Safe Zone”. Safe Zone is a spicy new Continuous Trap that does the following;

Safe Zone

Select 1 face-up Attack Position monster on the field. It cannot be targeted or destroyed by your opponent's card effects, it cannot be destroyed by battle, and it cannot attack your opponent directly. When this card is removed from the field, destroy that monster. When that monster is removed from the field, destroy this card.

Safe Zone is a completely unique card, in the sense its one of a rare breed that can be used both defensively and offensively. Right before I started to write this, I was playing against my roommate using two of this card, and the tricks I pulled off made me completely fall in love. Before going any further, here were some instances where I used “Safe Zone”

Example 1: My opponent had a Stardust Dragon and a facedown monster, which I thought was Ryko. I Set Safe Zone and Sangan, passing my turn. My opponent then proceeded to flip Ryko, targeting my Safe Zone, I then chained it, targeting his Stardust Dragon. This then caused his Stardust to be destroyed (And no, Stardust cannot negate that effect).

Example 2: Again my opponent had Stardust Dragon, and was at 2000 Life Points, with no backrow. I had Safe Zone facedown, with Debris Dragon in hand. I Summoned Debris Dragon, bringing back Dandylion, Synchro Summoned Black Rose Dragon and activated its effect. He responded with Stardust Dragon, trying to negate and destroy my Black Rose, but I chained my Safe Zone, preventing my Black Rose from being destroyed by Stardust effect, but allowing Stardust to negate Black Rose’s ability, thus letting me attack directly for game.

Those were just some of the neat and cool things that happened. The card has more general purposes like protecting your large Synchro Monsters, like Stardust Dragon, from being consumed by cards like Dimensional Prison, or Caius the Shadow Monarch. Even if they try to deal with Safe Zone with cards like Mystical Space Typhoon, you can just activate Stardust Effect, and relieve it from Safe Zones effects. It can even combo well with Scrap Dragon, destroying it and another card an opponent controls, then chaining it on an opponent’s face-up monster. Scrap Dragon will destroy both Safe Zone and the card you targeted, while Safe Zone takes out the opponents monster!  It’s especially good to use Safe Zone to make super hard to kill monsters, like Legendary Six Samurai Shien, immune to even more cards. Protect Shien from your opponent’s card effects, while also negating 1 Spell or Trap a turn.

When playing Gladiator Beast, this card can be used as a pseudo Waboku. When your opponent attacks your Gladiator Beast, chain your Safe Zone to keep your monster keeping it from being destroyed by battle, then swap out the Gladiator Beast. Or, you can simply use Safe Zone to protect the Gladiator Beast from card effects, making sure your attack isn’t halted, and your Gladiator able to tag.

Something else I found neat was using it in combination with Reborn Tengu. I was able to make Reborn Tengu indestructible for a period of time, and if my opponent ever wanted to try and deal with it via destroying Safe Zone, I would just get another Reborn Tengu from my deck. This way I was able to maintain a moderately high attack monster on the field, and stall my way out of a bad situation, letting me see at least 3 new cards before my protected Tengu was dealt with. It was a fairly annoying scheme I had going on.

Safe Zone in combination with the right monsters can be devastating and game ending. There are certain scenarios which the only way an opponent could come back is having running outs. These are exactly the situations where you want to put your opponent. I win so many of my games, making the game very simple, “If I create this game state, the only way I could lose is my opponent having these combination of cards”, which more often than not, your opponent will not have those exact cards to beat you. If you can start thinking of Yu-Gi-Oh that way, and attempting to do that, I guarantee you’re win percentage will increase.

Until next time my fellow Yu-Gi-Players! Thanks for reading and make sure if you have any questions, feel free to ask or send me a message on Facebook!




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