The Best Christmas Present

If we finally learned anything 4 months ago, it's that truly anything is possible when it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh. For the first time, we really got our seperate Forbidden/Limited list, and boy did it do a lot. Finally, so many annoying problem cards were gone; Card Destruction, Gateway of the Six, Monster Reborn, and much more were taking the bus to the underworld. This December, around Christmas time, our new F/L list will be revealed, so today I want to go over some changes we will likely see, and changes I hope to see.

jeff jonesNow, while the F/L list did many great things, it did miss one thing that has ruined part of our format, but honestly no one could have foreseen the drastic influence the dreaded [ccProd]Return from the Different Dimension[/ccProd] could have. It went from seeing no play whatsoever, to being the most feared card in the game. There is no doubt in my mind that, this will be Forbidden.

Of course also, the next most feared card would probably be [ccProd]Sixth Sense[/ccProd], a card which never should have seen the light of day. Even if not every deck can run it, it's one of those cards that says "You activate me, you can win the game" and we want to eliminate as many of those as possible to make our game more fair, so you actually get to play games instead of watching your opponent activate cards and summon infinite monsters to kill you.

I would also like to see cards like [ccProd]Limiter Removal[/ccProd] be Forbidden. Even though it doesn't see much play, Samurai also did not get Gateway was a card that needed to go. Limiter Removal falls under that same category of cards that says "You have me, you win". I'm sure at one point in time, we've all be subjected to "Limiter for game", and it's not a great feeling let me tell you.

tempest, dragon ruler of stormsMoving on to cards I'd like to see Limited are of course, ALL of the Dragon Rulers, so let's go over the possible ways to deal with this deck and why I felt this is the correct way to go.

By Semi-Limiting all the Dragons, you also have to touch cards like Sacred Sword, [ccProd]Dragon Ravine[/ccProd], etc. This means you are doing way to many things to try and deal with one deck.

Some people think that Tempest and Blaster are the real problems, and Tidal and Redox should be left alone. I've actually played games where Tempest and Blaster were limited, while Redox and Tidal were not, and let me tell you, Dragon's is still so extremely powerful.

In the end (even though I hate to punish Redox and Tidal) the best and most efficient way to deal with Dragon Rulers, without also limiting a bunch of other cards, would be to Limit them all to 1.

So when you deal with Dragon Rulers, whats left? Well, Prophecy in my opinion would be the next big thing. Honestly, even with all the cards you can side against Prophecy, I feel like Dragons are the only thing stepping in the way from Prophecy destroying everything. We all know how good [ccProd]Spellbook of Fate[/ccProd] is. [ccProd]Spellbook of Fate [/ccProd] by itself makes some decks not playable. This means Ghostricks, Noble Knights, Bujin, and many other decks simply cannot compete because [ccProd]Spellbook of Fate[/ccProd] doesn't target and banishes any card from play, and since all those decks can only play 1 monster at a time, they can just never have a monster period. Dragons can only win because it can put 3 Monsters on the field at a time making Fate less of a problem.

Spellbook of FateSo how do we deal with this? Well, I'm pretty sure by limiting Fate to 1, it will put Prophecy in a place where it's still completely playable, yet also not destroying the meta making decks unplayable. Many people will say "Why? You can just search it." Yes this is true, but that's not the point. The point is now, after you play [ccProd]Spellbook of Fate[/ccProd], you now have to resolve a Spellbook Tower to put Fate back, and THEN search it. Many Spellbook players know that before, you could banish a Fate when you activate Fate, and then you are able to Spellbook of Eternity the banished Fate to your hand, making it so you have endless removal while you are also putting cards back from Spellbook Tower. With Fate limited to 1, you can no longer do that. You have to actually work for your free monster removal.

As for the Semi Limited, there aren't many cards that really belong here, but I would love to see [ccProd]Chaos Sorcerer[/ccProd] come back to 2. Honestly, I love Norito, which takes 2 level 6 Spellcasters, so I'd love some easier and better cards to make him. And lets face it, so many cards that are currently ran are just much more powerful than [ccProd]Chaos Sorcerer[/ccProd].

The last card I would love to see Semi Limited is Neo-Spacian Grand Mole. We've never been able to run more than 1 of this guy, and yet very few decks have really ever used him and been successful. Right now, hes a card that uses up your very important Normal Summon, to possibly deal with an Xyz/Synchro monster, and thats only IF your opponent doesn't have any Trap cards or something like [ccProd]Effect Veiler[/ccProd]. I think Grand Mole is a perfectly fine card to have around at 2 with out causing any problems.

The only card I would like to talk about that I would like to see go to 3, is [ccProd]Tour Guide from the Underworld[/ccProd].

Tour Guide's true power relied in that of[ccProd]Sangan[/ccProd], who now is in the Underworld himself, taking a long vacation (probably permanent). I don't think I've ever heard of anyone complaining, "Oh gosh look at that scary Zenmaines, I'm so angry". Rank 3's aren't incredibly powerful, and with Tour Guides stipulation of not being able to Synchro with the monster you brought out, it's just an incredibly watered down version of [ccProd]Deep Sea Diva[/ccProd]. Without her buddy[ccProd]Sangan[/ccProd], Tour Guide is just a cool card which can help boost the power of some decks in the future.

Concluding this, I really hope our new F/L list helps shake up the format, because I'm really... really sick of Dragons. I know that a new F/L list is actually, the best Christmas Present a duelist can get.

Have a wonderful holiday guys, and remember, play hard or go home.




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