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Card games as a whole:   Over the last few decades, card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic The Gathering, Kaijudo, and Cardfight Vangard have transpired, and spread like wildfire. Hundreds of thousands of card game players across the globe have banded together to form local, national, and worldwide communities of like-minded enthusiasts to further their card-gaming experience. Regardless of age, location, or even experience, card games have developed into a way of being connected to other people. Lasting friendships and unforgettable memories have been created on a global scale throughout this worldwide phenomenon we know as “card games”.    Vanguard’s Read more

Hello everyone! I am glad to write once again for Alter Reality Games! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Connor Bazil. I’ve written here once for the YuGiOh Holiday Contest back in 2011. Currently, I play a variety of card games such as YuGiOh, Kaijudo and even a little MTG. Over the past few months, Kaijudo has instantly become one of my favorite games (probably because I enjoyed Duel Masters so much :D). I was delighted to hear about the recent Organized Play announcement and cannot wait to hear more news about it! In Read more