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The final weekend of the KMC season weekend came and went, and the pressure of the high stakes was palpable. While many players opted to go with tried-and-true formulas, a select few came to the table with their own brews, and found great success with them. KMC Kentucky champion Brian Durkin is no stranger to going against the grain; many will instantly associate him with Greed Dragons, as he was one of the first to pilot the deck to a top finish. Brian played an innovative midrange deck at Mr. Nice Guy Games in Oakmont, PA, and he sat down Read more

The 5-color, shield blast-heavy deck affectionately dubbed “Greed Dragons” has the notable (or dubious, depending on who you ask) distinction of being the deck that helped shape the DragonStrike Infernus metagame. Many players were skeptical of its power at first, since its makeup flew in the face of some widely accepted conventions. Proudly and prominently featuring [ccProd]Bottle of Wishes[/ccProd], at the time believed to be a “kitchen table” card by a majority of the community, Greed Dragons tore through midrange decks with ease. The deck was an impossibly difficult matchup for Blurple decks, and a solid favorite against SaberBolt.  Greed Read more