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Welcome back! If you haven’t already done so, please check out part one of this article¬†here. In it, I talk about my experience at the first ever Kaijudo Championship LCQs. To get insight into Day 2 and beyond, however, I sat down to chat with my brother, KMC Poughkeepsie champion Tyler Hine. Zach Hine: Thanks for your time, Ty. Any general thoughts about the event before we get into specifics? Tyler Hine:¬†Sure. I mean, it was pretty cool that it was in Seattle. I had never been to the west coast before, so the free trip was fun. It was Read more

Friendly faces, new challengers, enthusiastic Wizards staff members, and the unique opportunity for players to design brand new cards! If you missed out on the first ever Kaijudo Championship in Seattle this past weekend, you missed a really unique event. The weekend wasn’t without its ups and downs on a personal note, but even after flying out to Seattle on my own dime and ultimately not walking away with the crown, I’d do it all over again. The trip was a whirlwind, so this article is going to follow suit. LCQ #1: Dodging the Landmines, or, “Please Don’t Pair Me Read more

The community is buzzing. The anticipation is mounting. We’re mere days away from the first ever Kaijudo Championship tournament in Seattle! I imagine that most everyone who has already qualified has a pretty good idea about what deck they plan to bring to the table at this point. For those of you out there who may still be unsure, and for those of you (like me) who hope to win one of the LCQs on Friday, here are some last-minute testing tips. Deckbuilding Is a Process Building the right deck is an inexact science, but there are rules of thumb Read more