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Introduction: Hi I’m Kazuki Jacobson, from Las Vegas, and I have played this game from the beginning since this game has started. I took a break from this game due to the fact I started taking AP classes at my high school, and I have just recently started playing again, however I was saddened for the fact that many of the players at my locals didn’t even get slightly better, since my 6 month gap. They were still playing as though they have just started playing, sticking to their old strategies that were clearly the wrong way to approach how Read more

Hello there! My name’s Caesar E.S, and this is my entry for ARG’s Vanguard writing contest. I’m an Indonesian player who has played since BT-02 JP first came out, and a user of Dimension Police since BT-03 JP (You read that right. Well…mixed with Nova Grapplers, actually.) and am currently running Dimensional Robo decks both in ENG and JP. By chance, the team that uses Dimension Police in the anime is called Team Caesar. Coincidence? Probably. (Or not.) Either way, I’m very eager to write about my thoughts on the game, and of course, my favorite clan! But today, I’m Read more