Spike Brothers: Resistance is Futile

Its your opponents turn, you are sitting on four damage with four cards in hand and two intercepts, you got this. Your opponents is playing the Spike Brothers clan and he is sitting at five damage, his front row consist of Demonic Lord Dudley Emperor and two Juggernaut Maximums and he has two cards in hand, you have more than enough to guard. He attacks with both his rearguard Juggernauts but does not boost them, this seems strange to you but you use two 10000 shields from your hand to guard and he shuffles them back into the deck. All that is left is his Vanguard and you have the perfect guard in your hand, its game over for him as a smirk comes across your face. Your Opponent then says those dreaded words that still ring in your ear to this day.... "Limit Break!" Using his last two cards from hand he soul charges his Vanguard and calls out two more Juggernaut Maximums to his empty rearguard columns. As you use your perfect guard and your last card from hand he hits a critical trigger and gives the critical to his rearguard Juggernaut and the boost to his other Juggernaut, both can still be boosted by the rearguards behind him. Using Juggernauts skill he swings are your Vanguard for 24000 plus critical. The smirk fades from your face as you realize that your intercepts are not enough to save you and you need to damage check a heal trigger. First Check! .... its nothing you are at five damage, as hope quickly fades you realize it is now or never. Second Check!..... its a heal you recover one damage and your vanguard is now at 16000 power plus your two intercepts give you a total shield of 26000, but it is no use. Using Juggernauts skill, with the boost from the trigger check and the rearguard behind him, he swings for 29000 at your Vanguard to end the game.

Even though the example above is highly dramatized, the Spike Brothers are a very aggressive clan that can attack up to five times per turn as well as swing for large numbers. This requires your opponent use most of not all of their cards on the field and in their hand if they want to live to see another turn. By the end of this Article you will know how to build and use a Spike Brothers deck that excels in offense and defense, but also sets you up for that end game push and is still viable when Cross Rides come out.


The Deck List

Grade 0: 17

Mech Trainer x1 (Starter)

Silence Joker x4 (Critical)

Sonic Breaker x4 (Critical)

Cheerful Lynx x4 (Draw)

Cheer Girl, Tiara x4 (Heal)

Grade 1: 14

Wonder Boy x4

Reckless Express x4

Medical Manager x3

Cheer Girl, Marilyn x3

Grade 2: 11

Treasured, Black Panther x4

Highspeed, Brakki x4

Panzer Gale x3

Grade 3: 8

Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor x4

Juggernaut Maximum x4

Grade 3's

We are only running two different types in this deck, and they are both powerhouses. Lets take a look at their skills and how to use them effectively.

Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor

[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter Blast (2) & Choose two «Spike Brothers» from your hand, and put them into your soul] When this unit attacks a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to two «Spike Brothers», call them to separate open (RC), and shuffle your deck.
[AUTO](VC):When this unit is boosted by a «Spike Brothers», this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of that battle.

This is the main Vanguard we want to ride and using the skill of our starter (Mech Trainer) we can get a Wonder boy behind him to swing for 21000 every turn. The main focus of this Unit is the Limit Break. You really only want to use this skill to push for a final turn, early use of this skill leaves you with nothing on the field except boosters and in a bad spot if you don not have enough hand to defend with.

Juggernaut Maximum

[AUTO](RC): [Soul-Blast 1] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power] +5000 until end of that battle, and at the beginning of the close step of that battle, return this unit to your deck, and shuffle your deck.

This is the work horse of the deck. Call two of these out with Demonic Lords Skill and use his ability after you have applied the triggers. This combo sets you up for deadly numbers anywhere from 22000-24000 not including what you drive check. Also note, do not waste your Juggernauts skill before you use Demonic Lords Limit Break, this could cause misplays where you wont have enough soul to successfully use the limit break to the fullest.

Grade 2's

 Treasured, Black Panther

This is your basic 10000 power grade 2. Try to ride this if possible and if you end up having him in rear guard just intercept him away to make room for your Juggernauts or Brakki.

Highspeed, Brakki

The other workhorse of the deck. If you find yourself pushing for final turn and you do not have any Juggernauts fear not, these work just as well. They have the same skill as Juggernaut but with slighty less power. You can swing for 14000 solo with booster you can swing for anywhere from 20000-22000.

Panzer Gale

This is the defense that I am talking about. Panzer Gale is your Grade 2 Special intercept meaning he can intercept for 10000. Use these the same as you would use Black panther, just intercept out of the way when its time to use Brakki or Juggernaut for Final Turn.

Grade 1's

 Wonder Boy

This is a staple 8000 power booster. Try to get a back row full of these they allow you to swing for large numbers.

Medical Manager

A great tech card for spike brothers. When he is called he allows you to soul charge one from your deck giving you an extra change to use a Brakki or Juggernaut early without fear of being short on soul for your final turn.

Cheer Girl, Marilyn

Staple perfect guard, we only run 3 of these because as a Spike Brothers player, you will not have that many extra cards in hand to burn for these. Use wisely.

Reckless Express

The other, other workhorse of the deck. Same skill as Brakki and Juggernaut with slighltly less power, 12000 power unboosted using skill and 18000-20000 with boosters. Whats important to remember is that if you are playing a non crossride deck these are still viable for a final turn if you do not have a Brakki or Juggernaut. These can also be used early game if you have extra cards in your soul from Medical Managers effect.

Grade 0's

 Critical triggers do not need much explaining. To run an effective deck in the current meta you need to be running at least 8 critical triggers this allows extra damage and puts pressure on your opponent. At no point should you be using the skill of the critical trigger in your Spike Brothers Deck.

Draw triggers, as a Spike Player it is always nice to see one of these, it gives you an extra chance to get the cards you need to hand for that final turn push.

Heal triggers, no explanation needed. These are game changers.

Mech Trainer

Best starter to use for Spike Brothers, use his skill to get a wonderboy on the field to boost your front row. If you find you do not need any more boosters use his skill to get a perfect guard to hand to use later.


Spike Brothers is a very competitive and technical deck with one winning image in mind, BEATDOWN! With the raw power and high hitting numbers this deck offers you can easily see how this deck can still be viable with the release of crossrides. Thanks for Reading and if you liked what you read stop by my youtube channel (www.youtube.com/Nightflux)  for more Cardfight! Vanguard news, deck profiles, and much more. See you next time!

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