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Welcome to another installment of Quick Kaiju! The community is still buzzing over the wildly successful Winter Championship held in Irving, Texas. The weekend was packed with plenty of great matches and surprises, and it was capped off with an unprecedented second straight Championship victory, courtesy of ARG’s own Bobby Brake! Sadly, I was unable to attend the LCQs thanks to a bunch of lame work-related schedule conflicts– but never fear! I was glued to Wizards’ fantastic stream all weekend long, settling in with the incomparable Carl Reddish and a slew of the game’s most interesting personalities. Varying opinions Read more

Welcome to Quick¬†Kaiju, the article series wherein I cover all sorts of disparate topics that matter to me this week. These otherwise rambling, undefined thoughts have been wrestled into a semblance of coherency and painstakingly categorized for your reading pleasure. This is where I just let my fingers (and sometimes my mind) loose and proceed to type away. Join me, won’t you? Six Feet Under I attended the KMC at Six Feet Under Games this past Saturday, which was very professionally run and barely an hour away from my house. 37 players showed up, which was a bit disappointing (I Read more