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Hey there fellow Kaijudo duelists, Aiden Thorne here, and this will be my first article as an official member of the Alter Reality Games team! The Kaijudo community has been in an upheaval lately while everyone is trying to finalize their decks for the upcoming Kaijudo Master Challenges (KMCs). As most of you probably know, KMCs are the 24 tournaments hosted throughout the United States and Canada that allow you to qualify for the Kaijudo Championship. This is a pretty big deal, and for many this will be their first time at a large tournament; so I’m going to do Read more

What’s up, everybody!  I’m back with my second installment in “Preparing for Kaijudo Master Challenges”.  Last week, I talked about the importance of playtesting well during the days and weeks leading up to these events.  This week, I’m going to be taking a more specific look at where the metagame stands currently, and discuss some cards that have really shaped the meta in the weeks since Dragonstrike Infernus’ release. The current metagame is very important to take into consideration when preparing for these events.  After all, there are three whole weekends of Kaijudo Master Challenges before the next set, Clash Read more