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The articles in the Kaijudo section on ARG are very competitively-geared. As writers, we’re creatures of habit. Our articles take many forms, but in the end, we all want to highlight winning decks and strategies, and try to reconcile what is winning with what we’ve found in our own personal testing. Usually, we’re right on the money. Then again, sometimes you think you have the metagame figured out, and an inventive player throws a wrench into things. I’ve professed my strong feeling that you don’t want a deck positioned for midrange wins right now. I’ve stated matter-of-factly that tempo decks Read more

Clash of the Duel Masters is finally here! I hope you were all able to attend your local Set Premiere event this past weekend. Clash limited play is actually very involved. You end up likely having to play all 5 colors (and a generous helping of multi-civ cards), which makes your mana decisions very difficult. Getting early attackers onboard while the opponent is still charging tapped mana can make a world of difference, since there aren’t any removal shield blasts at common or uncommon. You may also stumble upon a locked-down board state that stagnates until one player busts it wide open with Read more