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Hey there Kaijudo Duelists, Aiden Thorne here and today we will be going over a new mini series I wanted to start, “Tier 1 Card Reviews”. You are going to quickly find that my views vary greatly compared to most of the other competitive players out there. Frankly, I don’t believe our meta is as diverse and healthy as everyone claims it to be; just because your local has different decks every week doesn’t mean they are all competitive. I haven’t really tested at all for Seattle yet, and I’m still quite confident in my ability to perform well. I Read more

The 5-color, shield blast-heavy deck affectionately dubbed “Greed Dragons” has the notable (or dubious, depending on who you ask) distinction of being the deck that helped shape the DragonStrike Infernus metagame. Many players were skeptical of its power at first, since its makeup flew in the face of some widely accepted conventions. Proudly and prominently featuring [ccProd]Bottle of Wishes[/ccProd], at the time believed to be a “kitchen table” card by a majority of the community, Greed Dragons tore through midrange decks with ease. The deck was an impossibly difficult matchup for Blurple decks, and a solid favorite against SaberBolt.¬† Greed Read more

A proper tournament report isn’t really fitting this week. Full disclosure: I didn’t do well at this past weekend’s KMC in Southbridge, MA (hosted by LJ Sportscards).¬†That being said, there were a number of notable, talented players in attendance, so the trip wasn’t a total bust. I learned a lot about the current competitive environment from playing, observing, and talking to other players. The pool of viable decks at the moment may seem somewhat stagnant, but there are noticeable trends that transcend the specifics of the deck lists. Picking up on these trends will be very important as we inch Read more