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If you haven’t had the chance to experience a Kaijudo Master Challenge (KMC), I’m going to give you a chance to vicariously experience one today! If you didn’t know, the first place winners of a KMC will receive an invitation to the Kaijudo Championship and a PAID flight out to Seattle for it, and second place receives just the invite. The Kaijudo Championship is going to be an exclusive tournament that only the best of the best can attend; this special two day event first has the players who qualified work with R&D to leave a permanent mark on the Read more

I collapsed on my bed at 2:00 AM Sunday morning after a nearly 4 hour drive through the rain, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I fell short of my ultimate goal, but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I had just returned home from the Kaijudo Master Challenge in Poughkeepsie, New York, graciously hosted by the fine folks at Dragon’s Den. And I had a blast. Expectations As soon as the dates and locations of the KMCs were announced, I circled this one on my calendar; this was the last weekend before the release of Clash of the Read more

Hey there Kaijudo Duelists, Aiden Thorne here, and I’m bringing you the results of the KMCs this weekend! I was actually present at an event this time, and I did pretty good at the biggest KMC to date! Each week the attendance record gets broken; let’s hope that trend keeps up! For starters the meta this weekend was quite interesting. A lot of the most common decks were still present, but we got to see some innovation pay off! This will be the last set of tournaments in this meta; Clash of the Duel Masters comes out this week and Read more

The first two weekends of Kaijudo Master Challenges are now behind us! Wizards of the Coast hasn’t provided any comprehensive live coverage of the events, but luckily, the Kaijudo community is filled with people that produce original content and keep everyone up to speed. Check out Aiden Thorne’s most recent article right here on ARG for short breakdowns of the decks that won in week 1. Two solid weekends of competitive Kaijudo gives us a baseline for some metagame evaluation. In my article two weeks ago, I made the case that the format had shifted toward late-game control decks that Read more

Hey there Kaijudo Duelists, Aiden Thorne here, and I’m bringing you the results of the KMCs this weekend! This second week was a little bit less diverse than the first, but it was still impressive none the less! I’ll be going to my KMC this up coming Saturday in Poughkeepsie, NY so hopefully I’ll see some of you there! I also have a new picture—no longer shall you suffer from my zoomed in face! There were only 3 events this weekend, and sadly one almost fell entirely off of the radar. The results might not come as too much of Read more

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with my friend Steve Silverman to chat about Kaijudo. Steve came in 2nd at this weekend’s Kaijudo Master Challenge in Tennessee piloting Greed Dragons. In fact, the top 4 was completely dominated by members of our local play group, Team SBK, all playing virtually the same deck! Brian Durkin took the title of KMC Tennessee champion, while Rob Wolinsky and Ryan Valentino rounded out the top 4. Read on to hear what a top player thinks about the current metagame. Zach Hine: Hey Steve, thanks for taking the time to sit down Read more

  Hey there Kaijudo Duelists, Aiden Thorne here, and I’m bringing you the results of the KMCs this weekend! First though, I must apologize for once again showing you a zoomed in picture of my! I took a new one… we just didn’t have the chord to connect it to my computer… It will change eventually, I promise! My predictions were pretty accurate, but then again it wasn’t too hard to guess that the popular decks were well represented! One of the decks that was well represented in KY went on to being represented in TX the next day; I’m Read more

Welcome back, everybody!  This coming weekend is a big weekend for Kaijudo – probably the biggest yet. The first four Kaijudo Master Challenges are happening around the continent!  Hopefully a lot of you can attend one (my first will be in Wisconsin on the 11th!), and I hope my articles have been able to give you some insight on how to prepare for these events.  It will definitely be interesting to see which decks do well in these first few tournaments, but my article today is on more of a general subject related to playing: getting the most out of Read more

It’s no secret: [ccProd]Andromeda of the Citadel[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Infernus the Awakened[/ccProd] are the most talked about cards in Kaijudo today. It’s blatantly obvious that these two are pushed cards, but understanding the extent to which the metagame has been warped just by their very existence takes a little further examination. Where You Want to Be Adapting the speed of your deck with respect to where you expect the rest of the meta to be is called positioning. It isn’t enough to evaluate the cards in your deck in a vacuum; you also have to account for how your plays will be able Read more

Hey there Kaijudo duelists, Aiden Thorne here, and I am bringing you my second Alter Reality Games article! Last time I went over a few of the most popular decks that were likely to be all over the place at KMCs, but this time I’m going to be teaching you to build decks that keep your wallet as happy as possible. Now when I say budget I don’t mean a deck that costs $150, I mean a deck that is going to cost you less than $50. Kaijudo has been one the cheapest TCGs out there so far and that Read more