Tahmid Zaman (Geargia) vs. Brad John (HAT)

Coming into Round 4 we have two undefeated duelists. Tahmid Zaman, no stranger to the ARG Circuit Series, is piloting the trap-heavy Geargia, while Brad John faces an uphill battle with his HAT deck. Will Brad be able to overcome the hurdle that is Geargiarmor and maintain his pristine record or will the machine menace march onward to victory?


Game 1

Tahmid wins the die roll and elects to go first. He starts off with a classic Turn 1 play, Upstart Goblin. He sets one monster and three to his backrow before ending his turn.


9000 - 8000


Brad begins his turn by setting four to his backrow before passing it back to Tahmid.

Tahmid begins his turn and flips Geargiarmor, searching out Geargiaccelerator. Brad responds with Artifact Sanctum, Tahmid immediately flips up his set wiretap, Brad responds with his own Wiretap, but Tahmid has the trump with Seven Tools of the Bandit. Tahmid flips down Geargiarmor, sets one to his backrow and ends his turn. During the end of turn, Brad uses Artifact Ignition, hitting Tahmid's set Fiendish Chain and setting Artifact Moralltach.


9000 – 7000


Brad uses Pot of Duality and reveals Breakthrough Skill, Mirror Force, and Artifact Beagalltach, adding Breakthrough Skill to his hand. He sets one backrow and ends.

Tahmid draws for turn and flips Geargiarmor which is met with the Breakthrough Skill. Next he Normal Summons Geargiarsenal to bring out Geargiano. Geargiano activates and brings back Geargiarsenal. Next he overlays Geargiarsenal and Geargiarmor for Gear Gigant X but is stopped by Black Horn of Heaven. With nothing else to do, Tahmid passes back to Brad.

Brad sets one to his backrow and passes back the turn.

Tahmid summons Geargiarsenal and Brad responds with Sanctum to get Beagalltach, popping his Moaralltach which is Special Summoned to destroy Geargiarsenal. Tahmid continues with a Dark Hole to wipe the board and end his turn.

Brad draws for turn and Soul Charges for two, bringing back Beagalltach and Moralltach. Bottomless is activated by Tahmid to banish Moralltach. Brad sets two and ends.


7000 - 7000


Tahmid tries to Normal Summon Geargiano MK II but the summon is negated by Brad's set Solemn Warning.


5000 - 7000


Brad Normal Summons Ice Hand and moves to Battle Phase, swinging with Ice Hand and Beagalltach. With no viable backrow he ends his turn.


5000– 4200


Tahmid summons Geargiaccelerator and crashes with Ice Hand then quickly ends.

Brad goes straight to Battle Phase and swings with Beagalltach.


5000 - 2800


Tahmid Normal Summons Geargiano MK II to bring out Geargiano. He then Special Summons Geargiaccelerator. Geargiano MK II and Geargiano Xyz Summon for Soul of Silver Mount which locks a backrow and runs over Beagalltach, letting Tahmid Special Summon Geargiarmor from his graveyard. He then flips down the Geargiarmor and ends.


4600 – 2800


Brad simply sets one to his backrow and passes.

Tahmid activates Soul of Silver Mountain's effect and locks down another backrow. Geargiarmor flips to add Geargiano MK II to his hand. Tahmid swings with Geargiaccelerator and Geargiarmor, having left Soul of Silver Mountain in Defense. Main Phase 2 he overlays Geargiaccelerator and Geargiarmor for Daigusto Emeral. Emeral activates and targets two Geargiaccelerator and a Geargiano to let him draw a card. Tahmid ends but not before setting two cards to his backrow.


2100 – 2800


Brad sighs as he sets another card and passes back to Tahmid.

Tahmid begins and activates Emeral again, this time targeting Geargiarmor, Gear Gigant X, and Geargiarsenal. Emeral swings and elicits an Artifact Sanctum response from Brad. Sanctum brings out Morralltach which tries to destroy Emeral, but Tahmid responds with Fiendish Chain. Tahmid activates Upstart Goblin and sets one backrow.


3100 – 2800


Brad activates Artifact Ingnition, destroying the Fiendish Chain and grabbing Moralltach. Brad mistakenly attacks with Moralltach, which bounces off of Soul of Silver Mountain.


3000 – 2800


Tahmid immediately slams down the Mind Control and summons Geargiarmor. He turns everything to Attack mode and shows the set Wiretap he has. That's all Brad needs to see to scoop up his cards and move onto Game 2. A hard fought match is won in the end by Tahmid's onslaught of Counter Traps.


Game 2


Brad elects to go first in Game 2. He starts off by setting one monster and four to his backrow before giving it over to Tahmid.

Tahmid follows suit by setting a monster and five backrow. Brad flips Acid Trap Hole in the End Phase and hits a set Geargiano, much to his displeasure.

Brad Normal Summons Ice Hand and attacks directly. An end of turn Geargiagear by Tahmid is met by a Wiretap from Brad, but Tahmid again has the Seven Tools to win the chain. Geargiagear resolves and brings out a pair of Geargiano MK II.


8000 – 5600


Tahmid starts his turn by overlaying the two MK II for Gear Gigant X in Defense. Brad luckily has the Solemn Warning to try and negate the summon, but once again Tahmid's Counter Traps come through with a flipped up Wiretap. Gear Gigant X activates successfully to add an MK II from grave to his hand. Brad Mind Crushes the MK II to stop any further plays. End of turn Brad activates Artifact Sanctum to special Moralltach in an attempt to destroy the Gear Gigant X. Tahmid swiftly flips over his set Fiendish Chain, protecting himself from the Moralltach.


6000 – 5600


Brad starts his turn and Normal Summons Fire Hand, which is banished by Tahmid's Bottomless Trap Hole. Getting further and further behind on the board, Brad simply sets one backrow and ends his turn.

During Tahmid's Draw Phase, Brad uses an Artifact Sanctum for Moralltach to destroy Gear Gigant X which brings back Geargiano. Tahmid sets one backrow and passes.

Brad activates Pot of Duality for Mind Crush, Ice Hand, and Moralltach, grabbing Mind Crush. Ice Hand swings over Geargiano and Moralltach connects directly.


6000 – 3500


Tahmid Upstarts once then sets one and passes back, unable to make a play.


7000 – 3500


Brad starts and switches Moralltech to Defense, and attacks directly with one Moralltach and Ice Hand to end the game. Another grindy affair, Brad is able to muster up enough offense to bring this match to a third game!


Game 3


Tahmid begins the final game of the match by setting one monster followed by three backrow.

Brad summons Traptrix Myrmeleo, which demands a Fiendish Chain from Tahmid. Brad sets four and passes.

During Tahmid's Draw Phase, Brad activates Acid Trap Hole on Geargiarmor. This causes Geargiarmor to miss timing on the flip and is just set to the graveyard, stopping him from searching. Tahmid sets one and passes.

Brad mirrors Tahmid.

Tahmid is the first to act when he flips up Geargiarmor, but Brad has the Breakthrough Skill. He continues on and Normal Summons Geargiarsenal which is met by Bottomless Trap Hole. Still with a trick up his sleeve, Tahmid activates Geargiagear to bring out MK II and Geargiano. He then overlays Geargiano and MK II for Gear Gigant X. Brad responds with Sanctum to bring out Moralltach to destroy Gigant X before it can activate. Gigant x still brings back Geargiarmor from his grave, so Tahmid is not completely at a loss. Geargirmor and Geargiarmor overlay for another Gear Gigant X. Gigant X activates to get a Geargiaccelerator from the grave. Gigant X swings over Traptrix Myrmeleo.


7300 - 8000


Brad flips up Ice Hand and swings at Gigant X but is stopped by Fiendish Chain. He sets one and passes the turn.

Tahmid activates Gigant X to add MK II from his grave to his hand. He then Normal Summons MK II to bring back Geariano. He overlays MK II and Geargiano for Ghostrick Alucard. Alucard activates to destroy Brad's set Mind Crush. Gigant X then swings over Moralltach.


7100 - 8000


Brad can only turn Fire Hand to Defense before passing it back to Tahmid.

Tahmid again activates Alucard and destroys Wiretap. He then switches Alucard and Gigant X into defense and sets one backrow before ending his turn.

Brad draws to two cards in hand, sets one and ends. End of turn Tahmid activates Geargiagear for two copies of MK II.

Tahmid begins his turn by Special Summong Geargiaccelerator. He overlays Geargiaccelerator and MK II for Gigant x. Gigant X adds a copy of Geargiaccelerator from grave to his hand. He then makes Abyss Dweller with the level boosted MK II and Geargiaccelerator. He activates Abyss Dweller before moving to his Battle Phase and attacking with everything. He activates two Patrick Hobans before ending his turn.


2700 – 8000


Brad draws for turn and has no out to the abyss dweller. Brad offers the handshake and Tahmid moves on to a perfect 4-0 record.


It turns out that Tahmid's seemingly endless supply of Counter Traps are too much for Brad's HAT deck to overcome!  Seven Tools of the Bandit put in a lot of work this match.  Many duelists have foregone the card in favor of Wiretap, but...




Joe Soto