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Instead of looking at promising deck lists being spotted at KMCs like I’ve been doing the past few weeks, I’ll be looking at a few single cards this week; specifically, those cards from Clash of the Duel Masters that have proven themselves to be far better than players gave them credit for.  These are cards that, while they might have not completely shifted the meta themselves, have definitely impacted it in a major way.  All of them can be seen in large numbers at KMCs and definitely need to be prepared for if you expect to do well.  Without any Read more

Welcome back, everybody!  This coming weekend is a big weekend for Kaijudo – probably the biggest yet. The first four Kaijudo Master Challenges are happening around the continent!  Hopefully a lot of you can attend one (my first will be in Wisconsin on the 11th!), and I hope my articles have been able to give you some insight on how to prepare for these events.  It will definitely be interesting to see which decks do well in these first few tournaments, but my article today is on more of a general subject related to playing: getting the most out of Read more

Welcome back, fellow Kaijudo duelists!  Today, I have an important article for you all to finish off my mini-segment on preparing for the upcoming Kaijudo Master Challenges.  It addresses a subject that probably has the biggest impact on a player’s overall successes in a duel, match, tournament, or even aspects of everyday life: mindset. “Mindset” is defined as a fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.  In a larger event such as the upcoming KMCs, there will be a lot of different situations a player has to encounter, and the only way Read more

What’s up, everybody!  I’m back with my second installment in “Preparing for Kaijudo Master Challenges”.  Last week, I talked about the importance of playtesting well during the days and weeks leading up to these events.  This week, I’m going to be taking a more specific look at where the metagame stands currently, and discuss some cards that have really shaped the meta in the weeks since Dragonstrike Infernus’ release. The current metagame is very important to take into consideration when preparing for these events.  After all, there are three whole weekends of Kaijudo Master Challenges before the next set, Clash Read more