September 1st Ban List Prediction

joe giolandoIt is just about that time of the year. Historically speaking, we are about a week or so away from the official leak of the September 2013 Limited and Forbidden List. Over the course of the last two list cycles I wrote articles pertaining to my predictions and desires. My desire lists tended to create quite an outcry from the Yu-Gi-Oh community, and I am not sure if I am going to make a revision to my list from last year. I certainly have not made a clear cut decision yet, but we will see going forward if that is something the community wants to read about. What I am going to do is look back over the course of the last six months and make predictions about what we will see going forward. I have historically gotten a few predictions correct, and perhaps this time around I can do the same thing. I should make it quite clear that what I am going to say in the remainder of this article is in no way shape or form what I would like to see happen on September 1st. This is merely a prediction of what we will see from Konami. So without further delay, time to jump right into it.

Newly Forbidden:

Monster Reborn

Pot of Avarice


Newly Limited to 1:

Evilswarm Ophion

Brain Control

Gold Sarcophagus

Spellbook of Judgment

Super Rejuvenation


Newly Limited to 2:

Atlantean Dragoons

Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind

Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos

Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders

Lonefire Blossom

Mermail Abyssmegalo

Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms

Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy

Spellbook of Secrets


Newly Unlimited:

Debris Dragon

T.G. Striker

Thunder King Rai-Oh


Advanced Ritual Art



Just to reiterate, I do not believe these changes are adequate enough, but they are my honest predictions for the September 1st, 2013 Ban List.

Anyway, for explanations.

monster rebornMonster Reborn to 0/Brain Control to 1

Brain Control is easily one of the most frustrating cards in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh. "Brain for Game" was a common occurrence in every format the card has been legal. However, with that being said - Monster Reborn happens to fall just in line with Brain Control in the game altering effect it has. If you are in a dire situation, both cards have the chance to turn the situation around. Konami of Japan wants these stellar individual top decks to exists, so switching out Monster Reborn for Brain Control is not that absurd of a prediction. When Brain Control was originally banned, it was Monster Reborn which found itself being unbanned at the same time. With the recent support for Synchro monsters, it would not surprise me to see Konami bring back one of the easiest ways to utilize your opponents monsters for giant Synchro summons. I would love to see both cards leave forever, but I just sense Brain Control making a return to the Yu-Gi-Oh world.

Pot of Avarice to 0

With the upcoming release of Pot of Duplicity.

At the start of your Main Phase 1: Target 3 monsters with different Types in your Graveyard; shuffle all 3 of them into the Deck, then draw 2 cards. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase during the turn you activate this card.

I would not be surprised to see this mean the farewell of Pot of Avarice. While it may not be the most played card this current format, the card has been an issue for the game for years on end. Pot of Duplicity offers the decks which want that effect a similar replacement, but cannot be universally abused in the same way that Pot of Avarice has been.

Evilswarm OphionEvilswarm Ophion to 1

Traditionally when there has been an Extra Deck boss monster, Konami has had the tendency to use the limited list as a way to handle the deck without making changes to the structure of the deck. Six Samurai saw this happen with Shi En and I would not be surprised to see the same happen to Ophion. With the return of Synchro monsters, Ophion exists as a limitation to future card design and something Konami would not want as a limitation to their new releases. Decisions are often made for the benefit of future product, and this one would fall into that category.

Gold Sarcophagus to 1

This card once existed at one, and slowly found itself at three after many years. Seeing it being played in threes in Dragon Ruler is exactly the type of motivation needed to make the switch back to one. I always thought this was near perfect card design, but Konami tends to make changes that handle another problem which affect well designed cards. Unfortunately for Gold Sarcophagus, the Dragon Ruler archtpye was released. As an attempt to keep the Dragon Rulers as a playable archtype, I could see Konami make this type of decision.

 Spellbook of Judgment to 1

This is quite possibly one of the best single Yu-Gi-Oh cards of all time. The full effect of Spellbook of Judgment rival the impact of Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End, but I fear it will exist for six more months. This card was one of the most hyped and expected releases over the course of the last year, and I could see Konami acknowledge its power, but fail to pull the trigger on a full banning. Limiting it to one will obviously damage the Spellbook archtype, but the functionality of the deck will allow it to still use the card several times in the game. It just forces Spellbook players to continuously look it with Spellbook of Eternity. I believe the card should never have been printed, but it is the card that brings the entire archtype together, and the recent release of World of Prophecy may keep the card around another six months.

Super RejuvenationSuper Rejuvenation to 1

Another one of the cards I believe should be banned, which likely will not be. There is something about this card which feels weird sitting next to Painful Choice and Pot of Greed on the Ban List, but have you seen it these past few months? Even if they touch the Dragon Ruler archtype, this card has never been used fairly. Konami will not pull the trigger to put it zero, but I could easily see it at one. That is a mistake, but seems likely to me.

Atlantean Dragoons/Mermail Abyssmegalo to 2

Even if Mermails feel off the face of the earth after the release of Dragon Rulers and Spellbook of Judgment, they were far and away the most dominant deck in the months prior. Event after event Mermails were constantly in the finals and occupying the highest percentage of decks in the Top 32. These restrictions will be made to limit the consistency of pulling off the Deep Sea Diva OTK, but also to keep the deck a strong contender going forward. With the release of new Synchro monsters, I doubt Konami will touch the Deep Sea Diva engine, and will want to see this deck exist as another which can utilize some of the new Synchro monsters.

The Dragon Rulers to 2

This certainly hurts the Dragon Ruler archtype, but not enough to cripple it going forward. Each of these creatures can be found outside of the Dragon Ruler archtype, so I doubt they put them each to one right off the bat. If two still prove to dominate the competitive circuit, then sure, I could see them being limited in the future. But for the benefit of decks like Psychics or Mermails, I could see Konami limited them to two in order to leave them as inclusions in a myriad of competitive decks. The Dragon Ruler archtype was obviously the boogeyman in the room these past few months, and with a few limitations Konami will believe other decks can survive again.

Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind to 2

The Blackwing archtype has slowly been given back vital pieces over the last few years and seeing Gale go to two would not be a surprise. Not only is it another piece of support for an archtype that is vastly outclassed by new releases, it just so happens to be a tuner monster. If Konami is trying to support their new Synchro monsters, one would expect this Ban List cycle to bring new life to many of the old archtypes which tried to utilize that mechanic. Blackwings were one of the first to successfully use Synchro monsters, and Gale was always the go to tuner.

lonefire blossomLonefire Blossom to 2/Debris Dragon to 3

The second Lonefire Blossom just so happens to open the door to endless Synchro based combos when used in conjunction with Formula Synchron, Dandylion and Spore. If Konami wants to see players slam Star Eater on the board, Lonefire Blossom to two is one of the easiest ways to make it happens. Combining Lonefire Blossom with the standard Call of the Haunted was one of the original ways to make these type of plays happen, so with three Call of the Haunted - Konami can easily expect the player base to begin the return of Plant based Synchro decks. Debris Dragon falls into the same category as Lonefire Blossom. Whenever there has been a Plant deck, Debris Dragon was not too far behind. Seeing Debris Dragon go back up to three will only further help new Synchro monsters hit the table the next six months.

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy/Spellbook of Secrets to 2

Putting these cards to two will have no actual effect on what the Prophecy archtype is trying to accomplish. Instead it will damage the consistency numbers, a decision which Konami has done countless times over history. Remember when Rescue Rabbit was limited to two? The deck is still trying to accomplish the same gamestates, but it lost the consistency numbers. These limitations do not go a long way towards rendering the deck useful, but they do help limit how often Spellbook ogf Judgment hits the table.

T.G. Striker to 3

You may see a theme developing here, but this card was limited to one as a way to promote the newly released XYZ monsters. Seeing as how we are on the tail end of that era in Yu-Gi-Oh, it should be expected that we begin seeing cards like T.G. Striker climb up the Ban List. It really would not have a tremendous effect on competitive play, so why not? Plus you know, he is a tuner after all.

thunder kingThunder King Rai-Oh to 3

I am still not sure why this card went to two. Seeing as how it had almost no effect on the last six months, I could see them put it back to three.

Tsukuyomi to 3

Now here is something to talk about. This guy was originally banned because of the ability to re-use flip effect monsters such as Magician of Faith or Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive. In the newer era of Yu-Gi-Oh, flip effects are dramatically outclassed by the power creep. So with that being said, Tsukuyomi has still need able to find itself in competitive top tier decks. Instead of reusing your own effects, this card has been used to shut down whatever stun effect happens to be hindering your plays at the moment - if that is Fossil Dyna or Thunder King Rai-Oh. The difference between two and three copies of this card is so small I see Konami making the decision to move it up the Ban List. They clog, you definitely do not need multiple copies to accomplish anything - and the abuse of flip effects is over five years old.

Advanced Ritual Art to 3

Card has done nothing at two. Konami tends to slowly creep these type of cards up the list, so you can almost guarantee they will put it at three to see if it causes any ripple effects in the game. Competitively speaking, it probably won't. There will be those players who Herald of Perfection Lock you out of a game here or there, but we have dealt with that for some time now.

Reasoning to 3

I understood the reasoning to put this to one back in the day. The reasoning to put it to two though? I am not quite sure. Would this card be played in threes? Probably not. So I can see Konami's reasoning in putting this back to three.

And outrage commence.


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  • Didier

    The real problem with Ophion is that it’s an auto-win card against synchro decks if they don’T draw into Gran-Mole or Tsukuyomi, even then, they’re not going for combo before you can get Ophion back. The fact you can get it from the extra at any moment makes limiting it to 1 useless.

  • Andrew Mortenson

    I still think Ophion to 1 is an overreaction, For me, he usually just sits there and fetches a few things, then dies when my opponent makes a bigger xyz monster. Jowgen, Pachy, Vanity’s emptiness, Vanity’s Fiend etc. are all as strong, or indeed stronger than, Ophion save for the search effect. I don’t get why monster reborn would be banned when I have heard virtually no complaints about it, Brain Control is way worse and will be far more problematic if it resurfaces. Avarice is a pretty good call with Pot of Duplicity coming in, however I just don’t see it. It’s not what it used to be. In conclusion I PRAY that Konami outright bans Spellbook of Judgment. Such a card should have never seen print in the first place. While one can understand Super Rejuvenation being broken because of how the game progresses, there is no reason to print a huge advantage bomb with absolutely no chance for drawback for a deck that is already top tier. It makes for one-deck formats which is not fun at all.

    • Andrew Mortenson

      And I have to agree with Super Rejuvenation. It doesn’t seem like a card that should be banned, but it’s too good to just be limited as well. Dirty card indeed. On another note, I find Advanced Ritual Art to be a rather concerning card, especially when Herald of Perfection is as good as it ever was. Kristya Herald is frightening and not very fun either.

  • Harmonic

    I actually enjoyed this prediction post. I am also glad to see that there isn’t a huge influx of hate responses or “this list sucks” comments. As I’ve stated in other prediction comments boxes, no one likes to see their favorite deck get hit by the ban list in any way. With that said I do not see
    Konami being okay with two decks topping every major event lately.

    If they hit Dragons and Prophecy, previously topping deck like Mermails will see a jump back for sure. I wholeheartedly agree with you that not only should the top two decks get hit but Konami should also make careful adjustment to the previously topping decks too, like Mermails. I myself play Tidal Mermails and I’m sure this can be disputed back and forth but I honestly feel like running 3 Megalo’s can be cloggy. Megalo has a nice niche at 2 and with Tidal now played in most Mermail decks I see a lot of people using the Atlanteans with Tidal’s effect more so than with Megalo’s so I don’t foresee Megalo becoming Semi-Limited. I do see Dragoons being put to 1 though partly because of his OTK ability with the Diva/Megalo train. With him at multiple copies you can set up the OTK too easily. If Megalo sends a Dragoons and you have no Diva in hand, guess who you get with Dragoons…Diva! Dragoons’ capability of searching ANY sea-serpent, I think, is just too advantageous and versatile. And again, I play Mermails, so would I like to see this change…no, but do I see it as a reasonable possibility, absolutely.

    In a closing note I think Monster Reborn does have a chance of being banned. It’s a card with absolutely no cost. Cards like Dark Hole and Heavy Storm have a “cost”, and having that cost makes it limited instead of banned. Dark Hole is the cost version of Raigeki. You destroy your monsters, if any, as well as theirs. Likewise, Heavy Storm is the cost version of Harpie’s Feather Duster. You destroy your back row, if any, as well as theirs. It’s cards like these that Konami will continuously evaluate for the meta scene.

    Anyways, I think this was a well put together ban prediction and I’ll be interested to see what the coming weeks bring for the game.

  • Youreanoob

    How people keep saying that TKRO hasn’t had an impact in the game. So dumb

  • Christian Valentino Austin Cla

    Your prediction sucks what your mom couldn’t, BIG ONES.

  • bobm40

    A nice enough list there are a lot of problems with this list though.
    1. Brain Control is more than likely guaranteed you said yourself “Brain for Game” not to mention with synchros and xyz being around it just makes the abuse of the card that much better. Might as well Semi Mind Control
    2. I don’t see Gold Sarco and Super Rejuv getting the hammer just because of Dragon Rulers the cards havn’t done anything prior to this format aside from rogue decks and arent the problem the Dragon Rulers themselves are, and the Rank 7 XYZ
    3. Mermails havnt been doing much and knowing Konami they wouldnt hit them and if they did they wouldnt hit Dragoons and they’re main Boss monster right off the bat since they didnt do it when they were in the big 2.
    4. After having just limited Rai-Oh when it wasnt making much of an impact at 3 i cant see them bringing it back to 3 just a list later especially since its done just about the same amount as 3 Rai-Ohs regardless

  • gabo777

    And btw comparing Secrets and Magician to Rescue Rabbit doesn’t make sense because netiher secrets or magician force you to run vanillas.
    This is the reason why Rabbit lost consistency.

  • gabo777

    1.- This list does almost NOTHING to dragon rulers, the deck can be tier 1 with 2 of each, 3 Swords, 1 Sarco, 1 Super Rejuv.

    2.- Megalo and Dragoons to 2 is just waste of space ont he banlist because this change does nothing.

    3.- Spellbook of Judgment at 1 but still the deck has 4 other searchers that can be recycled.

    So in conclusion the list does nothing to the meta, only gives power to 3 Axis.

    • EndothermicNuclearBomb

      It’s a prediction, not a wish list.

    • matt

      sir, 2 dragons equals you run one baby, you have to run other things is what this would force you to do, banishing dragons for other dragons would be a problem and if you sworded a dragon away get the baby, that’s it for the element, plus the limiting of super rejuv stops is derpness

    • Didier

      dragoon to 2 slow thems down to a point they are simply good.
      Judgment to 1, magician at 2 ans secret at 2 keeps prophecy out of really competitive scene forever.

  • Tim NoneYa

    Looks like a fun list at least, but Card Destruction not getting banned is pretty out of this world. It’s got to go. Debris Dragon at 3 while Lonefire is at 2 is a bit much. I’d say one or the other. Most likely Lonefire since Debris can be abuse by so many other decks. And sadly, Dragon could still be a top deck with all those hits. It would switch to more tech cards like Debris and Eclipse. Once again see the need to hit Card Destruction. And lastly, While it has little effect on the TCG, Striker did get hit for good reason. TG Agents was such a powerful OTK deck it was nuts. I think Striker at 2 is fine though.

    • jojo69

      i agree with lonefire going to 2 over debris to 3. but mostly because kamenleon is a better debris dragon, except not achetype specific

    • Noah LaRosa

      Honestly. Is Darkworld really that hard of a math-up for you?

      • Didier

        It’s not about darkworld, Card Destruction is auto-win in Dragon Rulers

        • Noah LaRosa

          I don’t think Card Destruction was ever a wincon in Dragons lol

  • Anonymous

    Joe, do you really think they’ll semi-limit all the big dragons though? That seems pretty drastic to me, at least when talking about Konami here.

  • Gravekeeper Peasent

    Argh! I’m so angry and outraged! My opinions greatly differ from yours! I’ll pretend I know more than you by hating on your prediction so I can sleep at night!

    Seriously though, nice article. It’s just unreasonable enough for me to believe Konami will do it.

  • Vagina

    Why would u release a banlist prediction when v jump scans are floating around?

    • nogger

      This was written way before the scans were out, and there’s absolutely no proof the scans are real anyway. There’s tons of fake scans released every 6 months.

    • Johnny Site Li

      Unless you’ve been playing for under 6 months, you must have seen by now that twice a year there are some VERY well photoshopped scans that float all over the internet.

      • Dylan

        Not to mention, Trish is the new Goyo this month lol. If you know what I mean. Trish’s price is through the roof because idiots think the list with it going to 1 is going to be real yet it has the baby dragons and spellbook of judgment going to 0 which is extremely farfetched and Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Rooster going to 1 which isn’t gonna happen.

  • duelist12369

    inb4 a bunch of flame comments