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The Pile Prevails

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I had the pleasure of attending the Invasion Earth 1K Super Tournament at Kirwan’s Game Store in Catskill, NY this past weekend. Accompanying me on this sojourn was none other than my younger brother, Tyler Hine. You may remember Tyler as the winner of the Poughkeepsie, NY KMC back in season one. Although, it’s more likely that you don’t remember that or know who he is at all; Tyler had only attended 3 competitive tournaments prior to this past weekend, with one of them being Summer Champs. Tyler and I met up with fellow ARG writer Corey Gaudreau at the Read more

Welcome back! If you haven’t already done so, please check out part one of this article¬†here. In it, I talk about my experience at the first ever Kaijudo Championship LCQs. To get insight into Day 2 and beyond, however, I sat down to chat with my brother, KMC Poughkeepsie champion Tyler Hine. Zach Hine: Thanks for your time, Ty. Any general thoughts about the event before we get into specifics? Tyler Hine:¬†Sure. I mean, it was pretty cool that it was in Seattle. I had never been to the west coast before, so the free trip was fun. It was Read more