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Shattered Alliances brought us plenty of powerful cards, but nothing so over-the-top that it dominates all comers. The field for the opening weekend of KMCs seemed wide open. The results from the ARG Circuit Series in Fort Worth also seemed to support this notion. I really struggled with what I wanted to play for the KMC in Torrington, CT, and the cloudy results of my testing kept pulling me in different directions. I ground out Haven Control mirror matches. How much ramp is too much? Is [ccProd]Wildstrider Ramnoth[/ccProd] only good in the mirror? Do you need a dedicated Darkness package or Read more

The 5-color, shield blast-heavy deck affectionately dubbed “Greed Dragons” has the notable (or dubious, depending on who you ask) distinction of being the deck that helped shape the DragonStrike Infernus metagame. Many players were skeptical of its power at first, since its makeup flew in the face of some widely accepted conventions. Proudly and prominently featuring [ccProd]Bottle of Wishes[/ccProd], at the time believed to be a “kitchen table” card by a majority of the community, Greed Dragons tore through midrange decks with ease. The deck was an impossibly difficult matchup for Blurple decks, and a solid favorite against SaberBolt.¬† Greed Read more

I collapsed on my bed at 2:00 AM Sunday morning after a nearly 4 hour drive through the rain, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I fell short of my ultimate goal, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I had just returned home from the Kaijudo Master Challenge in Poughkeepsie, New York, graciously hosted by the fine folks at Dragon’s Den. And I had a blast. Expectations As soon as the dates and locations of the KMCs were announced, I circled this one on my calendar; this was the last weekend before the release of Clash of the Read more