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I recently had the opportunity to sit down with my friend Steve Silverman to chat about Kaijudo. Steve came in 2nd at this weekend’s Kaijudo Master Challenge in Tennessee piloting Greed Dragons. In fact, the top 4 was completely dominated by members of our local play group, Team SBK, all playing virtually the same deck! Brian Durkin took the title of KMC Tennessee champion, while Rob Wolinsky and Ryan Valentino rounded out the top 4. Read on to hear what a top player thinks about the current metagame. Zach Hine: Hey Steve, thanks for taking the time to sit down Read more

Hello everyone Alex Reed here, I’m here to write about my experience playing Dragonsworn to 2nd place at YCS Dallas. I have played Lightsworn for a long time, and knew the mechanic itself was strong, but needed something extra to really be competitive in this format. Once I saw the new Dragon Starter deck I knew that was exactly what Lightsworn needed to be competitive again. And best of all anyone on a budget can make this deck. The majority of the cards are cheap and several cards in the extra deck like Zenmaines are not really necessary. I began Read more