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Hello there readers! Some of you may or may not know me. My name is Steffon Bizzell. I am a 22 year old college student and working man @ one of the 394 National Parks in the USA, Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. I’m originally from Marietta, Georgia but reside in Mass for now. Of course I also spend quite some time playing my favorite hobby game that everyone knows and loves....YUGIOH!

My credentials include 1 SJC Top 16 in Columbus Ohio in 2009, 1 YCS top 32 in Kansas City Missouri in 2011, and 6 regional tops. I have been playing the game since 2002, but didn’t hit the competitive scene until mid 2007. But enough about me, lets hop aboard this Tour Bus (I had to do it) to explore what awaits us in the future!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am always one to talk about what is happening in the coming months and what to expect when the day arrives for the exciting set to debut. I think this is a great way to stay ahead of the game. Doing this gives you an immense amount of knowledge and is a great tactic to commit to. Here are a couple of points to be noted:

1. Gives you insight on new archetypes coming soon, letting you prepare and start understanding the combos of the deck, find tech choices that connect with the deck, etc.

2. Also on the slight contrary however, knowing about an archetype that’s coming out that you most likely will not be playing, but you know is a contender and threat is always good too. Figuring out what tech side/main deck choices that may hurt the deck is an important factor in deciding if the deck is really that good, average, or just a plain flop. For example, all the plant players knew about the Dark World support for a couple of months before its debut at YCS Columbus Ohio this year. All plant players as well as other decks prepared for this scary deck in advance by testing online through Dueling Network mostly, and also the little bit of time between the week it was released and that same weekend the cards were legal.

3.  Reading up on what individual cards have been added to the card pool to help existing decks already. This is exceptionally great because let’s say one of your favorite decks, X-Sabers, is receiving a new support card(s) in the next debuting set, this allows you to start picking up all the X-Saber cards before the prices rise and it side winds you away from laying the deck. Then once you collect all of the cards needed, you can get extras to be able to trade to you fellow players, and you'll be the envy of them because you knew what was to come and now prices go up on the cards and so on. There’s lots of great potential in this and you can see for yourself what good things will come of this.

4. Two of my friends, Cesar Gonzalez (YES he's back!) and Joseph Bogli, are guys I both talk to about new and play test with all the time. One of us is always knowledgeable about something that is new to come. Having friends that willing to discuss about new cards coming into the game always is a major plus! Two or more heads will always e better than one, and the more information you have the better off you’ll be in you quest to succeed in the future!

5. And last but definitely not least, the new phenomenon I mentioned earlier, Dueling Network! Earlier this summer this amazing site hit the internet and was all of the new talk. This site is a great way to get a feel for the new cards, considering anytime they find out about a card, the creator puts the card into the card pool and you are able to play with them right away! Although internet dueling is not the same as real live Actual playing, this is a great way to taste the things to come!

Speaking of new cards and things to come, Order of Chaos will be hitting here and be released on January 24th 2012! There are many new and exciting cards coming into our 5000+ carpool that may strike your interest! The Inzektors are ready to control the field and swarm quickly, diminishing your options while they constantly gain more. Ninjas have never been taken seriously until now, and they are trickier than ever before! The ninja get nearly 15 cards of support and are ready to try and take a tier 1 spot in the game! There is also lots of light and dark support that will arrive for us to test with....and speaking of dark support, some of you know what I’m about to forge upon your eyes as you read this article...the dreaded Tour Bus From the Underworld will be released! Yes you read correct; you all thought that the Tour Guide would really come without her bus??? did I! This totally surprised me and I was in awe when I saw the card. I mean, if the Tour Guide is really good, then the bus has to be equally as good or better! Obviously there will be synergy between the two, but that is words for another article.

If you guys don’t know a good source to find out the latest in what’s going on, check out:
I recommend this site to anyone that likes to know what’s happening months in advanced.

So With that, in conclusion I will leave you here for now with this on your mind so you can think about if you would like to stay ahead of the game. Everyone is different, and some like the element of surprise by waiting, which is fine...for casual players! If you want to become serious in this game, or even if you already are, looking up cards that are in the future that gets closer with every second is the way to go. You receive the knowledge and begin to possess ideas that just may make take you to the top!  The sky is not the limit because there are footsteps on the Moon! Take your dreams as high as you can reach! Remember that. This is Steffon Bizzell signing off for now. You guys take care and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Steffon B.

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