Tech Out the New Format with Billy Brake

Hello Yugioh Community! The first Yugioh Championship Series of the brand new format is happening this upcoming weekend in Toronto! It is time to find out what decks will be on top and the key tech cards players will utilize to get an edge on the rest of the competition. I know that I have been testing endlessly over the past month to try and find out what deck and specific card choices will help me achieve my first ever victory at a YCS! Throughout my copious amounts of testing, I have gone through many different cards that I feel can be tech’d into any deck and will give them an advantage against most of the field. In my article today I am going to go over a few of my favorites and if you are planning on attending the upcoming YCS, Regionals, or even want to dominate your local scene, you should strongly consider if these options can work in your deck!

Question of the article: What is your favorite tech card this format?
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Effect Veiler
I am going to start with probably the most obvious tech choice of this format. This card has been immensely popular ever since its release and it is seeing more play than ever. With the return of Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon going to 3 spell and trap removal is higher than it has been in quite some time so “Trap Monsters” are a must. Effect Veiler is hard to counter and can be devastating to the opponent leaving them in a very vulnerable position. This card is one of the only ways to stop the ever popular turn one Tour Guide From The Underworld play and being able to disrupt her is a key to success this format. This card can greatly limit your opponent’s options when you are able to get out any sort of big beater. Being a tuner monster there is really no limit to the amount of options this card can give your decks. If this card wasn’t already good enough, Black Luster Solider – Envoy of the Beginning was released from the ban list and Veiler can serve as perfect light fodder for this game-ender. There are very few reasons, if any, to not pack at least 1-2 copies of Effect Veiler in whatever deck you are piloting. Veiler will easily be the most popular tech choice at YCS Toronto in my opinion.

Thunder King Rai-Oh
Thunder King is another long-time favorite tech choice in the Yugioh world. He is not only a 1900 powerhouse, he also has 2 effects that can just devastate your opponent. With Agents being one of the most popular decks so far this card can really tip the hat in your favor game 1 in this match up. The agent deck uses multiple cards to add cards from their deck to their hand and all of their boss monsters need to be special summoned from the hand and fall right into Thunder King’s special ability to negate their summons. There have been games that I have summoned Thunder King against agents and he won me the game single handily, but you just have to watch out for Agent of Creation – Venus because she can simply pay 1000 life points to make a Gachi Gachi that you will be forced to negate. He is another good counter to your opponent’s turn 1 Tour Guide From the Underworld, Thunder King has been eating Sangan for breakfast ever since he was released. In my opinion, he is one of the best stand-alone monsters in this format so far. In most cases your opponent must always waste removal to take this thunder champion down and hopefully by then he has already done his job. Even if his effect doesn’t do too much to your opponent’s deck he is still a tough beater that can get the job done.

Starlight Road
I still remember when this card was released like it was yesterday. When it came out Heavy Storm was still devastating player’s and outside of Solemn Judgment there was no way to stop it. Then Starlight Road was introduced and many player’s began to main deck at least 1 copy of this card in their deck. I think many players are going to take this route once again. It can be pretty cool to just set 2 spell or traps, one of them being Starlight Road, and then passing to your opponent who will Heavy Storm you thinking he just got a plus, then you flip Road and get an early advantage that can be tough to come back from. This card will also allow you to explode without having to worry about cards like Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, or even Dark Hole. If you can successfully pull this card off it can almost mean game over for the opposition. X-Sabers seemed to have increased in popularity this new format and Starlight Road loves X-Saber Hyunlei! Blackwings might also make a rebound since Icarus Attack was put back to 3 on the new ban list, a well-timed Starlight road will easily guarantee victory. Judgment Dragon going back to 3 was a huge step in the right direction for Lightsworn decks and they will most definitely gain popularity. If you are able to Starlight road a Judgment Dragon or a Celstia it can really set your opponent back. Sadly, if you do decide to run this card it can have its downsides. This card requires your opponent to have certain cards that will make Starlight Road live. There will be those games when you have a dead Road and can’t do anything about it. Overall, despite the downsides I do like this card and feel it will make some impact at the upcoming YCS.

Maxx “C”
This card has a lot in common with Effect Veiler. Being a “Trap Monster” gives this card a definite edge this format. It is the one way to stop the opponent when they start going off for game if it involves a lot of special summoning, which most decks do. It can be great against agents if you chain this card to an activation of an Agent of Creation – Venus. It can hurt Gladiator Beast if you chain this card to the effect of Gladiator Beast – Darius to get the guaranteed draw and perhaps make them think twice before they fuse for Gyzarus. A lot of plant decks can still remain pretty popular and this card can really give them a hard time. As I said earlier X-Sabers have been growing and Maxx “C” can insure that XX-Saber Gottoms can’t pick all the cards out of your hand. While Maxx ”C” won’t be able to stop a turn 1 Tour Guide, you will at least be able to get a draw and perhaps get to the right cards you need faster. This card can be pretty useful against a lot of decks, but not all of the top decks that have been popular so far in this format. This card doesn’t do too much against Gravekeeper’s or Heros , and both of these deck’s still remain a threat in this undefined format. I think Maxx “C” is a great card, but in an undefined formant it is hard to main deck multiple copies of this card.

Conclusion: The new formant is very young. While it is tough to decide what cards to tech when you could really face anything in a tournament with an undefined formant I feel having the right tech cards is key to having success. Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon are out in full forces so “Trap Monsters” are more important than ever and can really devastate your opponent. Thunder King and Starlight Road will be key cards into stopping your opponents big push plays and preventing them from really being able to do anything. I truly believe that a combination of these key tech cards into almost any deck will help its user have a very good showing in whatever event that he enters.

If you are going to be attending YCS Toronto, I will be there so feel free to say Hello! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and I hope you might consider including this cards into whatever deck you are wielding at the moment!

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